Starting the mystical path

The mystical path or the path to Christhood is very different from both traditional religions and many of the offerings in the New Age field. The main difference is that the mystical path is an inner path. 

It is not a matter of studying outer teachings or performing certain practices and then somehow, magically, you will find yourself with superhuman powers. It is a matter of transforming your state of consciousness in a fundamental way, a transformation so profound that we cannot even imagine it when we start the path. This means you must be willing to look at yourself, to look into the subconscious mind.

You cannot force yourself to start the mystical path. It is something you have to be ready for, and most people feel intuitively when they are ready. However, it still takes a conscious decision to engage in the path, and the articles listed below will help you gain a clearer vision of what the path is about.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Don’t disturb me, Jesus

  • Many people get comfortable on the spiritual path and do not want to be disturbed.
  • Some think they are better than others because they have a superior teaching or guru.
  • Jesus calls us to come out of this state and be willing to follow the inner path.

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Be willing to let Jesus disturb you

  • You cannot take forever to step onto the path of Christhood.
  • The path is so far beyond a normal, material lifestyle that you must be willing to let Jesus disturb you.
  • You need to sense when it is time for you to get serious about the path.
  • If you are not alert and willing to be disturbed, you might reject the teacher who comes in disguise.
  • We must leave our nets or be caught in them.

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Why a simple teaching is better than a “sophisticated” one

  • Your ego is very good at using a spiritual teaching in order to make it seem like it is such an advanced student.
  • You need to use what you have internalized in order to help others.
  • When you are following the spiritual path based on the self-centered motivation there will come a point where your growth stops.
  • Some people think the teachings are too simple and don’t apply to them.
  • The ego wants to interpret a teaching in such a way that it makes it seem so advanced because it can understand this teaching.
  • The ego reasons that the more difficult it is to understand a teaching, the more advanced it must be.
  • Some people become almost addicted to seeking ever-more sophisticated spiritual teachings.
  • Overcome the ego’s incessant attempts to elevate itself above others.

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Claim your right to be the Christ on earth

  • For many people, the only thing that stands between your current step on the path and the victory of being the open door for the Living Christ is that you must claim your Christhood.
  • Practice makes perfect, and it might take some reaffirming before you feel that you can claim it with all of your being.

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Fearing to meet the master

  • Many people are satisfied with the outer teachings of Christ and there is no room in their hearts for an encounter with the Living Christ.
  • They are afraid of the Living master, who would appear to them and speak to them in their hearts.
  • Realize the difference between wanting only an outer teaching or wanting an encounter with a living master.
  • Service might mean dramatic changes in your life. There are so many times, where you cannot serve to your full capacity in the circumstances you are in right now.
  • Be willing to walk into the unknown, to take one step at a time.
  • Be willing to make those seismic shifts in your life that will put you on the path of your service.

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The path begins when you are willing to change your reaction

  • When you have not taken responsibility for yourself, you are not willing to question your current level of consciousness, your current perception.
  • The one inescapable realization that you must come to before you can be a personal student of the ascended masters is that everything in the world of form is an expression of consciousness.
  • The beginning of the spiritual path is when one comes to the point where one is willing to question the perception that what you perceive in the material universe is real, meaning that it exists independently of consciousness.
  • Accelerate your reaction, so that you are not forced into a negative reaction by certain circumstances.
  • How to stop reacting to the reflection of your own previous reactions.
  • How to make truly free choices and act instead of reacting.

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The difficulty of grasping the purpose of the spiritual path

  • Some people have studied ascended master teachings for two or three or four decades, and yet they have not understood the essence of the path.
  • The view of initiation that most people have, when they find an ascended master teaching, is actually a view that is based on the false path created by the false teachers.
  • The false path allows you to hide something. The true path is where you cannot hide anything for the teacher.
  • The one and only key to entry into the ascended realm is your state of consciousness, and you are the only one who can change your state of consciousness.

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The limitations of “feel-good spirituality”

  • It is a deliberate strategy of the false hierarchy to flood the internet with spiritual teachings.
  • “Feel-good spirituality,” is a delay factor to the plans of the ascended masters.
  • It causes many people to delay or deny their Christhood, the point of becoming open doors for the light.

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Unworthiness comes from pride

  • God wants all of us to overcome any sense of being unworthy.
  • The sense of being unworthy comes from pride.
  • God created you worthy and when you judge yourself as unworthy, you say you know better than God. This is pride.
  • We all have the potential to manifest Christhood by transforming our consciousness.
  • The truth behind “No pain, no gain.”
  • If we open ourselves to the intense light of Christ, it can burn away both inferiority and superiority.
  • We can learn from Mother Mary’s life.
  • We each have a Divine plan and we need Christ consciousness to fulfill it.

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