Our spiritual identity

As we grow up in the modern world, we are bombarded with the illusion that we are material beings or that we are sinners. All of these philosophies are based on an illusion, namely the illusion of separation that causes us to deny who we really are. 

Jesus was an example of a person who has discovered and accepted who he really was, which is why he said: “I and my father are one.” Mainstream Christianity promotes the lie that Jesus was different from us, but in realty he came to show us that we too are individualizations of God.

This section contains articles on the following topics:


Why we are sons and daughters of God

  • God created everything out of itself, meaning God is within or behind every form.
  • God cannot create something separate from itself.
  • We have free will and in our minds, we can create the illusion that we are separated from our source.
  • The purpose of creation is that God want to me more—through us.
  • We become more when we acknowledge and accept that we are individualizations of God.

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A gift for making peace with God

  • We can all come to accept our true identity.
  • By accepting who we are, we can do the works that Jesus did.
  • We can even build on the momentum created by all ascended masters by letting the masters work through us.

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You are more than animals

  • True freedom is to overcome the false sense of identity that we are no more than animals.
  • We will not disappear when our physical bodies die.
  • The belief that you are a sinner is a denial of God within you and the worst form of blasphemy.
  • Mother Mary offers to help us escape this programming and accept who we really are.

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Quantum physics: the interplay of consciousness and the Cosmic Mirror

  • Jesus’ true message can be understood in the light of quantum physics.
  • Our consciousness can interact with the most fundamental level of matter.
  • This is the cosmic mirror and it can only reflect back to us what we do to others.
  • Suffering is not the will of God but a creation of humankind’s collective consciousness.
  • Your mind is a radio receiver that can tune in to the collective consciousness of the consciousness of the ascended masters.
  • You experience the consequence of a choice with all levels of your mind.
  • You are one being living in multiple dimensions.
  • Your experience of life depends on what dimension you tune in to and where you focus your attention.
  • People’s consciousness forms a scale from low to high. You can systematically raise your consciousness to higher levels.

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