The death consciousness

The topic of the death consciousness is closely related to the ego. The death consciousness is a term for a state of mind which blinds us to the reality that all life is one and that we all came from our Creator. It is what makes us feel alone and lost in the material world.

This section also contains articles on the concept that some people are God’s chosen people and favored above all others. This ideas is a product of the death consciousness.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


The temptation of the death consciousness

  • There will come a point where you will not make any further progress until you start to consciously make LIFE decisions.
  • It is a law of God that the devil is allowed to tempt you.
  • In being tempted by the death consciousness, you have the opportunity to prove that you are willing to choose life.
  • What we can learn from Jesus being tempted by the devil.
  • You must come to the point of saying: Enough is enough.

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Overcoming the consciousness of death

  • It is not possible to change the vibration of matter through the dualistic consciousness.
  • It is possible to change any condition in matter in an instant—when you switch the mind.
  • Death has been called the last enemy, for death is the sense that matter is permanent.
  • You can change your mind in an instant, from a state of sorrow, to a state of joy, or the other way around.
  • Who says that because you have chosen to be in a certain state of mind, you have to continue to be in that state of mind indefinitely?

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“God’s chosen people” are those who fell out of pride

  • The israelites are a symbol for a particular state of consciousness.
  • God’s chosen people were indeed those who were created in the spiritual realm as the angels.
  • They fell out of pride and they have maintained their pride to this day.
  • Being God’s chosen people on earth is not a very high position.

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Overcoming the illusion of being God’s chosen people

  • Lifestreams in the Middle East need to overcome the illusion that they are God’s chosen people.
  • How people can overcome the consciousness of the twelve tribes.

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Have you had enough of duality?

  • The world is set up to give you a greater appreciation for the oneness of God by realizing and experiencing that there is something outside of that oneness.
  • You have taken on a role but become so identified with it that you think there is nothing else.
  • Those who have become lost in time and space can indeed come to the point, where their opportunity runs out.
  • In order for you to fully escape that role, to leave that role behind, you have to come to the realization, that you no longer want to experience the contrasts between joy and sorrow, evil and good, light and dark.

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