The false quest for status and false self-esteem

Ascended Master Maitreya, January 8, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

And what is then the worldview that you have, when you follow the path of the false teachers? It is the worldview that you have a value, a status, that is dependent upon the outer initiations that you have followed on this false path.

Think of how a person who has a diploma as a doctor or architect instantly gains a certain status in society. People with a diploma can sometimes get a job even if their personal psychology makes them completely unsuited for that job. Yet in many cases, the diploma is enough—and only later does the employer or co-workers find out how completely unsuited the person is because of his or her human qualities, or lack of qualities.

This then, is what you build when you follow the false path. You build a self-esteem based on your outer accomplishments, your knowledge, your understanding. Yet what most spiritual students do not realize is that even though it is the false path that allows you to build this self-esteem, it is also the false path that requires you to build this self-esteem. For the false path cannot give you true self-esteem, because you cannot acquire true self-esteem as long as there is something in your own being that you are not willing to look at. That which you are not willing to look at, prevents you from seeing through your own being, until you can see through the nexus of pure awareness and project yourself into oneness with your Presence—so that you can see yourself as your Presence sees you.

Seeing yourself as your Presence sees you is the one and only source of true self-esteem. For it is beyond anything on earth. So when you are not willing to project yourself into oneness with Maitreya or oneness with the Presence, then you cannot have true self-esteem. The Serpents know this, so they very cleverly offer you an alternative. But once you begin to even consider that alternative, you will be very softly pulled into accepting not only the seemingly beneficial aspect of the false path, but also the clearly dysfunctional aspect.

For the entire idea of the false path is, of course, that there is an outer standard, a standard that can be defined on earth, which will determine your entry into heaven. And this means that those who live up to the standard will be accepted into heaven, whereas those who do not live up to the standard will not be accepted—and therefore would either have to stay on earth or will burn forever in some fiery hell. And so, not only does the false path prevent you from achieving true self-esteem, but it also gives you the urgency that you need to avoid this terrible fate of burning in hell. And this makes it even more urgent that you build the false self-esteem by living up to the outer requirements.


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