Spiritual movements and Christhood

The ascended masters say that we are now in the Age of Aquarius which is an age of freedom, of the flow of the Holy Spirit and of community. The masters have given a lot of teachings about spiritual communities. 

This section contains articles that relate to the other topics on this website, especially how Christhood is a process of unending self-transcendence. Thus, a spiritual organization must never become rigid. You can do a search on the Ascended Master Light website to find more dictations that talk about community.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Why the first shall be last

  • Many leaders become stuck in the consciousness of seeking to elevate themselves and their organization, building the subtle sense of superiority that they belong to the most important spiritual organization on the planet.
  • Only those who have stepped onto the path of selfless service are worthy to hold any position of authority or leadership in any spiritual organization.
  • Jesus’ disciples competed amongst themselves, but this state of consciousness is outdated in the Aquarian age.
  • An organization, its survival and growth, can easily become a goal in itself.
  • The real goal of spiritual organizations is oneness, vertical and horizontal.

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When leaders feel threatened

  • Those who have attained positions of leadership often become rigid in their approach to the path or in their approach to a particular teaching or organization.
  • Such people stop their growth.
  • They now feel threatened by those who are still growing and seek to use their positions to halt the growth of others.
  • This causes an entire organization to stagnate.
  • Those with Christhood refuse to suppress it and this often leads to a confrontation with the leaders who refuse to grow.

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The perversion of spiritual organizations

  • Many spiritual organizations promote the image of the remote God.
  • Many use an organization to parade their spirituality.
  • No room for intellectual comparisons in a true spiritual organization.

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New vision for spiritual movements

  • In the Aquarian age the masters seek to awaken people without outer signs and demonstrations.
  • The masters desire to see many people who have the flow of the Spirit in various forms and capacities.
  • Jesus was willing to let the God in him out of the box. When you become willing to do the same thing, surely that God will work through you.
  • The ultimate test is to let those who are the scornful do and say whatever they want to say, and just turn the other cheek.

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A new type of spiritual movement

  • Jesus came to set the stage for the emergence of a new spiritual movement that was nothing like the rigid religion whose representatives challenged and eventually killed him.
  • This was the seed also planted by the Buddha in his attempt to create a Sangha that would sustain the onslaught of the demons of Mara.
  • A spiritual organization where the ego is not running things.

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Spiritual movements and individual expression

  • A spiritual movement must give people the room to grow in different ways, in their different tempos.
  • It must allow people to express their individual Christhood.
  • This is a delicate balance between the needs of the individual and the needs of the organization.
  • It can be found only through the Christ consciousness.

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