Can the Catholic Church survive?

The Catholic Church and other mainstream churches have been losing members in most developed nations. This is because the churches have not changed with the times and therefore can no longer meet the more sophisticated needs of today’s spiritual seekers. Is it possible to renew the Catholic Church or is it destined to continue to decline?

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Can the Catholic Church be restored?

  • Mother Mary has appeared to Catholics in the hope that the church could be restored.
  • So far, few have been willing to open the Pandora’s box of the past doings of the Catholic Church.
  • The current leaders of the Catholic Church are too rigid and too proud to air the dirty laundry of this organization.

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Why people leave the Catholic Church

  • The Christian religion has been turned into a very powerful instrument for pacifying those who are the true warriors of the spirit.
  • The fact that so many people have left the Church shows that they have not been completely pacified, that they still have an inner, intuitive sense that something is missing.
  • The Catholic Church today is not a worthy representative of Jesus Christ.
  • You can act as the ultimate spiritual warrior to overturn the tables of the moneychangers.
  • Mother Mary is initiating a cycle of judgment of the false preachers in Church and state, but especially in orthodox Christianity.
  • The time is fast approaching when a critical mass of human beings must rise up in defense of the Christ within themselves and each other.

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The hour of decision of the Catholic Church

  • The Church must make a choice to either go up or down, because it can no longer remain lukewarm to the reality of Christ.
  • The outcome will be determined not by who is elected pope, but by a critical mass of Catholics around the world.
  • Many Catholics have grown up with questions about God and about Christ that were never answered by official doctrines.
  • Many feel a sense of loyalty to the outer Church and feel that in order to remain loyal to the Church, they should close their minds to any considerations that cannot be explained by doctrine.
  • Jesus had committed his entire life to the truth and was not willing to compromise the truth in order to please human beings.
  • Do you want the truth or do you want to remain in the state of illusion, confusion and darkness?

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The Catholic Church must change or die

  • Spiritual cycles have changed and the Church cannot remain the same.
  • Mother Mary would like to see the Church change and become a living, vibrant Church that can meet the spiritual needs of many seekers in this age.
  • The Catholic Church has a hierarchy that is dedicated to the preservation of the outer Church and their own positions in that Church.
  • Will the leadership of the Catholic Church be willing to accept the living Christ or will they attempt to kill him and his true teachings given in this age?

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A realistic assessment of the papacy of John Paul II

  • This pope was a more spiritual, a more mystical pope than many you have seen throughout the centuries.
  • The pope found it difficult to transfer his mystical longing to the outer Church.
  • He was not willing to take the daring step of transforming the Church according to his inner vision.
  • Will the Church continue to hold on to the old ways until it dies, or will it be willing to be reborn in the Spirit?

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Can the Catholic Church ever be renewed?

  • The Catholic Church of Ireland has passed down a graven image of Saint Patrick, carefully crafted to give you the impression that he was so special and so far above you, that you could not possibly walk in his footsteps and make a difference for an entire country.
  • The Catholic Church became increasingly rigid and focused on outer doctrines and rituals, and started burning as heretics anyone who dared to speak the Living Word of God.
  • They shut down the Living Word, so that all that could be preached from the Catholic pulpits was the controlled Word, the dead word, causing people to deny their Christhood.

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The Catholic Church promotes inequality

  • Someone must cry out, that the Pope has nothing on, and that the institution that he represents was flawed from its inception, was a deviation from the true mission of Christ.
  • There is a need to the very institutionalized nature of Christianity—be it Protestant or Catholic or Fundamentalist or whatever you want to call it.
  • The principle of equality cannot be completely understood or espoused as long as there is the concept that one person was fundamentally different from all others.
  • This concept undermines the very reality of the mission of Christ.

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The Catholic Church is based on idolatry

  • Jesus did not want men to turn his movement into another rigid religion.
  • The Catholic Church represents nothing more than the unwillingness of human beings to surrender their mortal lives into the reality of Christ.

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Why the Roman Church survived the Roman Empire

  • In the Roman empire, everything was regimented.
  • When a system becomes closed, it will be broken down over time.
  • The Christian Church up until Constantine had been forced to adapt in order to survive.
  • As the Roman Church was created, there was still enough remnants of creativity for the Roman Church to survive the Roman Empire.

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