General spiritual concepts

Most spiritual and religious people have certain topics they take for granted and never examine. This section gives you the opportunity to take a look at certain ideas about faith, suffering and why the spirit or a true teacher will not conform to our expectations and desires.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Faith, knowledge and prayer

  • Jesus did not teach that faith is the substance of things hoped for. He taught that knowledge is the substance of things hoped for.
  • He meant inner knowledge, gnosis, the true inner gnosis whereby the knower becomes one with the known.
  • Jesus did not teach that you should pray to an external God.
  • Jesus taught and demonstrated that you invoke God’s assistance from within yourself.
  • Many Christians have completely misunderstood Jesus’ teaching on faith, and they have instead accepted the teachings of anti-christ.
  • When you pray from a selfish desire, you create a counter-force that opposes the fulfillment of your desire.

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Suffering is not necessary

  • Many believe suffering is necessary.
  • Suffering comes form attachments.
  • We must follow Jesus’ example and give up all our attachments, our “ghosts.”

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Understanding the Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit is the collective momentum of all who have walked the true Path of Oneness.
  • Every time a Being ascends from earth, that Being adds its own momentum to the Holy Spirit.
  • You must learn to discern between the Holy Spirit and the many false spirits that have been created.

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Understanding why the Spirit will not conform to matter

  • The purpose for the Holy Spirit is to challenge peoples’ ideas, mental images and beliefs.
  • The Holy Spirit has only one purpose; that is to initiate and accelerate the process of self-transcendence.
  • Some Christians are open to false spirits.

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Ponder why the Spirit will not conform

  • No matter what level of consciousness you are at, the role of the Living Christ, the role of the Holy Spirit, is to take you to the next step up.
  • Be willing to think outside of the mental box created by your current level of consciousness.
  • Jesus cannot help us if he conforms to our expectations and mental images.
  • The satanic consciousness wants the Christ to conform to its expectations.

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