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Any religion that portrays God as exclusively male or exclusively female is unbalanced and therefore cannot survive. God in its highest form is formless, but in order to create, the formless God expressed itself as masculine and feminine. 

The key to a successful religion is to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of God in ourselves so that the two complement each other rather than working against each other. Only the Christ mind can bring about this balance.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


No need to blame women for the fall

  • What a curse has been put on women, blaming them for the Fall of Man.
  • The fall was the fall of the feminine aspect of every lifestream—both men and women.
  • There is no reason to blame women; there is no reason to blame anyone.

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The quintessential serpentine lie

  • What caused the fall of most human beings on earth was that they all came to believe in the quintessential serpentine lie.
  • That lie is that God’s will is in opposition to your will.
  • The feminine aspect of your being fell.
  • The serpentine plot to put down the feminine in all people.

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Only Oneness between masculine and feminine can stop war

  • How the unbalanced masculine energy leads to war.
  • All self-aware beings have both the masculine and the feminine as a polarity in their beings.
  • You can be in a male body but still have a balance between masculine and feminine.
  • Unless there is that greater balance between masculine and feminine, then there cannot be true peace.
  • Women have for generations been holding a certain balance that has prevented even more wars than have taken place.

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How the female polarity can stop war

  • The female energy is the only thing that can stop the male energy from running amok.
  • The female can see that there is always a way out without violence. There is always an alternative to violence.
  • Peace starts in the home.

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Jesus and his feminine polarity

  • Jesus and Mary Magdalene held a spiritual office called the Two Witnesses—those who embody the Flame of Christ in the masculine and feminine polarity.
  • Other people can hold this office.

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The need for a higher vision of sexuality

  • It was not an inspiration from God or the Holy Spirit that caused the Catholic Church to institute celibacy.
  • It was indeed because the Catholic Church from its inception was based on the fallen consciousness.
  • It is necessary that the spiritual people on this earth fully and finally transcend the consciousness that wants to shut down the flow of the life force through both men and women.
  • The fastest way to spiritual growth is to balance the masculine and feminine polarities of your being.
  • The fastest way to do that is to enter into a relationship with a person of the opposite sex, whereby you are forced to confront these issues in yourself and in your relationship.

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The persecution of women started with the fallen beings

  • The persecution of women became pronounced after the Catholic invention of the concept of original sin.
  • Genesis is partly written by the fallen beings, who have been putting down the Mother element ever since they decided to rebel against the Father and the Spirit.

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Those who put down women cannot represent Christ

  • Those who have taken over the Christian religion believe that they have a right to define how the Church of Christ should be.
  • Ask yourself if those who believe they have a right to put down women can truly be said to represent Christ?

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The birth of monotheism

  • How the religion of the Divine Feminine was destroyed in the past.
  • The Father aspect of God has no desire to be worshiped by human beings.
  • It desires to see human beings recognize who they are, as extensions of itself.
  • People must acknowledge the fact, that they are co-creators with their God, that they are here to co-create the kingdom of God on earth.

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Religions and Satanism

  • Most mainstream religions on earth are Satanism in disguise.
  • Lucifer and Satan represent two aspects of the misuse, the perversion, of the most basic elements of creation.
  • Most religions on earth are Satanism in disguise because they have perverted the feminine aspect of creation, the feminine force of creation.

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