We can all follow the path to personal Christhood

The gravest error of Christianity is that it turned Jesus into an exception instead of an example to follow. Jesus came to demonstrate the path that all of us can – and must – follow in order to enter the kingdom of God. This path leads us through a gradual process of initiation until we reach a distinctly higher state of consciousness. This path can be called many names, such as the spiritual path or the mystical path. On this website it is called the path to personal Christhood.

Christianity is making a false claim when it says that Jesus, or even an external church, holds the key to our salvation The “key of knowledge” is inside each of us and we must discover it there instead of waiting for an external savior. This section contains a large amount of teachings on the path that Jesus taught 2,000 years ago and that he teaches today as an ascended master.

You can use these teachings to free yourself from 17 centuries of Christian programming that is aimed at causing you to deny your true potential. You can rise above this lie and claim your right to folllow the path that Jesus outlined for all of us.

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Introductory article:

Follow the true path and claim your Christhood


Longer articles:

Are you moving away from God or toward God

Explains the nine stages of spiritual development found on earth, from people who are angry with God to people who seek union with God.


The eternal challenge of Christ

A short article explaining the challenges presented to humankind by the fact that Jesus took embodiment and demonstrated that the Christ consciousness can incarnate in us.


The way of Christ versus the way of anti-christ

A long discourse that gives a  concentrated description of the true spiritual path, including an in-depth understanding of sin, vicarious atonement, salvation, anti-christ, duality and non-duality, the purpose of life and many other topics. It could be considered the minimum you need to know about the path of Christhood.




There is a fundamental difference between the consciousness of Christhood and normal human awareness. The practical reality is that we cannot instantly shift from human consciousness to Christhood. We all need to follow a gradual path.

This website will outline a gradual path that all of us have the potential to follow. We can think of this path as a spiral staircase with 144 steps. Every human being is at a certain step on this staircase and the main task for this lifetime is to rise as many steps as possible towards the end goal of full Christhood.This does not mean that you are now at the 1st step and have to climb from there. As Jesus teaches today, reincarnation is a reality and we have all been walking the path for many lifetimes. Therefore, you are right now at a certain step and your task is to grow from there. The teachings on this website are designed to help you make progress no matter what step you are on.However, it is a fact that the path can be divided into three main sections:

  • Step 1 to step 47. This is the level where people are very self-centered and forceful. They are using the consciousness of anti-christ to justify their aggression against others and this consciousness can “justify” anything. Such people are not likely to be open to this website and will come up with all kinds of arguments against it. They learn from the School of Hard Knocks, where they experience a return from the cosmic mirror of what they are sending out.
  • Step 48 to step 96. These are people who have risen above the worst forms of selfishness. They are walking the path of discovering and learning to express their creative potential. This potential is expressed by using the energies and characteristics of seven forms of spiritual energy, often called the seven spiritual rays. These people can benefit greatly from the teachings and tools given on this and our other websites.
  • Step 97 to step 144. These are people who have learned about their creative potential and who are working towards the fullness of Christhood. In a way, this is the most delicate stage because the initiations you get here are very subtle. You need to learn to discern the differences between the indivisible reality of the Christ consciousness and the subtle divisions of the consciousness of anti-christ. People at this level can benefit greatly from the teachings on this and the other websites. Yet at this stage, not teaching can substitute your own inner experiences.