My Father’s house has many mansions

A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I desire to give you a basic teaching about the true meaning of my statement about the many mansions of my Father’s house. This statement has baffled many people, which I fully understand. The statement is a perfect example of how I was limited by the understanding and the vocabulary that people used 2,000 years ago. I had limited opportunities for explaining to them a very profound truth that all spiritual seekers need to understand. So let me now explain that truth by using the much greater understanding and vocabulary that is available today.

In today’s world, most people know about the existence of energy. Most people know that energy is a form of vibration. Most people have heard that, according to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, everything in the entire universe is made from energy. Unfortunately, most people have not truly absorbed the stupendous implications of this discovery. Therefore, they have not made the effort to change their world view according to the fact that everything is energy.

The simple truth is that the entire universe is made from one basic substance. In times past, this substance was called ether. The concept of an ether has been known in Buddhism and other philosophies for many centuries. In medieval Europe it was known by the alchemists, who in some cases were the first true experimental scientists. Even physicists used the concept of the ether until an unfortunate experiment failed to detect physical effects of the ether. These effects were not detected because the ether does not have physical properties. After that, most scientists abandoned the concept of an ether and this was a rather unfortunate detour for science. The effect of this detour is that scientist cannot fully understand energy. They know energy is vibration, but they fail to fully understand that there can be vibration only if there is something that can vibrate. There can be no wave unless you have an ocean. Therefore, there can be no energy waves, and thus no material universe, unless you have an ocean of something that can vibrate.

What truly vibrates is the basic substance that God used to crate the entire world of form. That substance is described in the Bible in the statement “And God said, let there be light.” Light can also be described as the feminine aspect of the Father-Mother God. Light is the Divine Mother, the body of the Divine Mother, which gives birth to any form projected upon her by the will of the Father through the mind of the Son. The form is manifest and sustained by the force of the Holy Spirit, as explained by beloved Mother Mary in her discourse.

As you know, visible light is light waves that vibrate within a certain spectrum of frequencies. Red light vibrates at lower frequencies than blue or violet light. As you also know, there are frequencies that are lower or higher than visible light. Those frequencies cannot be detected by the eyes, although they are as real as visible light.

For the purpose of this discourse, the important concept is that everything is vibration. Therefore, there are no impenetrable barriers in the world of form. Everything is made from the same basic substance, which simply vibrates at different levels or frequencies. Everything is made from energy waves, and the only difference between Heaven and Earth is a difference in the vibration of the energy waves.

The true meaning of the statement that my Father’s house has many mansions is that my Father’s house is a continuum of vibrations, an energy continuum. Within this continuum are divisions of frequencies, and within in each division there is room for a number of different frequencies. Each of these divisions is a mansion in the House of God. One such division is what human beings call the material universe. Outside of that realm is what human beings call the spiritual realm, or Heaven. Yet even in the spiritual realm there are a number of divisions.

Your four lower bodies

What concerns me in this discourse is to help you understand that within the material universe there are several divisions. To be exact, there are four divisions, or realms, within the material universe. The realm with which all people are familiar is the universe made of matter. This is the world that you can detect with your physical senses. It is made of vibrations that vibrate within a frequency spectrum that makes them detectable by your physical senses. The reason your physical senses can detect these vibrations is that your physical bodies are made from energies that vibrate within the same frequency spectrum. In other words, that which is made of matter can detect the vibrations of matter and only the vibrations of matter. This explains why scientists failed to detect the ether by using instruments made of matter.

Above the matter realm are three divisions that still belong within the greater spectrum of the material universe. When you move from the matter realm into the next division, you enter a realm which we might call the realm of feeling. Above that is the realm of thought and above that the realm of identity. In many older religions and philosophies, such as Buddhism, the Greeks or the esoteric teachings used by the alchemists, these four realms were described as the four corners of the Earth. They were labeled Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This concept corresponds to the ancient idea of the squaring of the circle. The circle represents Heaven, and it is infinite and undivided in terms of time and space. It corresponds to the ether. The square represents Earth, or rather the material universe. The material universe is the realm of space and time. It is created by taking the infinite realm of the circle and dividing it into four directions, four dimensions, that manifest as the coordinates of time and space.

