Exposing the consciousness of anti-christ

The goal of creation is that self-aware beings start with a localized sense of self and gradually expand it until we can accept ourselves as extensions of the Creator. 

This growth happens by the exercise of our creative powers through free will. We choose to take on or create a sense of self and express ourselves through it. After experiencing the world through this sense of self, we can create a more expanded sense of self.

Because of free will, it is possible that some beings can rebel against this process. This causes them to “fall” into a lower sense of self in which they define a seprate self based on the consciousness of anti-christ. This section explains how consciousness of anti-christ becomes a closed system in which everything seems perfectly logical and justified, making it very difficult to escape. It also explains why the fallen beings are aggressive in seeking to control others by setting themselves up as false teachers.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Why it is not productive to cling to one particular religious or spiritual teaching

  • Many people fear to look at any teaching except the one they think is the only true one.
  • This closes your mind to the progressive revelation from the true teachers—who never give an absolute, fixed or infallible teaching.
  • At the beginning level it can be helpful to cling to a specific teaching, but at higher levels of the path, it is necessary to increase discernment and this cannot be done without studying a variety of teachings.

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The lawyers seek to prevent others from growing

  • The key of knowledge is the realization that the true goal of the spiritual path  is to come into oneness with God and oneness with all life.
  • Those who embody the consciousness of anti-christ are not willing to come into oneness.
  • They feel threatened by those who do seek oneness.
  • They have set up many schemes to prevent people from escaping separation.

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A tool for dealing with the prince of this world

  • Every problem can be seen as a temptation from the prince of this world.
  • The ego and the prince of this world are whispering in your ear.
  • Create for yourself an affirmation that counteracts what is coming to you.

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Judgment is the hallmark of the fallen consciousness

  • People stuck in duality become very critical and judgmental toward those who are not stuck in their states of consciousness.
  • Many spiritual people have not been willing to step up to the level of Christhood.
  • They have instead become stuck in one of the states of consciousness that were originally created and reinforced by the fallen angels.
  • Even if you have a very sophisticated vision of the spiritual side of life, it is still possible that you can be stuck in the consciousness of the fallen angels.

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The prince of this world is a finite being

  • Some people think that the devil has great power, but the devil has only finite power.
  • The devil wants you to accept the fixed sense of identity that holds you back at a certain level.
  • When you follow Jesus’ example and let the old self die, the devil cannot find you.
  • There is a cat-and-mouse game between you and the devil.

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There are false masters of division

  • The fallen beings claim that human beings can be divided into those who are worthy and not worthy.
  • Evil is not the opposite of God. Evil is only the opposite of relative good.

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The definition of Satan

  • Satan is the consciousness that causes you to fight against consequences.
  • You get sucked into the epic mindset created by the fallen beings.
  • The fallen beings define a standard and say that everything must be judged according to this standard, yet it is not the Christ standard.
  • How to change consequences without fighting them.

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The cause of all human conflict

  • Many people are blinded completely by the consciousness of Satan.
  • They think they have to fight the consequences of their own choices instead of changing the consciousness that led to those choices.
  • They think they have to fight other people and seek to change other people’s state of mind, instead of changing their own state of mind.
  • How to change the world without changing other people.

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The force of darkness

  • The fallen beings are attempting manipulate you into such a state of mind that you are no longer willing to take responsibility for your soul.
  • You let your ego and the fallen beings manipulate you further and further down in a downward spiral.
  • When fallen beings made the decision to rebel against God, they became the force that has grown into what Jesus called the devil, Satan and the prince of this world.

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Exposing those with impure intent

  • It is time in earth’s history that the serpentine consciousness be exposed.
  • The cycle that the fallen ones have been allowed to direct their unkindness towards the holy innocent has come to an end.
  • Innocence is the only thing that can open up the door to the kingdom of heaven.
  • Life on earth is not a goal in itself. It is merely a phase where you learn to recognize the difference between the mirages of the serpentine consciousness and the reality of Christ.

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How the false hierarchy impedes spiritual progress

  • The false hierarchy on this planet know that they cannot forever delay the forward movement of humankind.
  • To delay it as much as possible, they have a three-fold strategy.
  • Many spiritual people fall for this strategy because they will not acknowledge the existence of dark forces.

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How Lucifer perverted perception

  • The Luciferian perversion of the Father is denying that you have free will, or denying that you still have it after having made unwise choices in the past.
  • You cannot make a choice that cannot be undone through another choice.
  • Perception also has an alpha aspect, the active aspect, where you project out, but what you project is based upon what you have taken in.
  • The cosmic mirror reflects back what you project out and this creates a downward spiral.
  • The only way out is the mind of Christ.

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A higher understanding of the fall

  • A God did not create fallen angels.
  • Many people believe that the devil was created to fall, to sin, to be in opposition to God.
  • Many in the New Age movement believe that evil is a necessary polarity to God, and without it the universe would not be complete.
  • Because of free will, people have the opportunity to rebel. This is an inevitable consequence of free will.
  • As a consequence of free will, there must be the possibility to go against the will of God.
  • God needs no opposite. And therefore, evil is not the opposite polarity of God.
  • Beings fell because they refused to step up to the point of becoming self-sufficient, the point of Christhood.

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Overcoming the accuser

  • You overcome the accuser not by proving him wrong but through the purity of the Christ consciousness that has no value judgment but sees only the reality of oneness.
  • The Word does not seek to condemn or prove wrong, but seeks to raise up all life by making the statement of truth.
  • The consciousness of the accuser of the brethren is what originally came up with the concept of dividing beings into those who are worthy, those who are not.

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