The ascension process

Jesus demonstrated not only the path to personal Christhood, he also demonstrated the ultimate outcome of this path, namely that we can permanently ascend and become immortal being sin the spiritual realm.

Again, because Jesus was elevated to being an exception, Christianity has failed to give people the understanding that the ascension is a goal towards we can all aspire. Many spiritual people in today’s world have the potential to ascend after this lifetime, and that is why we so often feel we are done with what this planet has to offer.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


The ascension does not happen in one leap

  • The ascension process happens in increments of self-transcendence.
  • You will not make your ascension no matter how many decrees or prayers or rosaries you give, and no matter whether you can recite this or that Scripture by heart.
  • The most difficult thing for people to give up is when they have been on the path for many years and feel they belong to an elite of the most spiritual people on earth.
  • The true path is being willing to give up the possessions you think you have from following the outer path.
  • You cannot give up every aspect of your mortal self at once.

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The process of Transfiguration

  • What it means to be transfigured.
  • All people can go through this transformation, and when enough people do so they can transfigure the earth.

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Understanding the name of God

  • The name of God is normally translated as I AM THAT I AM, but is should be  I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE because God is constantly transcending itself.
  • The path is about stopping to identify yourself with anything on earth, being willing to be what your I AM Presence wants to express through you.
  • How can you love God with all your heart, soul and mind? You can only do it when you realize that you ARE God.
  • Peter recognized that Jesus was beyond a normal person, but he was not willing to follow Jesus and attain Oneness with the Living Christ.

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The ascension is not automatic

  • The ascension means that you must accept that you are no longer a mortal human being.
  • The process of ascension is not an automatic process, it is a creative process.
  • The ego wants to pervert the entire concept of the spiritual path into thinking that you walk a long path towards an ultimate goal.
  • Give up this idea that there is some ultimate initiation that is far out there in the future.
  • In order to be fully reborn, you have to accept that you now are that new sense of self.

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Let go of the glamorous images of the ascension

  • Give up glamorous images of what it means to ascend.
  • In order to enter the ascension spiral, you must say, “I ascend daily.”
  • Daily accelerate your sense of self by doing what we might call the “nitty-gritty,” the not-so-glamorous tasks that are part of the ascension spiral.
  • If you are too focused on the advanced stages of the ascension, you will see no connection between those advanced initiations and your daily life.
  • Your personal ascension spiral begins when you consciously decide that you will approach everything you encounter in your daily life as an opportunity to rise one step higher towards your ascension.

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You cannot ascend with impure perception

  • In the ascension process there is no possibility of hiding anything.
  • In order to enter the ascension spiral, you must begin to question your perception.
  • The goal of God is to raise up all life.
  • You cannot resolve contradictions at the level of words. How do you resolve contradictions? By becoming the Word.

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Do you still want to hide something?

  • To consciously enter the ascension spiral you must make the decision that you no longer want to hide anything from the ascended masters.
  • It requires a certain level of self-esteem before you can look at any impurities within yourself without going into the negative spiral of condemning yourself.
  • The ascension coil is about transcending conditions, transcending impurities.
  • You are pure consciousness. Nothing on earth can stick to you, nothing can color you.
  • You stop judging other people and yourself.

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How to lock in to the ascension spiral

  • Whatever stage of consciousness you are at right now, it was your power that created it.
  • You have the power to accelerate yourself beyond it.
  • You do not need light from outside yourself, for you have that light inside yourself.
  • You will never help another person by proving their arguments wrong.

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The last stages in the ascension spiral

  • At the top of the ascension spiral, you reach the singularity, beyond which you are no longer in the ascension spiral. You are in the ascended state.
  • To reach that point will require a 100 percent, one-pointed effort.
  • You are not concerned about others. You are concerned only with passing those last initiations in the Temple of the Ascension.

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