Path of Christhood

The mystical path and the path to Christhood are very much part of the same process. However, many people follow the mystical or spiritual path with a more generalized sense of growing spiritually and raising their state of consciousness. 

When you know that you are following the path of Christhood, you have it as a clear goal to attain the Christ consciousness. You see Jesus as your personal master, and you are deliberately seeking to attain inner attunement with him.

Another difference is that while you follow a more general path, you are often motivated by a desire to raise up yourself, perhaps even acquiring special abilities. The path to Christhood is not just focused on your own growth. You are beginning to sense the oneness of all life, and thus you seek to raise yourself so that you can be an instrument for helping others and raising the whole.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


The turning point on the spiritual path

  • Jesus did walk a gradual path, and he was not born perfect. He went through many initiations in order to manifest Christhood.
  • Many people do not belong to any spiritual or religious organization or teaching but they are nevertheless walking the path of individual Christhood.
  • Many people have reached a plateau from which they are not growing.
  • If you continue seeking to raise up only yourself, it is inevitable that you will switch from the true path to the false path.
  • The key of knowledge is the realization that the true goal of the spiritual path is to come into oneness with God and oneness with all life.
  • Some people in spiritual movements stop growing and also seek to stop other people from growing.
  • The ego of every human being is caught in this trap of not wanting to grow and therefore wanting to hold back others.
  • When you seek to hold back others, you truly hold back yourself as well.
  • Whatever you do to others, you are inevitably doing to yourself at a deeper level of your being.

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You cannot follow Christ

  • The false pastors have programmed you to believe that the key to salvation is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • As long as you think Jesus is outside of yourself, you cannot reach the kingdom within you.
  • The only path to inner oneness is to stop denying your own Christ potential.
  • Jesus did not come to earth to have people follow him. He came to earth to have all people become one with him.

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Do not wait for the ideal conditions

  • The earth will never have ideal conditions to manifest Christhood.
  • Christhood is when you take conditions as they are and rise above them.
  • The Christ is not here to wait for the earth to manifest the right conditions.
  • The Christ is here to take dominion over the earth and raise it higher.
  • With men, with the human consciousness, it is impossible for you to take dominion. But with God in you, with the Christ in you, all things are possible.

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Why Christhood is individual

  • You can envelop yourself in a limited state of mind where you do not have free choice.
  • Christ is sent to earth in order to awaken people to the alternative to the decision-making process in which they are currently stuck.
  • You can escape duality only by reaching for something outside your current mental box.
  • Christhood is not won by following rules.
  • The Living Christ comes into this world to meet a person where this person is at in consciousness and then challenge the person’s illusions, challenge the person’s mental box in order to get that person to come up higher.
  • You will manifest your Christhood only when you realize that what you experienced from without is not outside yourself.
  • While you can learn from Jesus’ example, you have to find your unique, personal way to express your Christhood.

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When students become unbalanced

  • There is a risk that spiritual students become unbalanced.
  • Many go into the blind alley of taking an unbalanced approach to what they see as their work for God.
  • A certain percentage of students become almost over-anxious in creating world change.
  • They are so “fired up” about this that they lose all perspective and all balance.
  • The Buddhic perspective on what it means to be the Christ in action.
  • As the Living Christ in action, you expose yourself to people’s ridicule and condemnation.
  • It is very easy to become attached to a particular result of your actions, to getting a particular reaction from other people.

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Christhood depends on nothing outside yourself

  • Let go of the sense that your Christhood depends on other people or institutions in society.
  • Individual Christhood depends on nothing outside the individual.
  • Do not let your ego pull you into a false “Christhood,” an imitation of Christhood, and a savior complex.

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The greatest opportunity for Christhood

  • Jesus’ course in Christhood is the greatest opportunity to manifest Christhood ever released.

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