How to deal with fallen beings

Many spiritual seekers have personally encountered people who are manipulative, controlling and whose minds are very closed to seeing what they are doing. The articles in this section explain that many of us have volunteered to have personal relationships with fallen beings. You will also learn how to deal with such people in a way that does not abort your own growth towards Christhood.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Personal relationships with fallen beings

  • Many of the spiritual people on earth have embodied in close relationships with those in the fallen consciousness.
  • There is no better way to pass the last initiations than to be in personal relationships with fallen beings.
  • The key to passing this initiation is that you do not allow the fallen beings to change you.
  • If you allow yourself to believe that you need to change a person who is in the fallen consciousness, you are making your ascension dependent on the choices of another self-aware being.
  • People trapped in the fallen consciousness want to control others.

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The sense of ownership over people

  • Notice if people have a sense of ownership over you.
  • Some have put down the Christ in themselves to such a degree that they think they have the right to put down the Christ in others.
  • You do not want to be in an action-reaction game with them for there is no end to it, no ultimate outcome is possible.
  • The ultimate outcome is the judgment of Christ, but that happens only when you can meet the fallen beings and their accusations with complete non-attachment.

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The dream of an ultimate argument

  • It is not your personal task to convert or change or awaken those in the fallen consciousness.
  • There is no ultimate argument that will convince these people.
  • Even God and his angels cannot show an undeniable sign for the fallen consciousness can deny anything.

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You are the one who has to change

  • On the cross, Jesus saw that the crucifixion and his mission was never about changing the fallen beings.
  • It was about changing his own attitude and outlook so that he could be completely non-attached to the fallen beings and leave them behind.
  • The vision that you need to do something that depends on the choices of other people, especially those in the fallen consciousness, becomes your personal cross.
  • It is vanity to think you can change those in the fallen mindset.

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Help those who can be helped

  • People who are close to manifesting Christhood often become attached to helping a specific person.
  • In pursuing this impossible goal they neglect the fact that there are many people that they could help.
  • Let go of that spirit that is focused on changing or saving or judging the spirits of the fallen beings.

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