Knowing the Real Jesus

Mainstream Christianity presents an image of Jesus that is out of touch with the reality of who Jesus was back then and who he is today. This section helps you get to know the real Jesus and understand why he is not an exception to worship but an example to follow.

You will find a variety of articles about topics related to Jesus’ life, how his parents experienced Jesus, how Jesus was as a person, what his mission was and many other topics.

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Jesus came to earth to help set us free from the illusions that keep all of us trapped in a perpetual struggle. The illusions and the struggle were created by a power elite and this elite will do anything to keep us from discovering the truth that will make us free.

It was the power elite at the time who killed Jesus. When that did not stop the spread of his teachings, they killed Jesus as an example. They will do anything in their power to keep you from discovering and following the example of Jesus.

Jesus was not fundamentally different from the rest of us. The claims that he is God’s ONLY son or was “God from the very beginning” are fabrications. They were designed to set Jesus up as an exception and thereby destroy him as an example that all of us can follow.

When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he took embodiment like the rest of us. The virgin birth is another fabrication designed to set Jesus apart, so that we think we cannot follow his example. Jesus was conceived as we all are. His embodiment as Jesus was not his first embodiment on earth but it was his last, as he earned his ascension through that embodiment.

Another fabrication created by the power elite is that Jesus no longer has anything to say to us. The very religion that claims to represent Jesus has been set up to prevent people from being open to the message that Jesus has today.

Jesus is today an ascended being, an ascended master. Due to the law of free will, Jesus cannot appear to humanity in an undeniable manifestation. The collective consciousness is yet so low that plausible deniability must be maintained.

Jesus is still very much working to set us free from the illusions created by the power elite. He has many messages and teachings for the spiritual people of today‚ whether they are Christians or not. Yet he can give these messages only through people who have claimed their Christhood and volunteered to serve as an open door.

On this website you will find many teachings and direct messages from Jesus. They are all given to help you overcome the illusions that prevent you from realizing your full creative potential and claiming your Christhood.


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