To make this a little easier to visualize, I would like to relate it to the human mind. I explain throughout this website that everything is sustained only by a stream of God’s energy that flows from the spiritual realm into the material universe. On a personal level, the energy flows from your spiritual self through the layers of the subconscious mind until it reaches the conscious mind. The energy flows from the realm of spirit, or ether, and it first enters the realm of fire. Some esoteric teachings call this the etheric octave or the memory body. I would like to call it the realm of identity. This is the part of your mind that stores the memories of your experiences in the material world. It also stores the sense of identity that you have built up through your soul’s journey, over many lifetimes, in this world. When the basic life energy first enters your mind, or being, it flows through your sense of identity. It is therefore colored by your sense of identity. Your sense of identity also includes how you see the world, God, your relationship to the world and your relationship to God. It is therefore the foundation for how you respond to life in this realm.

After the energy flows through your identity body, it enters the realm of air. This is what some teachings call the mental body. I would like to call it the realm of thought. In this realm the energy is colored by your thoughts about yourself and the world. Your thoughts are very much determined by your sense of identity, but because they reside at a lower level of your being, they are more fluid and can be changed more easily than the deeper images that make up your sense of identity. In other words, your thoughts can be adapted to or influenced by specific situations you encounter in this world. One might say that your sense of identity determines how you see the big picture, whereas your thoughts relate to how you understand details of that picture. Your sense of identity determines how you see the world, and your thoughts determine how you think the world works.

After the energy flows through the thought body, it enters the realm of feeling. This is the emotional body, the feeling realm, and it contains your feelings about yourself and the world. Emotions are simply energy in motion, and they are the forerunners for physical action. So your emotions determine how you act upon thoughts. One might say that a thought itself cannot lead to action. A thought is simply an idea, and in order to be translated into a physical action, the thought must have the two qualities that are added by an emotion. These two qualities are direction and intensity. Your emotions will direct your thoughts into a specific action, and the intensity of your emotions will determine the power of the action.

The final step is that the energy enters the physical brain and nervous system. It is at this level that your emotions are translated into actions, and the actions will be determined by the direction and the intensity of the emotions behind them. Of course, the direction and intensity of the emotion is determined by the thought, and the thought is determined by your sense of identity and your world view.

You now see that the natural flow of energy through your being is that energy streams from your spiritual self through your identity body, where it is colored by your world view. The energy then flows into your thought body and is colored by your thoughts. The energy now flows into the feeling body and takes on the direction and intensity determined by your emotions. Finally, the energy is translated into a physical action carried out by your brain, your nervous system and your physical body.

One can compare the entire process to a film projector. The light that streams from the spiritual self is the white light produced by the light bulb in the projector. Your identity body, your thought body and your feeling body act like three film strips. The light will be colored by the images upon the three film strips. After passing through the film strips, the light is then projected onto the screen as an image. The screen is that part of your mind which resides in the matter universe. This is your conscious mind and certain parts of your subconscious mind. It is anchored in your brain and nervous system.

The four levels of the material universe

After you understand how energy flows through your own mind, you need to transfer this understanding to the material universe as a whole. The material universe has four different octaves or levels, four different bodies. They correspond to the four levels of your mind because truly the universe is simply one mansion in the house, meaning the mind, of God. As is the case with your mind, the material universe is created from the basic energy of God which flows through the identity, thought and feeling realms until it manifests in the matter realm.

When you understand this basic flow of energy through the four levels of the material universe, you can begin to understand that the lowest level, the level of matter itself, is the result of hidden causes that take place at the three higher levels of the feeling, the thought and the identity bodies. One might say that the matter universe is simply a projection of the images found in the three higher levels. Truly, the matter universe is no more real than the images projected on the screen of a movie theater.

