True and false path

The forces of anti-christ have done everything they could to make it difficult to walk the mystical path. This includes creating an entire false path that promises salvation but fails to deliver. Mainstream Christianity is just one example of the false path.

The distinction between the true and the false path is subtle. That is why we need Christ discernment and the teachings and light from the ascended masters in order to have a frame of reference. The mainstream religions of the world present the false path. If that is all we have ever seen, we have no foundation for seeing that it is a false path.

The false path promises you that if you follow the prescripts of an outer religion, you are guaranteed to be saved. It also says that you can be saved only through an established church and its hierarchy of human beings. The true path says that salvation is exclusively a matter of you rising above the illusions of anti-christ and attaining personal Christhood. You need no authority on earth because everything depends on your inner relationship with your higher self and the ascended masters.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Why churches calcify and teach the false path

  • The only true Church is the living Church, which brings forth the Living Word.
  • The moment that the flow of the Living Word stops, any organization will start stagnating and calcifying.
  • The organization attracts people who are rigid, who want to be comfortable, who want to have an automatic path, a guaranteed path to salvation.
  • This is the false path of the false teachers who have come to this earth since the Fall of Man.
  • There is no outer path! There is no automatic path to salvation because we have free will.

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You must BE instead of doing

  • The only way to remove the forces of anti-christ from earth is that a critical mass of people must dare to be the Living Christ here below.
  • As long as you think the way to bring God’s kingdom to earth is to resist the forces of darkness, you will be caught in a dualistic struggle.
  • The true path is the path of going within and manifesting your oneness with God.
  • The true path is that you rise above being a follower, so that you become one with that teacher.
  • This is the path that Jesus taught and demonstrated to his disciples.
  • We too can say: “I AM one with Christ.” And therefore, “I AM Jesus Christ, as Above so below.”

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Dare to BE—as Above so below!

  • The concept of sin never came from God
  • The most profound teaching ever given on the kingdom of God is: “The kingdom of God is within you.”
  • The forces of anti-christ seek to divert your inner longing for something more.
  • The false teachers say: “You can reach God only through us, you can be saved only through our religion.”
  • This is the lie that Jesus challenged.

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Following the true, inner path of Christ

  • The Living Christ always seeks to get you to leave your nets of entanglements with your current sense of identity.
  • It never has been the goal of the representatives of the Living Christ to bring forth any outer teaching that is absolutely true.
  • Two religions can have beliefs that seem to contradict each other, yet both of them were given by the ascended masters.

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Beyond the outer path

  • The ego is trying to build up the outer appearance that it is acceptable in the eyes of God because it is living up to all these outer conditions.
  • There is a large group of people on this planet who are ready to leave that entire mindset behind.
  • You have a large percentage of people on this planet who at inner levels are ready to step up to truly understand what the spiritual path is about, but their outer minds are not ready.
  • Their outer minds are still too controlled by their egos.
  • The true teacher comes to challenge people to go beyond this ego control.

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The false image of salvation as a mechanical process

  • The Christian religion has caused wonderful individuals to go into a vibration of fear and guilt.
  • The Christian religion has portrayed an image of salvation that presents salvation as a mechanical, non-creative process.
  • The ego and the false teachers will do anything possible to prevent you from rising to the Christ consciousness.
  • There is an essential difference between the path of Christhood and the path of personal growth.
  • There will come a point from which you cannot grow further until you look beyond the path of personal growth.
  • Christhood is expanding your sense of self to encompass all life.
  • Jesus has given us A Course in Christhood to help us find the true path.

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The false path of initiation under the Serpents

  • There are no conditions that determine whether you can walk through the doorway to heaven, there are no conditions you need to fulfill in order to walk through that door.
  • You need to overcome all conditions in your own mind, so that you are the open door.
  • You can remove the conditions only when you are willing to look at them.
  • The false path of initiation under the Serpents say you can be saved without looking at the beam in your own eye.
  • This false path of initiation has increased your skill in justifying these conditions.
  • The false path is subject to the law of karma, to the law of action and reaction, and the second law of thermodynamics.
  • The Serpent can only offer you illusions. They are clever illusions, but in the end the second law of thermodynamics will ensure that they will be challenged.

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The false quest for status and false self-esteem

  • The worldview that you have when you follow the path of the false teachers is that you have a value, a status, that is dependent upon the outer initiations that you have followed on this false path.
  • You build a self-esteem based on your outer accomplishments, your knowledge, your understanding.
  • The false path cannot give you true self-esteem, because you cannot acquire true self-esteem as long as there is something in your own being that you are not willing to look at.
  • The entire idea of the false path is that there is an outer standard, which will determine your entry into heaven.

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