How fallen beings influence history

The fallen beings are very aggressive in manipulating and controlling other people and societies. The articles in this section explain that we cannot understand the violent history of this planet without knowing about the fallen beings and how they form a hidden power elite.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


The missing link in our understanding of history

  • In the Dark Ages people’s individual creativity was squashed.
  • The wolves in sheep’s clothing took over the Christian Church and turned it into an institution that suppresses the people and makes them the blind followers of the elite.
  • The Catholic Church institutionalized the dualistic will of man, the dualistic will of the ego, as the ultimate authority in society.
  • The missing link in history is that the cause of everything that happened in the material realm is found in the consciousness of the people, the collective consciousness.

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What really enslaves the people

  • What has kept the people in ignorance is that a small elite have prevented the people from realizing their Christ potential.
  • Freedom starts in consciousness. What you project out is returned to you.
  • If you project into the cosmic mirror that you are boxed in by physical limitations over which you have no control, the universe can only reason that you want to experience physical conditions that box you in, and so it gives you what you want.

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The origin of inequality in society

  • In many past ages the dualistic leaders managed to create a society in which they had set themselves up in leadership positions.
  • The fallen leaders killed Jesus in an attempt to prevent that he would overthrow status quo by overturning the tables of the spiritual money-changers.
  • Understanding how co-creation really works.
  • The creative force will work only when you have pure intention.

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In oneness, no one is Lord or King over another

  • When life is one, no one is in control. No one is lord over another.
  • How the concept of a king was perverted.

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The eternal plot of the power elite

  • The power elite wants that no person dares to express Christhood.
  • They know that once in a while an individual will demonstrate Christhood.
  • As soon as that person dies, they start idolizing that person, putting him up on a pedestal so that none dare follow the example.

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