When you contemplate this concept, you realize that changing the matter universe can – and indeed must – be done by changing the three higher levels of the material world. On a personal level, if you want to change your outer circumstances, you must begin by changing your feelings, your thoughts and your sense of identity. Only when you change the images found in the three higher bodies, will you change the images that appear in the matter world. Likewise, on a planetary scale, the key to removing human suffering is to purify the feeling, the thought and the identity body of the planet as a whole. The reason being that the physical planet is a projection of images held in these higher realms.

Planet earth was created by seven spiritual beings, called the Elohim. The Elohim are constantly maintaining the image of a perfect Earth, and that image still exists. However, the perfect image has been covered over temporarily by an imperfect image projected through the identity body, the thought body and the feeling body of humankind. This is what psychologists have called the collective unconscious.

The true cause of suffering

My next point is to show you why planet Earth currently has so many imperfect manifestations and so much human suffering. The reason is that the three higher bodies of humankind have been polluted by an imperfect sense of identity, by imperfect thoughts and impure emotions.

As my beloved mother explains in the following discourse, everything in the realm of Heaven is designed according to the laws of God. Therefore, if a spiritual being rebels against the laws of God, that being cannot remain in Heaven. She also explains that in the matter universe there is some room to go against the laws of God. The reason being that the matter universe was designed as a schoolroom for souls who are working their way up to becoming all that God is. God has given such souls free will, and he has given them a framework in which to experiment with his energy.

Therefore, it is allowed by the laws of the material universe that the beings in this world can go against the laws of God without having to leave this realm. In other words, they can use their free will to focus their attention on images that are out of alignment with the principles that God used to design the world of form. Human beings can create a sense of identity as being separated from God, as being material beings instead of spiritual beings. Human beings can create mental images that are out of alignment with the truth and the reality of God. They can engage in feelings that are perversions of the true feelings of God. And when they do engage in such imperfections, they can alter the matter universe itself and create a world with imperfect manifestations.

However, when God gave beings free will, he also set up a framework that acts as a safety valve, so that one being cannot destroy the material universe. In other words, human beings are free to do whatever they want with God’s pure energy. Yet they will inevitably experience the conditions that they produce with God’s energy. If they engage in imperfect thoughts and feelings, they will produce imperfect conditions in the matter world, and their creative abilities will be limited by their own creation. If you make your bed, you have to lie in it.

One might say that God has designed the matter universe as a mirror. It is like a movie screen, and it reflects whatever is projected upon it through the minds of human beings. Therefore, whatever image you hold in the higher parts of your mind, determines the conditions you experience in the matter world. If you hold an imperfect image, you will create an imperfect manifestation that can eventually self-destruct. You will build a Tower of Babel that will eventually collapse under its own weight.

Human beings first lived in a higher state of consciousness than what you currently experience on this planet. In that state of consciousness, souls had conscious contact with their Spiritual selves and with spiritual beings who served as their teachers. Human beings were using their free will to experiment with God’s energy. As they did so, they would often make mistakes and create imperfect manifestations. Yet because they knew the basic law of creation, they were able to determine that they made a mistake, admit the mistake and instantly replace the undesirable result with a better result.

What happened after the Fall of Man was that people lost contact with their Spiritual selves and with their spiritual teachers. Therefore, they were no longer aware of how the law of creation works. They lost the understanding that whatever you have created in the matter realm is simply a projection of the images that you hold in the feeling, thought and identity bodies. Therefore, they lost the understanding that they can change the conditions of the matter universe by changing the contents of their higher bodies.

People now began to believe that the conditions in the matter world are permanent and beyond their conscious control. They began to see themselves as victims of a situation they had not created. They began to see themselves as slaves of forces beyond their control. And in a sense people were correct. When you refuse to change your feelings, your thoughts and your sense of identity, you cannot change the material world, and so you become a victim of the conditions found in this world. The catch being that human beings have created those conditions and therefore thy must uncreate them.

