What is a fallen being?

The ascended masters distinguish between beings who are willing to grow and beings who are not willing to grow. The beings who rebel against he process of growth are called fallen beings or fallen angels.

The fallen beings have deliberately rebelled against God’s plan for growth. They are seeking to prove God wrong by causing as many beings as possible to become trapped in and remain trapped in the fallen consciousness, the illusion that we are separated from God and each other.

The articles in this section explain how the fallen beings are seeking to manipulate us. Only by understanding this, will you be able to escape the many illusions that most people take for granted and never question.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


How the fallen beings induce doubt

  • Some beings fell because they were not willing to serve all life.
  • After they fell, they thought they had been unjustly treated.
  • They decided to deliberately and consciously oppose God’s plan by seeking to draw as many lifestreams with them into the fallen state as they possibly could.
  • They attempted to do this by inducing doubt.
  • How to overcome doubt.

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Those with no respect for God

  • The fallen beings always see those who manifest Christhood as a threat to their control over the people.
  • That is why they are willing to kill the Living Christ.
  • They may not kill you physically, but then they seek to kill you psychologically or destroy your reputation as they did to Jesus.

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Why fallen beings accuse others unjustly

  • There is a consciousness that is always seeking to accuse those who seek Christhood.
  • The beings who fell decided there was a flaw in God’s design of the universe.
  • They determined to prove God wrong by causing others to fall.
  • As a way to do this, they started accusing people unjustly, causing them to defend themselves and thereby become trapped in duality.
  • How to avoid reacting to the fallen beings.

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Why the first fallen beings fell

  • The original fall took place in a higher sphere.
  • The leaders in an ascending sphere were asked to use their attainment to create the next sphere.
  • Those who wanted to see themselves as superior were not willing to do this and thus they fell.

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How the fallen beings trap you in the dualistic struggle

  • The main thought systems found on this earth portray you as a victim of circumstances beyond your control.
  • The most simple mechanism – applied by the fallen beings in their attempt to tie you into the ongoing dualistic struggle – is to get you to struggle against consequences.
  • If you think you have to fight the consequences – instead of changing the cause – you will inevitably turn your life into an ongoing and potentially never-ending struggle.

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Hastening the judgment of the fallen beings

  • The fallen beings seek to murder the state of innocence.
  • When you take a stand against those who attack the innocence, then you bring about or hasten their judgment.
  • You are not judging; God is judging through you.

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The ultimate plan of the fallen beings

  • The murder of innocence is the ultimate plan of the fallen beings and their desire to prove God wrong.
  • They seek to punish God by trapping the extensions of God’s own being in these lesser manifestations.
  • The fallen beings think they can punish God, but God is not inside their perception filter—they are.
  • A new definition of innocence.

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What it means to be a fallen being

  • Some people have been fooled into taking on an impure perception filter, but they are still in a state of innocence.
  • Fallen beings have a clear intent not simply to live life through their perception filter, but to force other people to live their life through this perception filter rather than their own.
  • Fallen beings seek to control the minds of others.
  • The essence of the serpentine consciousness and the fallen mindset: the attempt to use force, to influence, the mind of another person.

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