Accepting the love of the masters

One of the core messages given by Jesus, Mother Mary and other ascended masters is that they love us unconditionally but that we have a hard time accepting unconditional love. Many religions have programmed us to believe that God will only love and accept us if we live up to a set of conditions defined by some authority on earth.

In reality, God’s love is beyond human conditions. Once of the primary things we can do for Jesus is to accept the unconditional love that is constantly being extended to us from the ascended realm. This is not an easy task because ti requires us to overcome thousands of years of subconscious programming. Yet as all change, it begins with a vision of what is possible and a decision to strive to attain it.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Mother Mary loves us as she loved Jesus

  • Mother Mary wants us to be all we can be, as she wanted Jesus to be all he could be.
  • She loves us with the same love that she had for Jesus.
  • We do not have to earn her love; she has already given it to us.
  • Our choice is whether we will accept her love or reject it because we believe we are not worthy.

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Jesus loves all people as his disciples

  • Jesus loves us as much as he loved his disciples.
  • Jesus has an infinite, unconditional and a very personal love for each one of us.
  • How to reject the temptations of anti-love.

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Why can’t people accept God’s love?

  • Many Christians reject God’s love because they think they are unworthy sinners.
  • Every religion and every Church and every spiritual teaching on this planet has the exact same problem.
  • Those who are on the outer path cannot accept unconditional love from God or from the Mother of God.
  • This is the essential problem on planet earth.
  • Only when you accept that God loves you unconditionally, can you enter the true spiritual path.

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Jesus only wants people to feel God’s love

  • An ascended being can feel something comparable to sorrow by watching the people on earth suffer needlessly.
  • Jesus has no other desire than for you to feel and accept the absolute fact that God loves you with the same infinite, unconditional love with which he loves Jesus.

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Open your hearts to the unconditional love of Christ

  • Be willing to experience unconditional love.
  • Unconditional love is all-consuming, is unconditional. It is an ecstatic love that will not accept the mundane, the human love.

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God accepts you for who you are

  • God accepts you right now unconditionally for who you are.
  • You were created out of a greater spiritual being who came out of an even greater spiritual being and that chain of being reaches all the way back to the Creator.
  • When you were created out of the Creator’s own Being, surely God the Creator accepts himself.
  • God’s acceptance of you is unconditional. Watch your reactions. Watch how your ego will struggle with this statement and come up with reasons for why this cannot be so.
  • The real path, the inner path, is to let go of the conditions that are inside of you instead of trying to fulfill outer conditions.

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Saint Germain’s love for all people

  • Saint Germain says: “I, Saint Germain love each one of you. You are my own.”
  • “Before you came into this lifetime, you volunteered to be part of bringing the Golden Age of Saint Germain into physical manifestation, and I know that this is the greatest love of your being.”
  • Saint Germain wants us to fulfill our full potential.
  • Many of us have not yet made the decision to be all we can be.

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