It was precisely this loss of memory, this refusal to take responsibility for their own situation, that allowed beings from the spiritual realm, beings who had rebelled against God’s law, to embody on planet Earth. This is also described by Mother Mary in her discourse.

You see, there is a fundamental difference between experimenting with your free will (making mistakes in the process) and willfully rebelling against God’s law and God’s creative intent. As Mother Mary describes, some beings in the spiritual realm deliberately and willfully rebelled against the laws of God and the creative intent. These beings then descended into a lower state of consciousness, and some of them ended up embodying on planet Earth.

These beings have manipulated many people into believing their lie that ultimate freedom can be attained only by going against God’s laws. They have used a number of subtle lies to manipulate people into violating God’s laws and at the same time believing that the negative consequences produced by those violations are inevitable or even created by God himself.

After humankind fell into a lower state of consciousness, a process began that eventually led to a pollution of the four lower bodies of all human beings on Earth and the collective consciousness of humankind. This has led to the current imperfect conditions in the form of human suffering, natural disasters and many other calamities.

Yet what you see in the matter world is simply a reflection of what is going on in the higher bodies. All of the three higher bodies have been polluted and contain imperfect images. However, the one body that has been completely taken over by dark forces is the emotional body. This body is crucial for those beings who want to control the matter world. The reason being that it is the emotional body which translates thoughts into material actions.

The nature of emotions is to take on whatever images are projected upon them from the mental body. Emotions are energy in motion, and the energy does not have any sense of right or wrong. It will flow into whatever action it is given without considering the consequences. Therefore, if the dark forces can take over a person’s emotional body, they can manipulate that person into doing virtually anything without considering the consequences of its actions and without considering right and wrong. This has given rise to the “If it feels good, do it” syndrome. This syndrome is based on the subtle lie that if something feels good, it couldn’t be really wrong.

So you now see that there are forces who are constantly working to manipulate people through their emotional bodies. One of the ways in which this is accomplished is to agitate people’s emotional bodies and gradually build a crescendo of such intensity that people can no longer hold back the emotional energy. The emotions then spill over into action, and this is when you see that individuals, groups of people or even entire nations feel compelled to take an action which they normally would never have taken. This then is the main cause of war. In the time that leads up to war, you will see that the emotional body of an entire nation becomes agitated to the point where the nation feels that something has to be done, and that something is to go to war against the enemy that is perceived as causing the agitation.

Intelligent life on all four levels

Another important purpose for this discourse is to explain that there are self-conscious, intelligent beings on all four levels of the material universe, the realms of matter, feeling, thought and identity. Human beings are the intelligent beings living in the matter realm. There are also intelligent beings living at the other three realms. Some of these beings have never been in a physical body. Others have been in a physical body but are now residing in one of the other realms of the material universe.

The natural course for souls is that they descend into a physical body in order to experience the material realm and help God co-create this level of the world of form. After the soul fulfills its purpose for being in the matter world, it then ascends to the spiritual realm. In other words, it is not natural for a soul to reside in or get stuck in the matter, feeling, thought or the identity realm. However, if a soul becomes unbalanced and perverts one or more of its four lower bodies, it can become stuck in one of the material realms. This can prevent the soul from ascending to the spiritual realm.

The four lower bodies of the soul correspond to the four forces of Father, Son, Mother and Holy Spirit, as described by Mother Mary. The Father corresponds to the identity body, the Son corresponds to the thought body, the Mother corresponds to the feeling body and the Holy Spirit corresponds to the physical body. If a soul has an imbalance in all four of its lower bodies, it will become stuck in the matter realm, and it will keep re embodying in a series of physical bodies. If a soul has balanced the physical body but not the other three, it can become stuck in the feeling realm. If the soul has balanced the physical and the emotional bodies, it can become stuck in the thought realm, and if it has balanced the lower three bodies, it can become stuck in the identity realm.

