Introducing the inner teachings

This section contains a series of longer articles that explain some of the inner, mystical teachings that Jesus is giving for those who walk the mystical path today. The articles are listed below:


Stop rejecting my gift to you

Explains why both Christians and many mystics, spiritual seekers and New Age people are programmed to reject the real gift that Jesus has been offering to humankind for 2,000 years and is still offering today.

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Who is Jesus trying to reach with this website

This discourse explains who Jesus is trying to reach with the teachings on this website. It also explains the very core of his true message, his inner message, that has been almost completely lost over the past 2,000 years. The discourse also explains why it is so crucial for people to rediscover Jesus’ true message and apply this knowledge in our time.

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My father’s house has many mansions

A foundational discourse that explains the four levels of the material universe. This is a teaching that many of the other articles on this website presume that you know. It explains that because everything is made from energy, the material world is just one level in a larger continuum of vibrations. Beyond the material frequency spectrum is the emotional realm, the mental realm and the identity realm. Because the material spectrum is the lowest in vibration, we cannot understand what happens in the physical world without knowing about the other realms. In many cases, material phenomena are effects of causes that start in the identity realm, become more concrete in the mental realm, take on momentum in the emotional realm and then finally manifest in the physical. I order to change material circumstances, we must begin by changing the causes in the higher realms.

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The new Golden Rule

Jesus has released a new Golden Rule for today’s spiritual seekers.

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I am on a mission impossible from God

Explains the difficulties that Jesus and other masters face in terms of helping us grow spiritually. We are often so trapped in mental boxes that we reject the very ideas that could set us free to not only live happier lives but to also secure our ascension to the spiritual realm.

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I am come to inaugurate the Age of the Universal Christ

Explains spiritual cycles and the role Jesus played in the Age of Pisces. Jesus could have moved on from earth but has vowed to stay and help us for another 2,000 years.

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