You are ready to know my true, inner teachings


A message from Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I have always acknowledged that human beings are at different stages of spiritual development. Even the Bible contains the teaching that I taught the multitudes through parables and expounded all things to my disciples. Thus, I have always had two levels of teachings, one for the general public and one for those who are ready for the inner path. The purpose of this website is to give my inner teachings, my more advanced or esoteric teachings to those who are ready for them.

It remains a simple fact that there are those who have ears to hear and those who do not. Thus, as it was when I walked the earth, some can be reached and some cannot. Yet be aware that there is a cosmic law that guides the relationship between a spiritual master and his or her students:

When the student is ready, the master appears.

Thus, there is an inner reason why you have found this website. Although it is impossible to put a teaching on the internet and control who finds it, it would be constructive for you to assume that you have found this website because you are ready for some of the teachings on it. 

Yet it would also be constructive to recognize that it is entirely possible that you are ready for a teaching in the innermost recesses of your being, yet you still have certain aspects of your outer personality that blocks your acceptance of this teaching. In other words, you have found this website because your higher self directed you here, but your lower self will do everything in its power to get you to reject it, so it does not lose its control over you.

When I walked the earth almost two millennia ago, humankind had a much more limited understanding of the human psyche than today. Thus, I had limited opportunities for explaining the central element of the death consciousness and how there is an element in your own psyche that wants to keep you trapped in the death consciousness. In today’s world most people have some understanding of this fact, and to many people it is known as the ego.

Thus, you should be aware that your life – your personal path, your growth in consciousness – can be seen as a tug-of-war between two elements of your own psyche. There is your higher self, which seeks to pull you towards the Christ consciousness, and then there is your lower self or ego, which seeks to pull you to stay in the death consciousness and to continue to identify yourself based on some element in this world.

The purpose of my inner teachings – back then and today – is to help you understand this tug-of-war and understand who it is that is caught in the middle. Who is the “you” that is being pulled in two different directions by two other elements of your psyche? Until you truly know who you are, how can you make a free decision as to whether you will cling to your old sense of identity or let that identity die, so that the real you can be reborn into a recognition of who you truly are: a co-creator with your God, who is here to take dominion over your mind and then take dominion over the matter realm.

If you will use the teachings and tools we give on this and our other websites, you can truly take command over your own mind. And this will then allow you to fulfill your purpose for coming into embodiment, namely to serve as a co-creator with your God and “have dominion” over the earth, meaning the matter realm.



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