The mystical teachings of Jesus

Jesus was first of all a mystic. This can be seen from one of his pivotal remarks (often glossed over by Christian preachers): “The kingdom of God is within you.” Only a true mystic could have spoken these words.

The main difference between mysticism and mainstream religion is that mysticism says the key to salvation is to raise our state of consicousness. The key to our salvation is found inside ourselves and we have everything we need internally to manifest this goal. Mainstream religion says the key to salvation is found outside ourselves, even in an external church.

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It is a great irony of history that Christianity turned Jesus into a savior who will supposedly come and save us. In reality, Jesus came to give us the teachings on how to save ourselves by finding the kingdom of God within us. Today, humankind has progressed beyond where it was at 2,000 years ago. Therefore, Jesus can give us more advanced and more open teachings today than he could give 2,000 years ago. Back then, he could give his most advanced teachings only to his disciples, whereas he taught the “multitudes” in parables. In this section you will find a large variety of the mystical teachings that Jesus wants people to have today.

Jesus was, among other things, a spiritual teacher and his is still a teacher from the ascended realm today. Jesus came to give a teaching and set an example for what we all have the potential to do. 

So far, very few people have dared to follow Jesus’ example, which means that the power elite has been able to deprive Jesus of having his ultimate victory as a teacher. That victory is that Jesus produces people who have followed his example and claimed their Christhood. The teachings on this website are designed to help you play your personal part of giving Jesus his ultimate victory as a teacher for planet earth.

Even 2,000 years ago, Jesus had teachings designed for people at different levels of consciousness. He taught the multitudes in parables and expounded all things to his disciples. The teachings on this website are for people who are ready for the inner teachings that Jesus wants to give today. 

The inner reality is that all human beings are designed to be co-creators with God. We have descended into a lower state of consciousness where we cannot exercise that potential. We even have no knowledge of this potential or deny it outright.

Yet the deeper reality is that nothing has destroyed our creative potential and we have the potential to reclaim it. The inner teachings that Jesus give today are designed to help you understand who you really are, why you are here on earth and what you have the potential to help co-create on this planet.


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