What is Christ?

Mainstream Christianity has identified Christ with the historical person of Jesus, claiming this was the only incarnation of Christ that ever has and ever can occur on this planet. This is a complete lie. Christ is beyond anything on earth, including any man-made power structure.

Christ is first of all a universal state of consciousness designed by God to ensure oneness between the Creator and its creation. This is necessary because we have been given free will, and this means we can create the illusion that we are separated from our source. Once we step into this consciousness of anti-christ, everything we see and interpret will seem to reinforce the illusion of separation. The Christ consciousness is the only way for us to rise above separation and come back to oneness.

Because of free will, the universal Christ consciousness cannot act directly on earth. It must be individualized by a person in embodiment walking the path of Christhood and becoming the open door. Jesus came to give us an example of a person who has walked the path and attained Christhood. He wanted – and he wants today – all of us to follow in his footsteps and do what he did—in our own individualized way.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Understanding the WORD incarnate

  • Christ is the Living Word.
  • At this time, many people are ready to awaken to the inner path.
  • The Living Word can embody through anyone at any time.
  • Jesus was turned into an idol because not enough people were ready for the inner path.
  • The false teachers then replaced the Living Word with the dead word.
  • They now use their tradition to reject anyone who represents the Living Word.

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Christ is beyond time and space

  • Time and space have a finite size but Christ has no limitations.
  • Christ has no boundaries or contrast because it is beyond form.
  • Time and space forms a closed loop that traps our minds.
  • Christ consciousness is the only way to escape this and be free.

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Understanding Christ as the LOGOS

  • Christ can also be called the Logos.
  • The Logos is the universal aspect of the Christ mind.
  • The Logos is everything that was created. It is also all beings who have attained individual Christ consciousness.
  • Overcoming separation does not mean the loss of individuality.
  • We can become one with the Logos by transcending the human consciousness of duality and conflict.
  • The state of mind of ascended masters.

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What is the Living Word?

  • The outer, historical person is not the same as the Word.
  • The Logos, the Christ consciousness cannot be confined to a single person.
  • The Logos is in everything, but human beings do not see that they have the Logos within them. That is why they are trapped in separation.

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The role of Christ is to unify Spirit and matter, father and mother

  • God the Father is not separated from God the Mother, meaning Spirit is no0t separated from matter.
  • Our role is to awaken to the reality that we are extensions of the Creator.
  • To do this, we must overcome the illusion of separation.
  • When we see ourselves as one with God the Father, then we become God the Mother.
  • We can then preach oneness to all people and help them rise beyond separation.

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Christ to counteract the imbalance in monotheism

  • Monotheism denied the role of the Divine Mother in religion.
  • Jesus came to represent God the Son as an interim stage towards helping people rediscover the Divine feminine.

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Knowing the Way of the Cosmic Christ

  • Jesus made statements to test his followers to see if they would turn him into an idol.
  • The universal Christ is the way, the truth and the life.
  • The only way to salvation is that we reach for the universal Christ and allow it to become individualized in us.

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Why Christ came to earth

  • Christ is a bridge for people to reunite with their God.
  • Those who study Jesus’ true teachings are proof that the forces of anti-christ are not winning.
  • The forces of anti-christ on earth cannot stand against the upward momentum of the entire universe.

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Christ is beyond any authority on earth

  • Go does not want to control you. The forces of anti-christ want to control you.
  • Two groups in the power elite.
  • Christ is beyond any man-made power structure or system.
  • Christ cannot be corrupted by the dualistic consciousness.

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The Christ mind does not judge

  • The Christ consciousness is designed to maintain oneness between the Creator and its creation.
  • Every form is simply the one Ma-ter light that has taken on that particular form.
  • Ascended masters have no value judgment.
  • The Christ mind is not the analytical, linear mind, that most human beings know as the only form of mind.
  • The forces of anti-christ have formed a force that accuses all people, especially those close to manifesting Christhood.
  • The accuser divided people into those who are good and bad, but the Christ mind sees beyond this to our spiritual potential.
  • The false accusation is that is order to be worthy to face your God, to ascend, you have to live up to certain conditions defined by the duality consciousness.
  • The Christ mind knows you need to transcend the duality consciousness in order to come home.

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Christ helps you transcend your karma

  • We have created our own suffering through impure perception.
  • Christ comes to help you go beyond your perception.
  • Satan whispers in people’s ears that they must force Christ to conform to their perception.

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