To fully understand why I am giving this discourse, you need to realize that the four different realms of the material universe are separated only by vibration. So you need to avoid being trapped in a linear view of this teaching. For example, the matter realm has the lowest vibration, and the other realms have higher vibrations. Therefore, it is tempting to build the image that the other realms exist above and beyond the matter universe. This is not a correct image.

In the room in which you are sitting right now, there are a great number of radio waves that are penetrating the same space. These radio waves exist in the same space as your physical body, the walls, the furniture and the air. In other words, different frequencies can coexist in the same space. My point here is that the matter realm exists in the same space as the feeling realm, the thought realm and the identity realm.

The importance of this realization is that there are no impenetrable barriers between the four realms. In fact, it is possible that the realms can overlap. For example, it is quite possible that, in a local area of the matter realm, the vibrations can be changed so that they resonate with the vibrations in one of the other realms.

The human mind has the ability to act as a radio receiver. As I said, there are many different radio waves penetrating the room in which you are now sitting. If you turn on a radio, you can tune in to any of these different waves by simply turning the dial on the radio. The radio turns the different energy waves into audible sound that you experience as different radio stations. Your conscious mind has the ability to act as a radio receiver, and it can tune in to any level of the material universe. It can also tune in to the levels of the spiritual realm. In other words, the mind of a human being has the ability to reach beyond the matter realm and tune in to intelligent beings in the feeling realm, the thought realm, the identity realm or even the spiritual realm.

One consequence of this teaching is that if you attempt to communicate with intelligent beings in one of the other realms, you need to be aware that not all such beings are benevolent. Some of them are likely to have willfully rebelled against the laws of God, and they will attempt to manipulate you into doing the same thing. The reasons they do this are explained in Mother Mary’s discourse.

It used to be that there were benevolent beings in all of the four realms. Yet the feeling realm has been so heavily polluted and manipulated that there are no longer any benevolent beings in that realm. The beings now in the feeling realm are all unbalanced, and they believe the ends can justify the means and that “if it feels good, do it.” There are people on Earth who embody this consciousness because their unbalanced emotional bodies are tuned to the feeling realm. Such people have become the slaves of manipulative beings in the feeling realm.

The thought realm has also been heavily polluted, but there are still beings in that realm who are not malicious. Yet many of them are trapped in a state of mind that causes them to think they can intellectually understand everything. Some even think they understand the world better than God, and therefore they know better than God how the universe should be run. This is intellectual pride, and you see many people on Earth who embody this pride. The reason being that their mental bodies are tuned to prideful beings in the thought realm.

The realm of identity is the most pure realm, although it has been polluted by a false sense of identity. There are indeed some beings in this realm who identify themselves as being separated from God, and they project that image to human beings. Yet there are also beings in the etheric realm who maintain a correct sense of identity as spiritual beings.

We of the Ascended Host serve as the spiritual teachers of humankind. We are willing to communicate with any human being in order to assist people on their spiritual path. When the Earth was still pure, we could appear to people in the matter world, and people could literally walk and talk with us. This is not because we took on a physical body, but because people’s consciousness was so pure that they could perceive us in our spiritual “bodies.” They could see our spiritual bodies with their physical senses. Today, the imbalances created by human beings have lowered the vibration of the entire material universe, and therefore it has become much more difficult for people to perceive us. They can no longer see us with their physical senses, except on special occasions where we take on a physical appearance.

To communicate with the Ascended Host in today’s world, you must raise your consciousness to a higher level, and that means you must balance your four lower bodies. You can attain this balance only by reaching for the middle way of the Christ consciousness. If you do not reach for the balance of the Christ mind, you will not make contact with the Ascended Host. However, you might still make contact with beings who reside in one of the lower levels. It should be remembered that such beings are stuck at that level because they have become unbalanced in one or more of the lower bodies. Therefore, if you want to get reliable communication from a higher realm, you need to reach for the Christ consciousness, and that means you must balance all of your four lower bodies.

