Short articles on the ego

The ego is an important topic and the other sections contain longer articles on it. This section contains a few articles extracted from the dictations given by the masters.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Stop tiptoeing around the ego!

  • People are afraid that if their ego was to be exposed, they would go through some kind of crisis.
  • Is there really any part of my ego that I would not be willing to give up, if I could see it?
  • Whether you make a mistake or not, either way it can expose part of your ego and help you overcome it.
  • The ego is what prevents you from taking the next step closer to God.

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The inescapable decision to let the ego die

  • NOTE: This is a longer article that contains important teachings on the ego.
  • Thinking your ego is the savior
  • The false path of keeping the ego alive
  • Overcome value judgments and find true self-esteem

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The ego as a substitute teacher

  • In the past, you turned away from your spiritual teacher, and then the ego became your teacher.
  • Many people believe that the ego and the prince of this world are their true teachers.
  • If you did not already have free will, how could you have the option to rebel against God?

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The WORD is beyond manipulation by the ego

  • The Living Word is what gives you the opportunity to see beyond the filter of duality to realign yourself with the reality of God.
  • Contemplate your willingness to let go of these illusions and realize that before you can let them go you must see them.
  • What is it that prevents people from locking in to the Living Word? Well, it is that they hold on to the filter, thinking they cannot do without it.

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The ego needs a fixed sense of identity

  • Your ego cannot flow with the River of Life because it cannot live without a fixed sense of identity.
  • As long as you are in embodiment, you will be confronted with momentums and projections from the mass consciousness.
  • If every time your ego projects something at you, you use it to be reborn, then your ego will eventually become so scattered that it cannot maintain a grip on “reality,”

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The key to overcoming drama

  • The ego dramas make you focused on yourself.
  • You must seek inner direction to focus on something beyond the self.

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