Jesus’ challenge to us

Few people have understood that the fact that Jesus took embodiment, fulfilled his mission and ascended has presented some unique challenges to humankind. Jesus came, among other things to challenge us to acknowledge our own potential.

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Jesus’ challenge to humanity

  • The kingdom of God is within you means that you are responsible for finding it within yourself.
  • We do this by challenging our sense of identity and overcoming the illusions in our own consciousness that make us believe we are separated from God’s kingdom.
  • Today many people are ready to take up this challenge and demonstrate our willingness to walk the mystical path.
  • This is not a matter of learning an outer teaching but of internalizing the teaching and becoming one with the master.
  • We must often act without knowing the results beforehand, as Jesus also did.

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Understanding the challenge that Jesus hurled at humankind

  • We are limited by the consciousness that something on earth can be beyond change. 
  • This is the fallen consciousness that denies the spirit within everything.
  • Jesus came to challenge us to see that there is a higher reality than the fallen consciousness.
  • Life is transcendence. Jesus was born in humble circumstances in order to demonstrate that we all have the potential to rise above our circumstances and manifest Christhood.
  • Mainstream Christianity denied that we can all do what Jesus did, making him an exception.
  • This was the fallen consciousness taking over Christianity and since then Christian churches have been denying Christ within us.

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Jesus challenged us to prove the triumph of individuality over structures

  • Jesus proved that individuality can reach Christhood regardless of the structures limiting us.
  • Jesus challenged us to find God’s power within us instead of waiting for an external savior.
  • The individual can stand up agains the power structures of the elite.
  • The power of the elite has already been broken, but people have not yet discovered and accepted this. The spiritual people must be the forerunners.
  • We can be the open doors for the Light of Christ that will expose the power structures of the elite.

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Jesus has a right to speak today

  • Jesus has a right to speak through a messenger today.
  • Those who deny Jesus this right have spiritual pride and a sense of ownership over the earth and other people.
  • As an individual you have the right to rise higher than the collective consciousness, and this is the path of Christhood.
  • The power elite has sought to prevent people from doing this, but it is the cosmic right of each individual.

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