Heaven or Hell on Earth

Another purpose for giving you this discourse is to show you that the four levels of the material universe coexist in the same space. The only difference is a difference in vibration. Because the human mind has the ability to manipulate God’s light, it can lower or raise the vibration of that light. My point is that human beings have the ability to change the vibrations of the matter world so they resonate with the vibrations in one of the other realms.

For example, there are many areas on this planet, especially in large cities, where a large number of people have developed such imbalances in their emotional bodies that the entire area vibrates at the level of the feeling realm. The feeling realm currently has the lowest vibrations of any of the realms. Some areas of the feeling realm are literally what people have seen as Hell. Therefore, there are areas on this planet that vibrate at the level of the feeling realm. These areas are literally Hell on Earth.

Likewise, there are areas that resonate with the thought realm. An example are institutions of learning in which people have glorified the human intellect, yet have denied the higher reasoning of the Christ mind. Finally there are areas, such as areas devoted to spiritual activities, that are attuned to the etheric realm or even the spiritual realm. Such areas are Heaven on Earth.

So you see, once again, that human beings have the ability to create their own reality. You create that reality through the power of the mind, yet to understand how, you need to recognize that your mind has several levels. Your lower mind is very much like a radio receiver that simply amplifies radio frequencies and makes them detectable to the senses. What you create through the lower mind is determined by what streams into that mind from the higher levels of the mind.

The questions now is to which station the radio of your mind is tuned? Is it tuned to your Christ self, or is it tuned to beings in the lower realms? You must choose this day whom you will serve. You must choose in which mansion in my Father’s house you want to live, and you decide that by focusing your attention on a certain level. If you have an imbalance in your lower bodies, you will focus on the material, the feeling or the thought realm. If your identity body is unbalanced, you will focus on the identity realm without reaching higher. Yet if all of your four lower bodies are balanced, you can reach beyond the identity realm and commune with the Ascended Host. You can then become the open door for bringing the vibrations and the truth of Heaven to Earth. You can become the open door for the Living Word to stream into this world.


Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels

I Am on a Mission Impossible from God

A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (January 3, 2004)

I am your Jesus.

I am your older brother, and many of you have known me in times long forgotten. You have known me truly as an equal, and not as the idol that many of you have come to see in this day and age. In today’s world, the very religion that claims to represent me on Earth has turned me into an idol and put me on a pedestal, where many of those who are my own see me as unreachable.

I come in this hour on a very special mission, one might call it a mission impossible. You see my beloved, if you survey the history of the human race for the past many thousands of years, you will see that human beings have indeed been trapped in a state of consciousness entirely dominated by ignorance. This ignorance makes it impossible for them to understand the truth about who they are, where they came from and why they are here on Earth.

As a typical example, an exponent for this state of consciousness, look at the situation in which I stood before Pontius Pilate during my trial. I stated that I came to bear witness to the truth. My beloved, do you remember his reaction? He said, “What is truth?” I can assure you that he did not say this mockingly. Pontius Pilate was not an uneducated man, he was not an evil person, and truly did not want to convict me because he believed I was completely innocent of the charges labeled against me by the religious authorities.

So when he made his remark, he did so with the agony of a soul who knows that there is something more to understand about life, but it simply cannot grasp that something more. A soul who is in torment, the torment of knowing that there is something which it cannot reach, yet it knows that that something exists.

How to help human beings see truth

You see my beloved, as I have tried to explain many times, there is a hierarchy of spiritual beings, and we call ourselves by many names, but the name I use in this context is the Ascended Host. We are the spiritual teachers of humankind.

