Jesus’ parents

Jesus’ parents both had considerable spiritual attainment. Mother Mary ascended after that embodiment and Joseph is today the Ascended Master Saint Germain. These two masters have several times described what it was like for them to be the parents of Jesus. This gives a deeply moving insight into Jesus’ personality and character and the human side of the entire situation.

This section contains articles on the following topics:

Josep’s relationship with Mother Mary

  • Joseph was a person of rough character and not always easy to be around.
  • Joseph was transformed by experiencing the spiritual light of Mother Mary.
  • Mother Mary’s attainment tipped the scales that brought earth into an upward spiral.
  • Mother Mary’s rosaries and invocations are the essential tool for the Aquarian age.

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Mary’s relationship with Joseph

  • Saint Germain used his embodiment as Joseph to set a course to his ascension and becoming the hierarch for the Age of Aquarius.
  • Mother Mary and Joseph did have a physical relationship but transcended the duality consciousness and thus Jesus did have an immaculate conception from a spiritual perspective.
  • Many people in today’s age can have the same kind of relationship.

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Mother Mary was not a passive woman

  • Mother Mary was not the typical, passive housewife.
  • Jesus was an unruly child and Mother Mary set limits for him.
  • Many people with spiritual attainment do not want to listen to anyone and thus needs someone who can set limits for them.
  • Women can be instruments for the wrath of Kali that is beyond human anger.

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How it was to be a father of Jesus

  • Joseph and Mary were guided by the Holy Spirit to leave everything else behind in order to become parents of Jesus
  • True alchemy is when you decide that NOW is the accepted time.
  • Jesus did not have miraculous powers as a child.
  • Jesus was very sure of himself and not willing to submit to his father’s authority.
  • Joseph was often frustrated with Jesus.
  • Jesus came to a point where he could learn nothing more from his parents.
  • Mary and Joseph sent Jesus on a pilgrimage to the East when he was a teenager.

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Mother Mary at the cross

  • How Mother Mary experienced the spiritual light of Jesus.
  • How Mother Mary was inspired by Jesus’ death on the cross to transfer her motherly love to all people.
  • Mother Mary will hold the vision for us as she did for Jesus so that we too can manifest our Christhood.
  • However, we need to accept that Mother Mary loves us as she loved Jesus.

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Mother Mary holding the vision for Jesus

  • Mother Mary understands how easy it is for us to feel overwhelmed by the problems in the world.
  • We can overcome this by learning how Mother Mary held the immaculate vision for Jesus and how we can hold it for ourselves and the earth.
  • Mother Mary feels people’s compassion for her, but she and Jesus are now ascended and no longer needs our compassion.
  • Mother Mary feels compassion for us because we are still blinded by the false path of thinking an outer religion will save us.
  • Many Christian follow the broad way to destruction.

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