Psychology of anti-christ

The mind of anti-christ dominates the thinking of most people and it has had and still has a profound but unrecognized impact on society. This section focuses on the psychological aspects of how the mind and the forces of anti-christ seek to manipulate us. This includes learning how other people can be blinded by the illusions of anti-christ and can even be used as tools for manipulating or deceiving us. 

The articles are listed below:


Eve and the Serpent

Some people are very aggressive in trying to convert you to their beliefs. Some are even willing to destroy your beliefs in the process, seeking to cast doubt upon the teaching or teacher you follow or the entire spiritual path. Learn how to recognize such people, what their agenda is and how to protect yourself from their aggressive mental suggestion.


Why you can’t find common ground with some people

Have you ever encountered people with whom you cannot find a common ground? Some people have a hidden agenda or they seem to have a different approach to the spiritual path. Have you ever wondered why their arguments often seem contradictory to other people, yet they can’t see it themselves? No matter what you say, it seems impossible to make them see beyond what they have decided is the only truth. Have you ever wondered if they are from a different planet?


How to avoid the false teachers

One of the major initiations on the spiritual path is that you are willing to recognize that there are forces inside of you – your ego – and forces outside of you – the false hierarchy of anti-christ – that oppose your progress on the path. This discussion talks about how to avoid being trapped by the false hierarchy that is deliberately seeking to keep you stuck at a certain level of the path, preventing you from taking the very next step.


To play the game, or not to play the game . . .

Do you want to play the never-ending game of duality or do you want to find the true spiritual path? If you want to escape the game, you need to learn how to see through the mind games played by those who are seeking to trap you into playing the game indefinitely.