Message for Christians

This section contains articles that address the situation of many Christians in today’s world. The main question raised is whether people will remain loyal to an outer institution or follow the Living Christ. This is the same test faced by people when Jesus walked the earth, a test which the scribes, Pharisees and even Peter failed.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


The original intent for the Christian movement

  • No institution can represent Christ. An institution needs continuity and Christ is constant rebirth.
  • Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to ensure constant rebirth so Christianity would be a living movement.
  • Those who did not want this change, denied the Holy Spirit and turned Christianity into a rigid, dead religion.
  • We can help bring about a rebirth of Christianity, but only by overcoming the ego, the resistance to rebirth, within ourselves.

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Come out of the tomb of orthodox Christianity

  • It is time to awaken to the reality of who you are in God.
  • 10,000 lifestreams have now manifested their Christhood, but many are not consciously aware of this.
  • You are the shock troops that are meant to be the first wave of spiritual warriors to turn this planet around for Jesus.
  • Awaken to the reality that you are a son or daughter of God and that you are here to help bring God’s kingdom into full manifestation on this earth.

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Are you loyal to Christ or an earthly institution?

  • Go beyond an outer loyalty to an outer religion.
  • Christianity was never meant to be an end in itself.
  • Be loyal to the living, ascended Jesus Christ – and not to a dead, man-made image created by some self-serving institution.

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Christianity today is not the movement Jesus started

  • The Christian religion has painted a man-made image of Christ.
  • Some people want the living Christ to live up to a certain man-made image.
  • Time has run away from organizations that set themselves apart from others or say they are better than others.
  • Be open to new teachings, like a little child.

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Most Christians have anger against God

  • People have been been programmed by an outer religion to believe that it should not be experiencing this or that condition.
  • Many Christians have been brought up to believe that in order to be good Christians, they should never be angry.
  • They deny anger, they stuff it into the subconscious mind.
  • Until you own the anger, how can you ever give away the anger?
  • You have let the anger in, but it is not part of our being.
  • How to heal from anger.

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Life of Saint Francis

  • Saint Francis did not fully embody the teachings of Christ but was unbalanced.
  • Saint Francis should have taken a more clear stand against the false leadership and the false doctrines of the Catholic Church, instead of falling under the illusion of misguided loyalty.

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We all had our challenges

  • Saint Patrick had to surrender his expectations.
  • It was no easier for Jesus, Mother Mary or Patrick to walk the path than it is for us.
  • As long as there is that doubt in your own being, the forces of this world will pound on you relentlessly.
  • Come to the point where there is no resistance in you, so the wind can blow right through you.

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