About this website

This wesbite is for those who want to establish their personal, inner, mystical connection with Jesus.

Welcome to this website. My name is Kim Michaels and I am the human creator of this website, having kept it online since 2002. If you want to know more about me, you can go to my personal website: Kim Michaels.

The purpose of this website is to present the mystical teachings that Jesus gave 2,000 years ago and that Jesus is seeking to give to humankind today.

Many people will wonder where the teachings on this website are coming from. The answer is simple, although clearly beyond what mainstream Christians have been programmed to believe.

I consider myself a mystic and I have been following the mystical path since 1976. The mystical path has several stages, and here are some of them:

  • You realize there is more to know about the spiritual side of life than what you have been told by mainstream religions.
  • You open your mind to studying material from a variety of sources, letting your intuition guide you.
  • You realize that beyond all mainstream religions is a universal mystical path and people have been following it for thousands of years. This path is an inner path of raising your consciousness.
  • You realize that mainstream religions demand that you uncritically believe in their doctrines, yet you have a God-given ability to receive insights and understanding from within yourself. These insights come from a higher part of your being and from a group of universal teachers in the spiritual realm.
  • You engage in a determined effort to increase your inner, intuitive, mystical connection to something beyond your human mind.
  • As you attain mystical experiences, you realize that the real goal of the mystical path is to attain inner union with your own higher being and with one or several spiritual beings.
  • As you begin to attain this inner union, you realize you are not actually on earth in order to just get out of here again. You are here to fulfill a specific mission. This mission may involve you helping to bring society forward in various ways, including bringing forth new spiritual teachings from a higher source.

Personally, I have been following the mystical path for a long time, seeking mystical union with my higher self and various spiritual teachers. In 2001 I realized that my primary spiritual teacher is Jesus as he is today, namely an ascended being, an ascended master, who is actively working with humankind. I then started seeking mystical union with Jesus as a natural stage on my personal path.

As I increased my inner union with Jesus, I realized he wanted me to bring forth a website that could correct the many mistunderstandings about him and his teachings promoted by mainstream Christianity. He wanted there to be a source where people could connect to him as an ascended being and realize he is willing to help today’s spiritual seekers. He also wanted to give people a correct view of his mission so they could heal the wounds they have received from Christian churches. Finally, he wanted people to realize that he has much more to teach us today than what he could give 2,000 years ago.

I am quite aware that for most mainstream Christians my claim to be working with the ascended Jesus will seem outrageous, even blasphemous (I have received a lot of emails from fundamentalists since 2002). Nevertheless, I hope you will not let the fear-based programming of an external authority prevent you from taking a closer look at this website.

This site is for people who are willing to follow their intuition and go beyond both the outer self and external authority figures.

History of this site

A note about the history of this site. The site was first established with the title: Ask the Real Jesus. The idea was that people could ask Jesus a direct question and I would then get the answer from Jesus through direct revelation (a process many call channeling but which I prefer to call mystical communication or mystical communion). I would also receive more direct messages, called dictations, from Jesus and gradually from many other ascended masters. You can find more information about this process HERE.

Since 2002 I have recceived several million words of material from Jesus and other ascended masters, and the site had eventually grown so large and complex that it was difficult to find things. I have now split the site into five different sites, each with a different focus. They are:

  • This site, which is focused on Jesus and his mission and teachings.
  • The Ascended Master Answers site that contains answers to hundreds of questions asked by spiritual seekers since 2002. There is hardly a topic of interest to spiritual seekers that is not covered on the site.
  • The Transcendence Toolbox site that contains many practical tools released by the masters in order to help you speed up your spiritual growth.
  • The Ascended Master Light site that contains extensive teachings given by the masters in the form of direct dictations. Again, there is hardly a topic not covered here and the search feature can help you find them.
  • Ascended Master Resources
    This is the central website of the Ascended Master Resources network. It contains the foundational teachings about the ascended masters, their teachings and the spiritual path that they offer.

All of the above material is available for free and I think I can say that together it forms the largest collection of free spiritual material avialable on the internet. I have also brought forth a lot of material that is available in books, plus I have recorded a large number of sound files that can help you make more effective use of spiritual tools. The books and sound files can be found in our STORE.

The books are also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Ibookstore. Most bookstores around the world will be able to order the books from major wholesalers.

I hope you will enjoy what the sites have to offer and that you will find it of value on your ongoing mystical journey.

Kim Michaels