Spiritual cycles

Jesus was very aware that he came into embodiment to start a new cycle in the spiritual evolution of humankind. In today’s age, many more people are open tot he fact that there is a progression where one cycles build on the foundation of the previous one. 

Many modern spiritual people are aware that the last 2,000 years were the Age of Pisces and that we are now in the Age of Aquarius. This section contains articles that explain the significance of these cycles. It is also explained that in order to fully shift into the consciousness of Aquarius, we need to understand and apply the true, inner teachings of Jesus. 

One age build on the foundation of the previous one. Unfortunately, many modern spiritual people cannot make this shift because the teachings of Jesus have been so perverted by mainstream Christianity that many people reject them. Only by embracing the mystical teachings of Jesus can you fully pass the initiations of Pisces and move into Aquarius.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Towards the end of the Piscean age

  • Jesus has come to claim the next 2,000 years as the Age of the Universal Christ.
  • “Christ” is a universal term that was never meant to be monopolized by one particular Church.
  • There is no freedom except through Christ and the Christ mind that cleaves the real from the unreal.

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The Golden Age is a do-it-yourself project

  • Saint Germain has come to set people free from the domination of a power elite.
  • People would learn nothing from having a golden age given to them from above.
  • We must manifest the golden age through the power of God within us.
  • The violet flame is meant to help us rise above the past so we can claim our Christhood and manifest the golden age.
  • The violet flame is not a blank check.

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Jesus set the stage for this age

  • Jesus’ teachings have brought us to the point where many are ready to be awakened.
  • We can be the instruments for awakening people.
  • By raising our consciousness we raise up others without using force.

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The masters are going up!

  • The ascended masters are always going higher, and it is up to us to follow them.
  • Going up is a choice!
  • There is great potential for turning the earth around or Jesus would not have come here.
  • Jesus came to set the foundation for the golden age of Aquarius by creating a tradition of the Living Word.

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The essential test of the Piscean age

  • The challenge of Pisces was to stop seeing Christ outside ourselves and seeing it inside.
  • Only through oneness can you pass through the door to the next age.

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The need for people to pass their tests under Jesus

  • You cannot ascend to the consciousness of Aquarius unless you have mastered the lessons of the age of Pisces.
  • You cannot apply to the master of Aquarius, if you have not been willing to learn from the master of Pisces.
  • The essence of Jesus’ message is Christ discernment.
  • Only Christ discernment empowers people to stand up to the elite.
  • The Christian Church has been a tool for the power elite to pervert the teachings of Christ.
  • Instead of setting the people free, they have been used to oppress the people even more.
  • The forerunners for the new age must attain Christ discernment.

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The next age builds on Jesus

  • The Golden Age of Saint Germain builds on the teachings of Christ.
  • Pisces could have been a Golden Age if sufficient numbers of people had embodied the teachings and the example of Jesus.
  • The Golden Age of Aquarius cannot be built on the foundation of current Christianity.

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Understanding Saint Germain’s plan for the Golden Age

  • The purpose of Christ was to raise everyone up to Christhood, so that they could express their creativity.
  • Saint Germain is concerned about raising up individuals with the golden consciousness that shines and cannot be tarnished by anything on earth.
  • The Golden Age is not a closed vision, it is a process of the unfoldment of creativity that can go on forever.
  • Never before has there been such an opportunity to lock in to that vision, that creative flow.
  • This is a unique opportunity in the known history of earth.
  • Times and cycles have passed, where it is now time to express that Christhood, to be the Living Christ in action—it is time to let your light shine.
  • This is your opportunity, this is your moment, the moment you have been waiting for, some of you for 2,000 years.
  • You volunteered to come into embodiment with Jesus to be part of the cycle of Pisces.
  • Let your light so shine before men that they may know, that this is the light of God shining through you, and that they will come to see that that God is also in them.

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The consciousness of elitism must be transcended

  • During Pisces, humankind had to transcend the consciousness of elitism.
  • Instead, people have wanted strong leaders who could make decisions for them.
  • Jesus showed us how to overcome this consciousness.
  • We must dare to make the effort to go against the mass consciousness.
  • Will we attune our consciousness to darkness or light?
  • By becoming non-attached to specific outer results, we can become open doors for the light that can accomplish all things.

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Shifting into the Aquarian age consciousness

  • We must be willing to question the way we look at everything.
  • If you will not question your current perception, how could you ever free your imagination to soar beyond what you perceive as the limits for life?
  • Question your view of religion and politics.
  • The lie of Pisces is that there is only one right way to do things.
  • In the Golden Age, diversity will be seen as the greatest potential.
  • The key to the golden age is individual creativity,. Christ demonstrated it 2,000 years ago.
  • You who consider yourselves to be the more aware people in this age, you are meant to demonstrate today what Christ demonstrated 2,000 years ago.

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