Psychological aspects of the path

The path of Christhood is an inner path where progress depends on your willingness to look into your own mind. It is essential to identify the attachments and conditions you have, so that you can let go of them.

On the path of Christhood, it is dangerous to hold on to things on earth. Instead, total surrender is the key to victory. You cannot force your way into Christhood. You can enter only by letting go of everything on earth, being willing to lose your “life” for the sake of following Christ.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Jesus illustrated the path of surrender

  • Jesus demonstrated the path that leads you to surrender yourself entirely to the Will of God.
  • Your ego represent the people who nailed Jesus to the cross, as your soul is truly nailed to the cross of ego-illusions.
  • Jesus’ final surrender on the cross, where he gave up the ghost, represents the point of total surrender.

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The path of total humility

  • Help wanted. Apply within.
  • The path that Jesus offers is a path of total humility.
  • It is the path of the total humility of letting go of all of the pride of the ego so that you can simply walk away from it and be free.

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Loving yourself is the essential key

  • Healing your psychology is the key to Christhood.
  • Accepting that you are a son or daughter of God means that you are perfectly able to love yourself.
  • Christhood that is not expressed in a selfless pursuit of freeing other people is not Christhood.
  • Love yourself because you accept that you are lovable and that you are loved by God precisely because you were created by God as an individualization of God’s very own Being.
  • In order to love your God, you must love yourself as God.

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The initiation of non-attachment

  • There is no outer rule that can be given in this world for what is right according to God’s absolute reality.
  • You can attain much by consciously working on non-attachment.
  • Non-attachment is not the same as indifference.
  • It is a delicate balance to remain non-attached but at the same time not to become indifferent.
  • It was fully as difficult for Jesus as it is for you.
  • The human conditions that each of us have are precisely those conditions that are the hardest for us to see.

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Do whatever it takes to let go of your conditions

  • Whatever you have to do on the outer to be able to surrender the outer, it is fully acceptable.
  • The essence of the spiritual path is to overcome the inner condition that makes you think you have to fulfill an outer condition.
  • Following an outer path is the process of being born of water.
  • The rebirth of the Spirit is where you can suddenly accept who you are.
  • Letting go of conditions is a conscious choice.
  • The only true difference between those of who have ascended and those who have not ascended is the willingness to surrender.

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The essence of the spiritual path is surrender

  • Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph all had to surrender their illusions.
  • The path is about one thing—surrender, letting go of conditions.
  • Surrender is freedom. And the more you let go of, the more free you are.

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The test of overcoming all expectations

  • The spiritual path, as we have said, is not an outer path, so why would you expect outer results?
  • When you come closer to Christhood, there will come an essential initiation, where you will need to let go of all your expectations, all of your conditions of wanting to see a certain outer result.
  • There is always the two dualistic polarities of fear and pride, the inferiority/superiority complex.
  • One cannot exist without the other, but YOU can exist without both of them.

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Why people cannot be at peace with themselves

  • When you are in the consciousness of duality, you cannot be at peace.
  • You cannot take one dualistic quality or polarity and have it exist alone.
  • If you are trapped in feeling superior, you cannot escape the fact that you are superior only compared to some who are inferior.
  • If you are primarily dominated by inferiority, you still cannot escape superiority.

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Most people are paranoid schizophrenics

  • As long as you are trapped in the dualistic consciousness, you are schizophrenic.
  • It is the dualistic polarities that turn you into a house divided against itself.
  • There comes a point where you have to ask yourself: “Will I forever be seeking to make the universe conform to my expectations?”

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