The future of science

The ascended masters, especially Saint Germain, sponsored the emergence of science as a way to help humankind rise above poverty and have the free time to pursue spiritual activities. The masters are in no way opposed to science, but they do see materialism as a blind alley as serious as that of medieval Catholicism.

The masters want us to hold the vision that science moves beyond materialism and thus fulfills its full potential for alleviating human suffering. The masters have said a lot about science, but this section contains articles that talk about science in relation to Christianity and the path of Christhood.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Why science has not set people free

  • Science says everything is the result of a game of chance.
  • How is it possible that science discovers still deeper and deeper layers of order and organization, yet they claim that all this order came out of a completely random process?
  • An orderly and sustainable universe could not have come about by a random process. It must be the result of an intelligent mind holding a vision for that universe and then imposing that vision on the Ma-ter light.

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Europe as the birthplace of pacifying ideas

  • Europe has been the cradle of a number of ideas that have been used around the world to pacify and suppress the people.
  • The Catholic Church had created a world view that was entirely man-made.
  • There is truth and untruth in Marxism.
  • Science claims to have freed people from the superstition of religion but has imposed a view of ourselves that is even more pacifying.
  • In the beginning, science was a beneficial movement, expanding the mindset of the people.
  • It gradually turned into a materialistic philosophy instead of a spiritual philosophy.

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Science’s role in upholding poverty

  • The philosophy of natural selection, and the philosophy that everything in life is an outpicturing of the struggle for limited resources, thereby causing some to be more fit than others has been used by the power elite.
  • The aspiring power elite saw that the emerging philosophy of materialism, especially boosted by the theory of evolution, was their vehicle for setting themselves up as the unquestioned rulers of this world.
  • They think elitism and the fact that some people are rich and that many people are poor is simply an outpicturing of the laws of nature.
  • The philosophy of science and materialism has been used to get people to accept poverty as inevitable because of the lack of resources.

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Inconsistencies in the theory of evolution

  • The theory of evolution cannot explain how human beings consciously and willingly override their own narrow, short-term self-interest in order to work for the survival of the race as a whole.
  • In the materialistic paradigm there is a logical flaw, and the scientists themselves demonstrate that flaw by arguing that materialism would create peace where religion has created war.
  • Scientific materialism is not a philosophy designed to set people free
  • Scientific materialism is a philosophy created by the aspiring power elite, who want to take over the position of the established power elite based on the medieval Church.

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Hold the vision for a breakthrough in science

  • If you understand the reality described by quantum physics, you will see that the consciousness of the scientist has a fundamental influence on the scientific observation.
  • A human being is not exclusively the product of the DNA, but the cell itself actually has a form of intelligence.
  • Many scientists are beginning to look beyond materialism. Hold the vision that this will continue.
  • It is an irony that materialists believe they are working for the cause of setting human beings free from slavery, but they fail to see that they have simply created another earthly institution that enslaved the minds of the people.

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Is objectivity possible?

  • The scientific dream of objectivity can never be realized through the human consciousness.
  • It can be realized only through the Christ consciousness.
  • If you cannot have an objective experience, then it follows logically that materialism is also a subjective experience.
  • As quantum physics has proven, you can never have an experience that is not coming through your consciousness.
  • Those who are willing to consider how their view of the world is colored by their database can work towards a state of mind where they are clear from the dualistic beliefs.

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