Women in Christianity

The Christian religion is stuck in a catch-22 where it can no longer meet the spiritual needs of modern people yet it cannot renew itself. The cause is that Christianity has lost the true teachings of Jesus, yet no one is willing to admit this.

If men had been able to renew Christianity, it should have happened already. This proves that only women have the potential to renew Christianity. Of course, most Christian churches will not let women have a say.

The articles in this section explain why women have been blamed for the fall and why the Christian religion has perpetrated anger against women. The teachings contain the keys to changing the situation—if enough people – men and women – are willing to heed them.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


The role of women is the most important issue facing Christian Churches

  • The most important issue facing the Catholic Church today is the role of women in the Church and the role of women in society.
  • God is both male and female.
  • There is a great need for a reform in the Catholic Church concerning the role of women.
  • Certain Church doctrines and certain ingrained aspects of Church culture will have to be challenged.
  • First of all, the Church must stop blaming women for the Fall.
  • It is absolutely necessary that the proper balance between masculine and feminine qualities is restored in the Church.
  • It is highly unlikely that the Church could be restored by men alone.

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Women in the priesthood

  • There is an absolute necessity to allow priests to marry.
  • There is an equally great necessity to allow women into the priesthood.
  • Unless this step is taken, there is no future for the Catholic Church.
  • How to help transform the Church.

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How Christianity feeds the unbalanced father element

  • Christianity has been turned into a religion that reinforced the unbalanced approach of the unbalanced Father element.
  • Christianity was intended to balance the masculine and the feminine.

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Why women must change Christianity

  • Women need to be given greater influence in society, and especially in the Christian churches.
  • Many women in Christian churches are feeling disenfranchised, are feeling like they are exiled by their own religion.
  • Christianity is a religion that can no longer meet the spiritual needs of today’s people.
  • Only the women, the female influence, will have the practical knowledge of knowing how to meet the spiritual needs of today’s people.
  • The need to promote spiritual freedom.

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Male-dominated Christianity cannot lead people to salvation

  • Christianity has deliberately been perverted in denying the importance of the Divine Feminine.
  • The male-dominated form of Christianity, can never lead people to salvation!
  • Only women can restore Christianity.
  • New Christian churches need to spring up, new movements need to spring up, so that people come out of the old churches and join new churches, new movements.
  • Hold the vision, that Christianity will be resurrected, that there will be an awakening so that as a critical mass of people will be willing to give up the ghost of the old male-dominated unbalanced Christianity.

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Raising up women in Christianity

  • Women from many Christian churches will come apart and form new movements, new initiatives, new churches, that honor the equality of masculine and feminine.
  • What happened to the Divine Feminine in religion? Why did it get lost?
  • There is a need to rise above the unbalanced approach to religion, represented by the monotheistic religions.

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The suppression of women must come to an end

  • The one Creator divided itself into the two polarities of expanding and contracting, of masculine and feminine.
  • The original plan of the fallen angels was to pervert the original act of creation in the minds of those who are open to the lie of separation and duality.
  • There is a higher form of union where male and female, man and woman, come together and transcend the consciousness that they are opposites.
  • The forbidden fruit symbolizes the duality consciousness where you are trapped inside of the mind state created by the dualistic perception.
  • The fallen angels made the choice that because women are not the ones who are likely to go out and wage war, they would put women down as the weaker sex.

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Christianity must stop discriminating against women

  • Mother Mary is come to reform Christianity and to restore the Divine Feminine to her rightful role as the polarity of the Divine Masculine.
  • The only way to prevent a large-scale war, is a very quick restoration of the true balance between the masculine and feminine polarities.
  • Mother Mary hopes that many Catholics will rise up and demand reform in the Church.
  • There is a need for the restoring the role of women to its rightful place, whereby women can be seen as fully equal with men.
  • The discrimination against women, upheld by the Catholic Church for so many centuries, must come to an end.

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The energy of anger against women in Christianity

  • The energy is of anger against women is an immense beast that has been created by the Catholic Church.
  • This anger goes back into the mist of history.
  • Peter was the opening for the rejection of the role of women in Christianity.
  • The female element represents the wisdom to know the consequence of choices.
  • The anger against women is focused in Saint Peter’s tomb.
  • Withdrawing space from the anger against women.

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The Catholic Church’s anger against women

  • There has not yet been a public outcry against this anger and persecution of women by the Catholic Church.
  • If you could hear the secret meetings that take place between the Pope and the cardinals and other important figures of the Catholic Church, you would be shocked at the anger against women.
  • Men and women in the Golden Age.

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