Religion of oneness

Mainstream Christianity claims that it is exactly the kind of religion that Jesus wanted to start. This is an illusion because it was an exclusivist and sectarian religion that had Jesus killed and Jesus had no desire to create a religiuon that would do to others what had been done to him.

The true religion of Jesus is a religion that has transcended the consciousness of separation and is based on the consciousness of oneness. It seeks to unify each person with his or her source and then use this universal awareness to unify all people.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Abandon the false religions of separation

  • God’s kingdom is a state of consciousness.
  • Only when a critical mass of people transcend separation and embrace oneness will there be change on earth.
  • People have come up with innumerable excuses for rejecting the religion of oneness.
  • Jesus taught the way to a higher state of consciousness as the only means to salvation.
  • The only true religion is the religion of oneness and it is time to abandon the false religions based on separation.
  • There is a contest between Christ and anti-christ for control of your soul.

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No one can keep you out of heaven

  • The kingdom of heaven means the consciousness in which all are one.
  • A careful reading of the scriptures will show that Jesus challenged all those who set themselves up as false authorities based on separation.
  • We can all follow the path of oneness by stopping the denial of Christ within ourselves.
  • Our potential is to be Christ incarnate, and Jesus did not come to be elevated to the only Christ in embodiment.
  • Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.

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The one purpose of all spiritual teachings

  • All true spiritual teachings seek to awaken people to accept their true identity.
  • You can know God only through the Christ consciousness.
  • At the beginning stages of the path we are colored by the ego’s fear.
  • Jesus can help us overcome the fear of letting go of the ego.

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