Jesus’ spiritual office

As a result of his ascension, Jesus has qualified to hold several spiritual offices for planet earth. These are universal offices, meaning that despite the exclusivist and sectarian claims made by mainstream Christianity, Jesus serves all human beings. He does not judge people based on the outer characteristics that so often divide us. He seeks to awaken all, based only on our willingness to listen for the inner message.

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Jesus holds the Office of Savior for all people

  • Jesus and Mother Mary do not judge us based on human biases. They seek to awaken all people.
  • Jesus holds the spiritual office dedicated to serving and awakening (saving) all people on earth.
  • Jesus serves not only Christians but serves people from all races, religions and from both East and West.

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The goal of the Office of the Universal Christ

  • Christianity is not the only true religion. The universal Christ consciousness is the only true religion.
  • Jesus did not want to start another exclusivist religion but attempted to start an entirely universal form of spiritual movement.
  • Jesus is burdened by the misuse of his teachings and will give his true universal teachings to expose those who misuse him in order to fight others.
  • Jesus holds the Office of the Universal Christ and the Office of World Teacher.
  • Jesus has received and helped people from every religion and all walks of life.
  • Jesus could have moved on and no longer held these offices. He has chosen to stay with earth for another 2000-year cycle, holding his offices.

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Jesus holds the Office of the Prince of Peace

  • Jesus studied under the Elohim of Peace in order to inaugurate what is meant to be the Age of Peace, also called the Age of Pisces.
  • The many wars seen in this age is a result of the Light of Christ bringing out people’s darkness, making it more visible and easier to transcend.
  • Many lifestreams who wage war will soon be taken from earth.
  • Jesus gave people the keys to walking the Path of Peace.
  • The Flame of Peace can only be released to earth if enough people can embody it by overcoming the warring in their own members.
  • We have dominion over the earth and war cannot be banished until we overcome the warring consciousness in ourselves.

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