Jesus: example, not exception

The most dangerous lie promoted by mainstream Christianity is that Jesus is so different from us as to be the only one who ever has or ever could attain personal Christhood. The very core of Jesus’ message is that we all have the same potential as he demonstrated, meaning we need to look at Jesus as an example that we can follow.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Is Jesus our savior or brother?

  • Jesus is our brother of spirit and we need to see ourselves as one with him.
  • Beyond our outer mind, we are each a Flame of God.
  • The ascended masters are flames of God and this is how we can be one with them.
  • When we merge with our God Flame, the ascended masters can anchor their flames in our heart.

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Take Jesus down from the pedestal

  • It is a burden to Jesus’ heart that many people think he is so special that they use him as an excuse to deny their own potential.
  • If we love Jesus, we will banish this belief from our beings and then share this freedom with others.
  • Jesus’ life was a book, teaching us how to overcome separation. Most people look only at the front and back cover, ignoring the contents.

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The insane lie of only one Son of God

  • It is insanity to think there can be only one Son of God.
  • This lie is believed only by those who believe in an automatic salvation.
  • Jesus came to give the abundant life to all people.
  • He appeared in the Middle East to challenge the lie of God’s chosen people.
  • The forces of anti-christ attempted to kill Jesus’ example by raising him up as an exception.
  • The lie of the chosen people is the ultimate insanity of the ego.

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Jesus had his own personal challenges

  • We have been programmed to see Jesus as different from ourselves.
  • No ascended master has had an easier road to the ascension than ourselves.
  • Jesus looked at his challenges through his personal filter as all of us do. 
  • The ultimate challenge for all is to overcome our personal filter instead of trying to solve other people’s problems.
  • The image of the judgmental God in the sky is a false image.

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No more exclusivity

  • The ascended masters do not communicate only through one or a few people.
  • Most past societies based on elitism or deifying one person.
  • The Roman idea that the emperor was God was transferred to Jesus.
  • This led to the lie that we need a vicar between us and Christ.
  • Jesus came to show us that we all have access to the kingdom of God within ourselves.

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