Our personal potential

This section explains that we all have the potential to follow the path demonstrated by Jesus. We too can manifest personal Christhood, which means we become open doors for the light, the wisdom and the love from our spiritual selves and the ascended masters. This is the only way we will truly feel fulfilled and feel we are doing what we came here to do.

We have all been programmed to deny this potential. Unfortunately, one of the primary forces behind this programming in mainstream Christianity. By elevating Jesus to an exception, it has denied the Christ potential of all other human beings.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


We are meant to become teachers

  • Jesus set forth the example that we can all attain Christhood on earth.
  • The forces of anti-christ first killed him, then attempted to kill his example.
  • The only true path is the inner path.
  • We first study a teaching, then become the teaching, then become the teacher.

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Choose Life!

  • It takes time for us to accept our oneness with God.
  • The collective consciousness is very heavy and it is difficult to overcome its gravitational force.
  • The ascended masters have proven that it is possible for us also to rise above this and climb the pyramid of life.
  • The ascended masters have created an ascending force and by tuning in to it, we can rise above the collective consciousness and give Jesus his victory.

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Overcome idolatry of Jesus

  • We can look at the mind of duality and consider whether it is logical.
  • Why would Jesus say that he of his own self could do nothing if he was so special?
  • We can use the Oneness Rosary to expose the elements of separation in our minds.
  • Each person has a unique individuality, a unique mission and a unique gift to bring to this planet.

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Our potential to follow Jesus

  • The earth is changed when we take on a certain limited state of consciousness and then rise above it.
  • This is what Jesus and Mother Mary did.
  • Mother Mary wants all of us to be free of this burden of denying our potential.
  • Jesus was a son of God, but we are also sons and daughters of God.

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Become an open door for the Living Word

  • The Living Christ is in all people and can speak through all people.
  • You can be the open door for the Word without saying where it is coming from.
  • A fundamental misunderstanding of God’s nature to say that Jesus was never created.

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You might be closer than you think

  • Many spiritual people today are closer to Christhood than they think.
  • Many can be open doors for the Word that will transform other people.
  • Christianity spread in the early days by people being the open doors for the Living Word.
  • You multiply the teachings from this website and apply them to your fields of expertise.
  • The Living Christ wants to raise up all people.
  • Only your fears can stop you, and your fears are unreal. Nothing real prevents your Christhood.

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Do not deny the Living Christ in yourself

  • We have been programmed to deny Christ in ourselves.
  • We can shift our vision and dare to see Christ in ourselves.

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Stop hiding your light!

  • We have come into embodiment for a purpose, namely to bear witness to the spiritual truth and take dominion over the earth.
  • Many of us think we have to adapt to this world and hide our spiritual light.
  • There comes a time to stop hiding your light and fulfill your Divine plan.
  • Even Jesus hesitated before starting his mission and it was Mother Mary who helped him over the hump. She can do the same for us.

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It is time to accept your creative power

  • Many people today are ready to understand the fullness of Jesus’ message.
  • If we accept Jesus’ promise, we can do the works that he did.
  • The Christ consciousness is what empowers us to see all life as one and to be the open door.

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A higher level of service

  • There is an imbalance in your psychology that prevents you from stepping up to a higher level of service.
  • By using the teachings to see your grand illusion, you can overcome this and start fulfilling your Divine plan.
  • We must give up unbalanced desires.

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A community like that of the early followers of Christ

  • We can establish a modern-day version of the community or the early followers of the Way.
  • Through the Christ mind we can rise above all outer divisions.

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Your potential to give service

  •  At the first stage of the path, we reach up for spirit to become the open door.
  • At the next stage we must dare to give out the light.
  • We are not here to battle the forces of anti-christ but to radiate the light that will expose them and consume them.

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