Christ and Buddha

The sectarian, exclusivist claims of mainstream Christianity are out of touch with the reality of who Jesus is. Jesus is part of a universal brotherhood of spiritual beings who are working to raise the consciousness of human beings. Therese are the forces of light seeking to set us free from being dominated by the forces of anti-christ. They are often called the ascended masters.

Jesus is today an ascended master and so is Gautama Buddha. There are many parallels between the teachings and mission of Christ and Buddha, and these are explained in this section.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Uniting Buddha and Christ

  • The Buddha and the Christ are symbols for two spiritual offices that are meant to guide the evolutions of earth.
  • The Buddha is the one who sits on top of the Sea of Samsara and holds the balance. The Christ is the one who descends into that Sea of Samsara, to those who are lost in ignorance.
  • The Alpha flame is also the Buddha flame. The Omega flame is the Christ flame.
  • The Christ does come to disturb, to stir up the pot, and to get people to move out of their indifference.

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The parallels between the teachings of Christ and Buddha

  • Heaven is not a place of eternal rest.
  • There is no more important relationship for people on earth than their relationship to a spiritual teacher.
  • Many parallels between the teachings of Christ and Buddha.
  • The main strategy used by the forces of duality is the strategy of divide and conquer.
  • Both the Christ and the Buddha taught the inner path, the Path of Oneness.

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Differences between mission of Christ and Buddha

  • In heaven there is only oneness so how could there ever be any separation between Christ and Buddha?
  • The role of the Living Christ is to go out and challenge people’s illusions, in order to awaken them to reality.
  • Once people have been awakened and have followed the path of Christhood for a time, they will then be open to the path of the Buddha, which is the path of non-attachment.

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A deeper understanding of the Buddha’s office

  • The Buddha is the male polarity to the female polarity of the matter universe.
  • Gautama is holding the spiritual balance for us.
  • We can see the vision of Buddha by attuning our consciousness to Gautama’s.
  • To do this, we must find the point of stillness within us.

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Christ is Omega, Buddha is Alpha

  • You cannot fully understand the Buddha until you have attained some degree of Oneness with Christ.
  • Gautama holds the Alpha balance for the planet by seeing everything as the Buddha Nature. Jesus holds the Omega polarity by being the planetary Christ, who is willing to go out and do battle with the imperfect manifestations.

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Christhood and Buddhahood

  • In the Christ Consciousness you never accuse anyone, for you have transcended the accusatory consciousness.
  • Christhood is where you go out into the world and challenge the illusions of anti-christ.
  • As the Christ you go through a phase, as Jesus demonstrated, where you deal with anyone regardless of their state of consciousness.
  • The Buddha has a right to define limitations for who can enter his or her Sangha.

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Christ discernment and the path to Buddhahood

  • Too many spiritual people do not have Christ discernment.
  • This is a matter of reading vibration and seeing if it resonates with oneness.
  • Many people are too open to unbalanced ideas and illusions.

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The Buddha brought a new idea

  • When a society has become closed to new ideas, the ascended masters need to bring forth new ideas through someone in embodiment.
  • By walking the path towards Christhood and on to Buddhahood, we can become the open doors for transformative ideas.

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