Following the true, inner path of Christ

Ascended Master Jesus, October 23, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I am the Living Christ. I am always becoming more. For I love my God, and I want to experience all that God is. And I see that God is always becoming more. And thus, if I truly love God, how could I not become more in order to keep up with God’s self-transcendence and therefore experience all that God is at any given moment?

I am come to give people life and to give it to them more abundantly. And what does that truly mean? It means that the Living Christ always seeks to get you to leave your nets of entanglements with your current sense of identity – your current beliefs about the world, about God, about the spiritual path, about the ascended masters – so that you can come into oneness with us and therefore flow with us in that moving River of Life that truly is the abundant life.

And thus, I must tell you that it never has been the goal of the representatives of the Living Christ to bring forth any outer teaching that is absolutely true, that is infallible or that could never be expanded upon or replaced by a higher teaching. This has never – ever – been our intent. And watch your analytical minds who will say, “Well there must be some truth that is absolute and infallible.” And I tell you, there truly is a truth that is absolute and infallible, and it is the absolute, ever self-transcending Living Truth of God. And that truth can never be expressed in words or images in this world of form because it is beyond form. It is beyond anything that was created.

And thus, you must realize that it is entirely possible that two religions can have beliefs that seem to contradict each other, yet both of them were given by the ascended masters. And why do we give beliefs that seem to contradict each other? Well, we do it precisely because our goal with a particular religion is to address people in a specific state of consciousness and help them come to a higher level, help them come out of that state of consciousness, so that they become more and thereby get back in touch with the ongoing River of Life.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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