Why it is essential to know the Divine Mother

You cannot understand Jesus mystical teachings without knowing the role of the Divine Mother. Jesus did not come to start another male-dominated religion. He came to restore balance between the masculine and feminine forces of creation. This is even more important in today’s age.

In previous ages, there have been religions that celebrated the Divine Mother. Yet these religions were brutally destroyed and understanding why can help you find balance in your approach to religion.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


The Mother of God

  • Understanding the the title of the Mother of God.
  • God is both masculine and feminine.
  • Both must be balance and the key to balance is the Christ mind.

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Recognize the power of the Mother of God

  • The Mother of God is the coequal of the Father of God!
  • Yet she also knows her place as the polarity that balances the Father without tearing down his authority as the force of self-transcendence.
  • God is both Father and Mother, and therefore you have both masculine and feminine aspects in your own soul.

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The Divine Mother is always pure

  • Everything in the material realm is created out of the Ma-ter light that has taken on form.
  • The Ma-ter light is an expression of God the Mother.
  • God the Mother has vowed to allow self-aware beings to experiment with their free will and thus take on any form that they impose upon it through the power of their minds.
  • God the Mother can never be in any impure form, even though God the Mother allows her energies, her light, to take on an impure form.
  • When you attain the Christ consciousness, you become God the Mother in embodiment.
  • The path to salvation, that Jesus came to bring to this planet, was the path to personal Christhood.
  • The path to personal Christhood is not a path that can be walked without the Divine Feminine.

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The union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother

  • Jesus came to earth to symbolize the potential – for all human beings – to let the human self die.
  • The Christ Consciousness unifies the material and the spiritual. It unifies the Divine Father, and the Divine Mother, so that there is no separation between the Creator and its creation.
  • In God’s vision, there is no difference between the material and the spiritual.
  • This is an illusion created from the duality consciousness that was brought to this planet by the fallen beings.

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The destruction of the divine feminine in religion

  • The Divine Feminine has many representatives in embodiment at this critical time, when it is an absolute necessity, that the Divine Feminine is awakened in all humankind.
  • The murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria.
  • How the religion of the Mother was destroyed.

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The real cause of the murder of the Divine Mother

  • Those who murdered the Divine Mother, entered into the consciousness of wanting to walk the mechanical path,.
  • What needs to be overcome is the unwillingness to transcend, to self-transcend.

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How hatred of the Mother begins

  • The Ma-ter lighth is like the sand in the sand boxes you all used to play in as children.
  • God put you into a sand box and said, “Build anything you want, for you cannot hurt the sand. You can only hurt yourself.”
  • You truly hurt yourself only in your own perception.
  • Whatever mistake you have made has no consequence in the grand scheme of things.
  • Many people project unto the Mother that she is responsible for their mistakes and this leads to hatred of the Mother.
  • When you hate the Mother, you are hating yourself.

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What has happened to the Divine Mother and her children

  • The children of the Divine Mother. have been scattered on the battlefield of life.
  • The Divine Mother looks for the more mature beings to go and call home the others.
  • A closed circle, a closed system is the mindset of the ego and the separate self.
  • You do not help people by affirming their illusion. You help them by demonstrating that you are not trapped in that illusion.
  • For you to help a person, you must demonstrate repeatedly that you will not affirm the person’s state of mind.
  • You need to be non-attached to whatever state of consciousness you encounter.
  • The very unresolved substance in your own mind, the beam in your own eye, holds you into an attachment and a dualistic reaction.

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