Why churches calcify and teach the false path

Ascended Master Jesus, August 19, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

Do you understand that we have never desired to give forth any religious or spiritual teaching that was absolute, complete or infallible. There has never been, on planet earth, any Church that had a patent on God, a patent on truth or a patent on the ascended masters. We do not grant exclusive rights to anyone.

We desire to bring forth the Living Word. The Living Word is not a dead outer doctrine. It cannot be fixated in time and space. It is ever flowing. It is alive. It is ever moving. Therefore, the only true Church of God, of Jesus Christ and of the ascended masters is the living Church, which brings forth the Living Word.

You cannot create a Church that brings forth a teaching and then stop the delivery of the word and maintain that Church as a living Church. The moment that the flow of the Living Word stops, any organization will start stagnating and calcifying.

You might look at a given Church and say, “But this Church was founded by the ascended masters. We have been told that it has the highest teachings on the planet. We have been told that it has everything we need for our salvation.” Yet I tell you, no Church is different from all the other churches we have started throughout history. And if you look at those churches, you will see exactly what happens to any Church after the flow of the Living Word stops.

The organization starts calcifying and becoming rigid, and then it attracts people who are rigid, who want to be comfortable, who want to have an automatic path, a guaranteed path to salvation. This then is the false path of the false teachers who have come to this earth since the Fall of Man. They have come and presented an outer path. They have made the promise that, “If you follow us, we can guarantee your salvation.” If you follow the outer organization and follow its rules and doctrines, if you do all the practices that you are supposed to do, if you follow all of these outer rules, you will automatically be saved.

Well, this is a lie!
This is a lie!
This is a lie!
It is an evil lie. It is an insidious lie.
Unfortunately, it is also a pervasive lie, a persuasive lie.

And many people have bought into it on this planet. Millions of people, in fact almost everyone on this planet, have bought into this lie of the outer path. I say to you again, “There is no outer path!” There is no automatic path to salvation because you have free will.

I am Jesus Christ. I have been appointed by God as the savior of all mankind. Do you think I can guarantee your salvation? Nay, I cannot guarantee anything because I cannot and will not act against your free will. I cannot save you for you. Only you can save yourself by making the choice to be who you are in God, to overcome the false sense of identity, to overcome the pseudo self and to be all that you are—and more.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



Copyright © 2003 Kim Michaels