The universality of Christ

Mainstream Christianity presents itself as the only true religion and as the only true representative of Christ. It claims that only its members will be saved whereas all other people will burn in hell.

In reality, Jesus is an ascended master who serves to help all people overcome the lower state of consciousness that truly is hell on earth. Jesus is willing to work with all people, regardless of their religious affiliation. 

“Christ” is a universal world that symbolizes a state of consciousness in which you see yourself as one with your source. Membership of an earthly religion cannot guarantee your salvation because it is exclusively determined by your state of consciousness.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Jesus reaches out to Christians and non-christians

  • Jesus is today reaching out to all people who are willing to raise their consciousness.
  • When you tune in to the reality of God, outer divisions fade away.
  • Jesus calls us to go beyond all outer and inner divisions and manifest the universal consciousness of Christ.

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Jesus’ vision of a universal approach to religion

  • Jesus holds the vision that people will embrace a universal approach to religion.
  • Fundamentalist Christianity denies the true teachings of Christ that we all have the potential to manifest Christhood.

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The Alpha and Omega of Christ

  • The Alpha aspect of Christ is the universal Christ consciousness that remains in the spiritual realm.
  • The Omega aspect of Christ is the individualized Christ consciousness that descends into this world through those who are willing to embody it.
  • This individualized Christ can express itself in many ways, and we each have a unique potential.

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Christ is beyond any man-made system

  • Most people are still partly or fully blinded by the death consciousness.
  • The goal of Christhood is to be fully awake, fully alive.
  • The ego and the forces of anti-christ have come up with many clever schemes to prevent us from awakening to our Christ potential.
  • All true spiritual teachers have had the same goal.
  • The Living Christ can never be put into a man-made system and will break the chains put upon him.

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Christ is not always gentle and kind

  • The Omega aspect of Christ comforts people.
  • The Alpha aspect calls them to come up higher and to never stand still.
  • False teachers promise a shortcut, but there is no shortcut.
  • You cannot be saved without dealing with the ego and people in today’s age are ready for this teaching.
  • We must study the ego and increase our discernment.

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Preach the universal Word

  • It is not your job to convert other people.
  • No closed system can bring you to salvation, you must flow with the River of Life.
  • Many people preach based on the ego and its needs.
  • We need to become universal so we can preach out of love, not fear.
  • By transcending the consciousness of lack, we can give without expecting anything in return.

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The Christ consciousness is universal

  • The universal Christ consciousness has many expressions.
  • God knew that by giving us free will we might lose oneness and be lost in separation.
  • Christ is the universal state of consciousness designed to ensure oneness between Creator and creation.
  • The consciousness of anti-christ seeks to pull us into dualistic polarities, always fighting an opponent.
  • By transcending this, we can become open doors for the universal Christ that seeks to raise up all people.

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