Jesus wants his harvest

Jesus did not come to save us but to demonstrate that all can follow his example and attain personal Christhood. Over the past 2,000 years few people have dared to follow Jesus’ example due to the propaganda from mainstream Christianity. In this age, millions of people are prepared at inner levels to walk the path and Jesus wants the harvest of his work with humanity.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Jesus wants many people with personal Christhood

  • The forces of anti-christ actually put Jesus down by rising him up as being apart from all other people.
  • People have been afraid of being who they are instead of being who the world wants them to be.
  • It is time for us to dare to be who we are so Jesus can have his harvest.
  • Jesus will help us overcome our fears.

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Calling the 10,000 Christed beings

  • There are 10,000 people in embodiment who have the potential to consciously acknowledge and claim their Christhood.
  • When we awaken, some of the people who abuse power will suddenly be taken from the earth.
  • This cycle of renewal has started, but it is time for all 10,000 to awaken and let our light shine.

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Choosing to walk the path

  • Jesus demands that we grow.
  • We cannot deny the path forever.
  • The ascended masters have sown the good seed and they are entitled to a harvest.
  • You can become the Christ in embodiment by expressing your individual Christhood.

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Overcoming the fear of being the Christ

  • Mother Mary will help us overcome our fears or being the Christ.
  • She will help us prepare for the initiation of meeting Archangel Gabriel who comes to announce we have the potential to reach Christhood.

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Jesus will help us claim our Christhood

  • There are 10,000 people in embodiment with the potential to claim their Christhood.
  • Many have not been taught about this and thus do not know how to claim Christhood.
  • Jesus has vowed to stay with earth for another 2,000 years in order to help us claim our Christhood.
  • Jesus is here to help all those who have been disappointed or hurt by Christianity.
  • Jesus will use all means lawful to expose the true teachings of Christ and the fallacies of all false teachings.
  • Jesus will receive help from many ascended masters, including Mother Mary and Saint Germain.

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The truth about the second coming

  • The second coming does not mean that Jesus will appear in the sky in some undeniable manifestation.
  • The true second coming is that Christ comes again through us expressing our personal Christhood as we saw Jesus do.
  • Millions of people have the potential to be part of this new cycle of the second coming.
  • We are not spiritually alive until we absorb the light of Christ and allow it to change us fin a profound way.

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