What is Christhood?

Mainstream Christianity presents Christhood as something that could be attained only by Jesus. They say that because Jesus attained Christhood back then, the salvation of humankind and the earth is guaranteed. This is a misinterpretation of Jesus’ purpose.

Jesus came to give us a witness that it is possible for all people in embodiment to manifest personal Christhood. He also came to give us a systematic path to attain this goal.

Personal Christhood is the ONLY way for you to be saved. Saying that Jesus will save you is a lie promoted by the forces of anti-christ. Raising the planet beyond the forces of anti-christ and brining God’s kingdom to earth can only be done by the power of God, but this power can work only through people in embodiment who manifest personal Christhood.

Christhood is a higher state of consciousness, a state that is fundamentally different from what is called “normal” human awareness.

This definition may tell you little, and the reason is that it is very difficult to describe Christhood for people who have not experienced it. Imagine having to describe what a sunset looks like to a person who was born blind. The person has no frame of reference, no comparison.The deeper reality on this planet is that most of us have been brought up without ever encountering any expressions of the consciousness of Christhood. All we have seen have been expressions of the lower state of consciousness, which we might call human consciousness or the consciousness of anti-christ.The deeper reality is that Christhood is NOT a further development or evolution of the human consciousness. It is a fundamentally different state of consciousness. How different? As different as life and death.When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he described Christhood as a state of spiritual life and he described normal human awareness as a state of spiritual death. That is why he said that only those who are willing to lose their human lives would be reborn into the eternal life of the Christ consciousness. 

Given that you are reading this website, you have probably already had at least glimpses of a higher state of consciousness. This website will help you expand your understanding of this state and it will give you teachings and tools for experiencing it directly.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Many have misunderstood Christhood

  • Christians think Jesus had the full measure of Christhood before he took embodiment.
  • Jesus went through a process of gradually attaining and claiming his Christhood.
  • Many think Christhood means some superior attainment that you have to acquire through a long and arduous process of initiation.
  • Christhood is not a PhD programme that one can follow from start to finish and then the result is guaranteed. Christhood is a highly individualized process.
  • For you, as an individual, to be the Christ means that you are the open door for your I AM Presence to express itself through you.
  • The process of becoming the Christ in embodiment is a process of unlearning everything you have learned with the outer mind.
  • Becoming the Christ does NOT mean creating a sophisticated ego that has taken on the appearance of a spiritual person.
  • As long as you have an external standard, there will forever be a gap between your current state of consciousness and Christhood.

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What is a miracle?

  • There is natural law and a higher spiritual law.
  • Jesus showed us that when we manifest Christhood, we can use spiritual law to override natural law.
  • One human being who manifests individual Christhood becomes the open door whereby the universal Christ consciousness can act in the material realm.
  • The living miracle is the incarnation of the Christ consciousness through a human being.

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The alchemy of the Spirit

  • The true alchemy is the transformation of consciousness so we accept our true identity as extensions of God.
  • You need to stop seeing yourself as a mortal human being, as a miserable sinner or as a person who has made such mistakes that you could never be redeemed.
  • The goal of alchemy is changing the human consciousness, the lead of carnal mind, into the gold of the Christ consciousness.
  • The Christ consciousness has the power to change the composition of matter.
  • The philosopher’s stone sought by the alchemists is the Christ consciousness.

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Victory Is All That Is Real

  • Is there any greater joy than knowing that you have won a victory, that you have taken a step up, closer to God, and that there is no turning back?
  • No one can give you your personal victory.
  • The true teachings of Christ are the only key to the victory of the Piscean Age.
  • The difference between a Christed Being and a person who is trapped in duality is one thing—decision.
  • In order to rise to the next plateau, you must make a big decision to let go of something in your former life, in your former sense of self.

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The connection between freedom and Christhood

  • Many people think it is possible to set up some standard for how a Christed Being should be.
  • Our images of Christ form a mental box.
  • Only when you are willing to step outside of that box and embrace total, absolute freedom can you hope to begin to manifest Christhood.

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Personal Christhood is beyond personal growth

  • The personal growth movement is not enough to bring the planet to a higher level.
  • There is a path beyond that personal growth, and it is the path of Personal Christhood.
  • You no longer seek to raise up the individual self, for you have become so one with the One Self that you seek to raise the All.
  • The greatest potential for world change is the union of hearts, as above, so below.

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Christhood shifts the entire spectrum of consciousness

  • Darkness can be removed from the earth only when some people raise their consciousness to a certain level of Christhood.
  • We must take a stand and say, “This manifestation of evil is no longer acceptable in my world!”
  • Progress occurs when some in the top 10%, have reached the level of Christhood, that corresponds to the perversion of that level among the bottom 10%.

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Christhood is not a passive process

  • The serpentine consciousness entraps people in the belief that the forms in the material world have some ultimate reality.
  • You are crucified, by the form, by the image, by the consciousness.
  • Christhood is a process of choosing to give up these “ghosts” of the serpentine mind.

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Creativity is the essence of Christhood

  • There is a stage on your personal path where you can make progress by following a somewhat mechanical path where you give outer rituals and study outer teachings.
  • Alchemy is not a mechanical process; it is not a matter of finding the right formula or the right chemical ingredient.
  • Your life, your circumstance, your life experience is dependent upon your state of consciousness.
  • Observation is co-creation. Your consciousness is part of everything that happens in your life.

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Individuality and Christ consciousness

  • The sword of Christ magnifies the conflicts people have in themselves.
  • Oneness is not the same as sameness.
  • You cannot create oneness through force, as you cannot be harmless in a forceful manner.
  • Sameness is an artificial condition that is the dream of the fallen beings where they can program everyone to be the same.
  • Various aspects of the ego have been geared towards suppressing your individuality.
  • We go through a phase of expressing individuality in amore extreme manner, before we find the balance of who we really are.

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