The Catholic Church does not represent Christ

The Catholic Church makes the claim to be the ONLY true church of Christ. This is based on the claim that Jesus anointed Peter as the first pope and that the Church has an unbroken succession of popes back to Peter.

In reality, Jesus never gave Peter the authority over his church and had no intention of creating an organization as rigid as the Jewish religion who killed him. From its inception, the Catholic Church is based on a perversion of the teachings of Christ, designed to pacify the people so they could be suppressed by a small power elite.

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The Catholic Church makes a false claim to authority

  • Jesus pronounces the judgment upon the dead Christian churches, wherever they are found, in all corners of the world.
  • The Roman Catholic Church makes an entirely false claim when it claims that Peter could represent Christ.
  • From its very inception, the Roman Catholic Church has denied the essential aspect of the path to Christhood.
  • The Protestant churches claimed to have corrected the errors of the Catholic Church but never went back to the very inception of the Catholic Church and realized that you cannot be on the path of Christ if you deny Christ before men.

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The serpentine mind in the Catholic Church

  • Saint Patrick saw the danger signs but hoped that the Church could be reformed.
  • Anyone in a spiritual movement must be aware that when you are in this physical octave, you are constantly dealing with the serpentine mind.
  • You might look at the Catholic Church and say, “How can an organization that has been rigid for so long, ever be renewed?”
  • Look at the life of Christ and then look at the Bishops and the Pope and the Cardinals in their elaborate Catholic Cathedrals. This is not how Christ preached, this is not how St. Patrick walked about in the hills of Ireland.

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Making the Catholic Church obsolete

  • The greatest opposition to freedom in Europe did come from the very institution that claims to be the only true Church of Christ.
  • The masters have no intention of destroying the Catholic Church. They have the intention of making obsolete both the Catholic Church and any other Church that will not come up higher and accept the true teachings of the Living Christ.
  • The perversion of the word is the primary means used by the Power Elite to suppress the people.
  • There are few better historical examples of this than the Catholic Church and how it suppressed the Word.

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The Catholic Church is “pacifying religion”

  • As Christianity began to spread throughout Europe, the power elite saw that this would spell their doom.
  • When it became apparent to them that they could not stop the spread of Christianity, they did what they have always done—if you can’t beat them, join them!
  • Dating back to the “conversion” of Constantine, western civilization was set on a specific track, that was dominated by the Catholic Church.
  • The Catholic Church represents “pacifying religion.” A religion that seeks to pacify people by promoting the belief that the people are as nothing and cannot save themselves.

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The Catholic Church is a tool for controlling the population

  • In British society, you will find that the greatest resistance to change is precisely in the Church of England.
  • The Church of England is built on the foundation of the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church was from its very inception conceived by Constantine as a tool for suppressing and controlling the Roman people.
  • Jesus preached an entirely different concept of spirituality, of salvation, of the Kingdom of God than what has been taught by the Catholic Church from the very beginning.
  • When will people have had enough of this and seek the true teachings of Christ?

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The Catholic Church upholds poverty

  • Many religions on this earth have been elitist in nature and in practice.
  • This is no more clearly demonstrated in recent history than by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.
  • The Catholic doctrines are a total perversion of Jesus’ true teachings.
  • The core of the Catholic doctrines that supported poverty was that certain conditions on earth were the result of the will of God.
  • For poverty to be overcome in South America, well then the people must dare to question the Catholic Church and its doctrines.

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The responsibility of Europe

  • The Catholic Church originated in Europe and spread its teachings.
  • The people of Europe have a responsibility to the rest of the World to set this right.
  • There must be a way to settle questions that cannot be distorted by the human intellect and its ceaseless, meaningless argumentation.

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The fallen consciousness in the Catholic Church

  • The fallen beings who form the false hierarchy on this earth took over the Catholic Church.
  • They attempted to influence it and pervert it by inserting toxic ideas.
  • The Holy Spirit cannot be confined to any system, such as a Church or an organization.
  • The Catholic Church – and other mainstream Christian churches – do not have room for the Living Christ. They only have room for the dead Christ of their own making.

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Jesus did not give the keys to the kingdom to Peter

  • The kingdom of God is not in a church but within.
  • It is a fallacy that Jesus gave the keys to the kingdom of God to Saint Peter.
  • The key to the kingdom, this is the key of knowledge that opens the doorway to the kingdom within your heart.
  • It is a lie that you need an outer Church, an outer organization, a vicar of Christ or even the sacrifice of Christ in order to be saved.

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Earthly structures are not the key to salvation

  • Question the structure. The structure is not the key, as the Catholic Church claims.
  • It is questioning the structure that is the key to the kingdom of heaven.
  • The claim that the outer church is the key to salvation is an admission by the Catholic Church, that they do not represent Christ.
  • Christhood is to unlock your inner creativity; not to surrender it to an earthly institution.

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