The false path of initiation under the Serpents

Ascended Master Maitreya, January 8, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

What have we said in previous dictations in this series? The doorway to the ascended realm is the open door which no man can shut. How do you enter the open door to heaven? By you becoming the open door.

Do you see what this means? There are no conditions that determine whether you can walk through the doorway to heaven, there are no conditions you need to fulfill in order to walk through that door.

In order to walk through the door, you need to overcome all conditions in your own mind, so that you are the open door. My Beloved, what is an open door? Is it not a door that is transparent, meaning that you can look through the open door and you can see what is on the other side of the door—without your vision being obstructed by anything or colored by anything. So what will it take for you to become the open door? Well, will it not take that you remove anything in your own being that will obstruct or color the light of God and thus prevent yourself or others from looking through you and seeing what is on the other side of the door that leads to the ascended realm.

And how can you remove the conditions in your being that obstruct or obscure the light? Well, you can remove them only when you are willing to look at them. For guess who put those conditions into your own mind and being? It was not Maitreya, and neither was it the Serpent—or the devil, or Satan, or the prince of this world, or your aunt Agatha, or anyone else. It was YOU, my beloved.

This is not a judgment against you. This does not mean that I blame you.

On the contrary, it means that I empower you. For what is it that has happened as you have started to believe in the illusions of the Serpent? Well, you have actually walked a path of initiation under the Serpents, the false teachers. Yet instead of walking the path of initiation that helps you gradually remove the conditions from your being, you have walked a path of initiation that has increased your skill in justifying these conditions.

Of course, this false path is not subject to the same laws as the true path. The false path is subject to the law of karma, to the law of action and reaction, and to what we have called the second law of thermodynamics. So what happens is that when you accept that there are certain things in your consciousness that you want to hide, then it is inevitable that you project mental or psychic energy through those conditions into the cosmic mirror.

And what will the cosmic mirror do? It will mirror back to you conditions in the material world that reflect what you are not willing to look at. Only, of course, these conditions will not entirely confirm the belief that you are not willing to question, and therefore the conditions you encounter in the material realm will somewhat challenge your worldview, will somewhat challenge the initial illusion that you accepted from the Serpent.

Comparing your beliefs to observations of reality

You see, the Serpent can only offer you illusions. They are clever illusions, they often contain some degree of truth, but in the end the second law of thermodynamics will ensure that they will be challenged. This, then, is your opportunity to say that if the material world challenges my belief, does it mean that my belief is not correct, that it is out of touch with reality? This, for example, was the initiation that the Catholic community faced during the Middle Ages, when the first scientists came up with the observations that contradicted the Catholic doctrine that the earth was the center of the universe, with the sun and all the other planets moving around it.

They had the opportunity to compare their beliefs to observations of reality, and thereby take the approach taken by any practical realist, which is that if my beliefs contradict my observation of reality, then I must re-examine my beliefs. Yet the path of initiation offered by the Serpents is that when reality challenges your beliefs, you simply change your beliefs, so that you can still justify continuing to to hide while feeling that you still have some superiority or authority in this world. Instead of adjusting your belief to reality, you adjust your belief system so that you can justify ignoring or explaining away reality.

This is what you saw in the Catholic religion. You have seen it in many other religions. You have seen it in political systems. You have seen it in scientific materialism, which even to this day denies the connection between consciousness and your observations in the matter world. Even though science has proven that any observation is influenced by consciousness, materialists will deny it—and so will most religious people. For they do not want to admit what any practical realist will readily admit, namely that perception is not the same as reality—until your mind has become the open door.

For as long as there is something you are seeking to hide, you will have to “see through a glass darkly,” you will have to see through a filter colored by the things you are seeking to hide. And here is a simple illustration of how this works. You know that a kaleidoscope is a tube in which there are several panes of clear material, and in between those panes there are pieces of colored glass. The pieces of colored glass will either color the light coming through or they will, if they are dense enough, completely obscure the light.

So now imagine a kaleidoscope that has completely clear panes of glass as divisions, so that you could see through it unhindered if the kaleidoscope was empty. And this means that if there were no glass pieces in the kaleidoscope, you could see reality as it really is. Yet now you begin to fill glass pieces into the kaleidoscope, and naturally they will either color your view of reality or they will completely obscure certain aspects of what you might otherwise see through the tube.

And so, can you see that when you have certain aspects in your consciousness that you are not willing to look at, then your perception will be affected in such a way that there are certain things you simply cannot see. For you cannot admit that reality contradicts your beliefs. The reason you cannot admit this is that you have decided that there are certain things in yourself that you are not willing to look at. And as long as you uphold that decision to not look at something in yourself, well then you cannot admit when the outside world challenges your worldview.


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