The false image of salvation as a mechanical process

Ascended Master Jesus, June 28, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

It is a constant burden to my heart, my beloved, to see how the Christian religion – time and time again – has caused wonderful individuals to go into a vibration of fear, guilt or even a sense that they are not allowed to express themselves, thereby voluntarily shutting off the creative flow. It is a great burden to my heart that the Christian religion has portrayed an image of salvation that presents salvation as a mechanical, non-creative process, even as the completely simplistic image, that the key to salvation is the forgiveness of sins, and that the sacrifice of one person being nailed to a cross 2,000 years ago could pay the debt of humankind for all eternity—for all future sins that could be committed by people who are lost in the duality consciousness. This is a mechanical image of salvation, where people are programmed to believe, that living up to outer requirements is enough to open the door to heaven.

Yet, did I not say, in my parable about the wedding feast, that the man who entered without wearing a wedding garment was cast into outer darkness—as a symbol for being stuck in his own ego creation? I will say to you: “Consider the fact that the ego and the false teachers will do anything possible to prevent you from actually rising to the Christ consciousness.” And it will do this by creating the broad way, the false path, that makes you believe that by fulfilling certain outer requirements – such as being baptized, praying, decreeing, meditating, performing yoga or any other exercise, and by believing in a simple belief system – well, then you will mechanically qualify for salvation.

Yet I must tell you, that there is hardly any spiritual movement on this planet that has understood the reality of the path to Christhood, the reality that the path to Christhood is not a mechanical process. It is indeed a creative process, my beloved. Which is why you cannot give a standard definition of how all people should walk that path. It is indeed an individual path, for you have – each one individually – accepted certain illusions that have caused you to shut off your creativity, to shut off the flow of God’s light and love through your being. And therefore, you must individually come to see that these are illusions—and thereby let them go, surrender them, decide to replace them with the truth of Christ.

The path of Christhood versus the path of personal growth

There is an essential difference between the path of Christhood and what I like to call the path of personal growth. There is a time when the two paths are actually parallel, for you do need to grow personally to a certain level, before you have enough awareness to actually embrace the path of Christhood. But there will come a point – an essential turning point – from which you cannot grow further until you look beyond the path of personal growth. Whereby I mean the focus on yourself, even the growth of your own consciousness, and start looking beyond yourself, your separate sense of self and start raising up the All—instead of being only focused on yourself as the separate self, instead of expanding your sense of self to encompass all life.

For that is the Christ consciousness—that you see yourself as all life. You see your greater Self, and therefore you are willing to let God’s creativity flow through you for the purpose of raising up the All instead of raising up the separate self. In a sense, one can say, that it is impossible to give forth a course in Christhood that will be valid for all people. Nevertheless, if I was not prone to take on the seemingly impossible, I would not have volunteered to take embodiment as Jesus and be the hierarch of the Piscean age. And thus, I have indeed endeavored to do the impossible by having this messenger take down teachings that have been put together in a course in Christhood,.

But what I desire to give here is the understanding that this course is not, of course, an end in itself, But it is a first step for those who have walked the path of personal growth to the point, where they are beginning to realize that something is missing. And even with all their focus on raising their consciousness or understanding the spiritual side of life, well then, there is still something missing, they are still feeling unfulfilled. And the reason for this is that you are now ready to step away from the focus on the separate self and expand your sense of self and walk that path of not raising up yourself but raising up your greater Self of the All.

For you are ready to take your insights, to take your experience, to take your momentum and redirect it to working to help other people walk the path, instead of being focused on yourself primarily or exclusively. This then is the culmination of the 2,000-year cycle that I have put into this course. And I can tell you, that no matter what expectations you have about what this course is about, they are unrealistic. And prepare to have them shattered, as you follow the course.

The path of Christhood is not what most people envision, even what most of you – who know more about my inner teachings than most people on this planet – envision, for you still have a grand illusion about what it means to walk the path of Christhood. Because your ego has managed to trick you into thinking, that it means that you become raised to some superior status, whereas in reality it means something entirely different that I will not expose here. But I will tell you, “Prepare, as you study this course, to have your illusions shattered.” And now I will let Saint Germain run with this thought and take it further.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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