Our planetary potential

Even though the ascended masters have the power to remove all darkness from the earth, the Law of Free Will prevents them from using that power directly. The masters can use their power only when we decide to become the open doors by raising our consciousness.

All of the spiritual people who are in embodiment in this age have volunteered to come here in order to be part of a massive planetary change. We form the top ten percent of the population. Only by attaining personal Christhood can we pull the rest of the population up instead of allowing the lower ten percent to pull them down.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Our potential to help change the earth

  • Most people sense that in the spiritual realm there is no war or other atrocities.
  • The forces of anti-christ create the impression that the perfection of spirit could never be manifest on earth because evil is inevitable.
  • Imperfections are projections from the minds of human beings, and any imperfection can be changed by changing the minds of enough people.
  • Jesus’ miracles were an attempt to shock people into realizing that any condition can be changed.
  • Imperfections are created from low-frequency energy and we have the power to invoke high-frequency energy to transform any condition.
  • Jesus performed miracles because his mind stayed fee from the lie of sin and imperfection. We can do this also.

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How can the kingdom of God come to earth?

  • For the kingdom of God to come to earth, matter must be spiritualized, raised in vibration.
  • This can happen only when we dare to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and attain Christhood.
  • Only then can we do the works that Jesus did.

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What can God do for others through me?

  • The essence of the path is selflessness. You are one with all life.
  • How can we use our experience on the spiritual path to help others?
  • We must dare ask what God wants to do for others through us.

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Why one person can make a difference

  • The most widespread condition on earth is depression, the sense that nothing matters and that you can’t make a difference.
  • The forces of anti-christ want to pacify us.
  • Jesus came to demonstrate that even one person can make a difference. In this age, many spiritual people are meant to do the same.
  • There is something God can do through you that will make a difference.

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Why you are in embodiment in this age

  • We took embodiment n this age in order to give Jesus his victory and bring the Golden Age of Saint Germain.
  • We are forerunners for Christ discernment.
  • There is the potential for a mass awakening that will overthrow the forces of anti-christ.
  • The power elite will do anything to prevent this.
  • In order to play our part, we must find the stillness within.

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The top 10% must bring positive change

  • Positive change on this planet must come form the most spiritual people.
  • Everything is a manifestation of consciousness and it is by changing our consciousness that we can change world conditions.

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The need for Christed ones in Europe

  • Those who commit evil on earth cannot be removed until someone has reached the level of Christhood they had before they fell.
  • That is why the forces of anti-christ want us to deny our Christhood. This denial started in Europe with the Catholic Church.
  • The spiritual people in Europe have a responsibility to end this denial by walking the path themselves and preaching the true teachings of Christ.

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Your purpose for taking embodiment

  • The spiritual people who are in embodiment right now all have a love for Saint Germain and want to help manifest his golden age.
  • This is a critical turning point in earth’s history and we all have a role to play.
  • We need to overcome feel-good spirituality and get serious about connecting to our higher selves.
  • Our highest potential is to be an open door for the ascended masters.

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