Why people reject Christ

Why do people reject Christ? Because they are not willing to give up something in this world, especially a part of the human self, the death consciousness. Many people fail the initiation of encountering Christ and want him to come into their mental boxes instead of leaving the boxes in order to follow Christ. Peter did this to Jesus and the soul of Peter still has not ascended.

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It is only through the heart that you recognize Christ

  • It is through the heart that the light from your higher self must enter your lower being. It cannot happen through the head.
  • You can have any amount of outer knowledge and understanding, yet you are not able to recognize the Living Christ.
  • Those who had the power rejected Jesus rather than give up their comfortability and their old beliefs.
  • Their hearts were hardened. They were not able to get out of their heads and into their hearts.

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What causes people to reject Christ

  • There was an entire group of people in ancient Israel who rejected Jesus and his WORD.
  • The cause was a state of consciousness. And that state of consciousness is very much still in the world today.
  • Many people today claim to be Christians yet they have entered into the same consciousness as the scribes and Pharisees.
  • They have shut out the Living Word from their churches, so that they will not allow Jesus, the Comforter – the Holy Spirit – and the ascended masters to speak through their churches today.
  • They have been programmed to accept the dead word as the only true word of Christ or the only true word of God.
  • Your entry into the spiritual realm will be determined by the WORD, by your acceptance of the WORD.
  • You can still enter the kingdom of God while you walk this earth in a physical body.

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Why you are forgiven for rejecting the outer Word

  • When you are in the consciousness of separation, you cannot accept the Living Word.
  • You see Christ as separate from yourself, and you are forgiven for this kind of rejection.
  • No, the Living Christ comes to say, “Look, I have discovered God within myself, and so can you discover the God within yourself.”

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Why you are NOT forgiven for rejecting the INNER Word

  • It is the function of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, to give you that “Aha” experience, that inner realization.
  • The sin against the Holy Ghost is when you deny the Living Christ that comes to you inside yourself.
  • This denial was exemplified in Paul, who persecuted the Christians until he had an encounter with the Living Christ. Then he was willing to listen to the Holy Spirit that came to him from within.
  • You cannot enter the kingdom of God within you, except you accept the one Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and become one with it.

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The pattern of denying Christ

  • Many people want the Living Christ to come into their mental box and conform to it, therefore confirming that box and all of the beliefs within it.
  • You must be willing to let the old man, the old identity, die.
  • This is the initiation Peter failed and why Peter still has not ascended.

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