You must BE instead of doing

Ascended Master Archangel Michael, July 24, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I tell you truly that although there are many religious groups on this planet who give their prayers and decrees and other exercises, and although these efforts do make a difference on earth, I must tell you in all honesty that nothing that human beings can do will remove the forces of anti-christ from this planet. The only way to remove the forces of anti-christ from earth is that a critical mass of people must dare to be the Living Christ here below, as we are the Living Christ Above.

And as Jesus Christ told you, “I of my own self can do nothing.” It truly is the Father within me who is doing the work. And therefore, as long as you think that the way to bring God’s kingdom to earth is to resist the forces of darkness, you will be caught in a dualistic struggle with those forces that will never end—until you decide that enough is enough. The true path, preached by the Buddha and by Jesus Christ and by all true spiritual teachers, is the path of going within and manifesting your oneness with God, your oneness with your I AM Presence, your oneness with the ascended master who is your personal sponsor and spiritual teacher, so that you can be one with that master and you can be the master here below as that master is the Christ Above.

The true path of the master/disciple relationship is not that you follow a master or a guru or a teacher and keep following that master forever. The true path is that you rise above being a follower, so that you become one with that teacher. And you dare to claim your oneness with that teacher here below. This is the path that Jesus taught and demonstrated to his disciples. He did not teach it to the multitudes because they were not ready for this path.

But he taught it to his disciples. And some of his disciples understood it, and some did not. And most notably; Peter did not understand it. And that is why, when he was asked, he denied his oneness with Jesus. Christians have misunderstood this situation and think that Peter simply protected himself and that it had no great significance. But truly, what Peter did in those three situations was to deny his oneness with his guru, with his master. He refused to say, “I am the Living Christ, as Jesus is the Living Christ!” And thereby he denied the inner path to the inner kingdom.

Therefore I ask you, with all the fervor and love of my heart, “Please stop denying the Living Christ within you!” Please allow the perfect love from myself, as you give my rosary, and the perfect love of Mother Mary, as you give her rosaries, to consume your idolatry, your fear, your fear that you cannot be the Christ, that you are unworthy. Allow it to be consumed by that flame of love, so that one day you can say – and when I say one day I do not mean in some distant future that never comes, I mean in the eternal now, when the decision comes from inside your being – and you are willing to stand before the world and say, “I AM one with Christ.” And therefore, “I AM Jesus Christ, as Above so below.”

This is my calling. And I seal you in the love of my heart. The love that behind the power is so tender that I wish all human beings could experience it, even for just a second. Therefore I say, “Be sealed in the love of an Archangel. Amen.”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



Copyright © 2004 Kim Michaels