Some of us have been working with planet Earth for a very long time. Many of us have actually taken embodiment on planet Earth, and we have been trapped in the same state of consciousness in which you are trapped today. We gradually started to part the clouds in the mind, to part the veil and to see glimpses of truth. After we embodied and internalized that truth, and allowed it to become the leaven that raised our whole consciousness, we eventually qualified for the process of the ascension, whereby we could permanently ascend to our home of light here in the spiritual realm. Since then many of us have functioned as the spiritual teachers who are seeking to raise the consciousness of those of our brothers and sisters who are still trapped on planet Earth, trapped on the wheel of rebirth.

You see my beloved, for millennia the spiritual teachers of humankind have been discussing various ways for how to help people start the gradual process that leads them to a higher state of consciousness, a consciousness in which they can grasp truth. We of the Ascended Host work together as a team, but this does not mean that we are all alike or that we are in complete agreement on the best way to help human beings.

Over the centuries, there have been many discussions among us concerning how we could possibly help human beings grasp and accept the Living Truth of God. I must tell you frankly that there is a large group of beings here in Heaven who believe it is impossible to make most human beings grasp and understand the Living Truth of God. This is indeed a topic that has been the subject of much discussion. I happen to belong to a group of us who hold the hope in our hearts that it will somehow be possible to find a way to make people understand the truth, the Living Truth about themselves and about God.

Why is it so difficult for people to see truth?

I come today in an attempt to provide such a way for human beings to grasp truth. I come in an attempt to perform the impossible mission of helping people see what many of them sense must exist, but which they simply cannot grasp and hold on to. And therefore their souls are crying out, like the soul of Pontius Pilate cried out with the eternal question, “What is truth?”

Before I have any chance whatsoever of successfully completing my mission impossible, I need to set the stage by telling you why it is so difficult for people to grasp truth. You see my beloved, a very long time ago, in fact at a time when there was no time, as time is known on planet Earth, God decided to create the material universe in which you live.

When God creates a new universe, he creates it out of his own Being and consciousness. But he does not create it in the fullness of who he is. The reason is that God himself is not what human beings envision him to be. So many human beings have built an idolatrous image of who God is. They think that God is almighty, that God is perfect. And they think that if something is perfect, it must be complete, and therefore it could never change, it could never grow, it could never evolve. This is a fallacy, and it springs from the consciousness into which human beings have descended.

I will shortly comment on this consciousness, but for now let me simply say that this consciousness gives people a distorted view of the nature and reality of God. The truth about God is that God is indeed perfect but not according to a human standard. Therefore, God is not static, God is not stationary. God is not something that can be fixated, and the reason is that God is the eternal creator.

As I explain in the book The Christ Is Born in You, God has a dual nature. One aspect of God is the state of pure Being. This state of Being is indeed completely without change because it is completely without form. The other aspect of God is what I have called the Creator. The nature of the creator is to create that which has form. So the creator aspect of God is always changing. God is not an old man with a white beard sitting on a great throne somewhere in Heaven. God is like a river that is always flowing. God is a process. God is a process of growth and self-transcendence.

How does God grow, how does he transcend himself? He grows by creating worlds and universes out of himself, out of his own being and consciousness. So God creates by encapsulating his own consciousness and Being within a certain form. A form that has limitations and that exists in a limited state, such as the time and space that you know in this world.

You see my beloved, the essence of creation is that it is an ever-moving process. So therefore God never created anything that was meant to be static and unchanging. God intends everything he creates to evolve and grow and transcend itself. And what is the purpose of this growth and transcendence? It is that his creation will grow into realizing from where it came, namely that it is an expression of, a materialization of, an individualization of God himself. And after that realization, the creation can then realize that it has the potential to become one again with the creator. Not one in the sense that is disappears, but one in the sense that it becomes the creator, it becomes the new creator who can continue the never-ending process of creation.

So when God creates a world that has form, that world is created out of his consciousness, but it does not yet have the full awareness of whence it came and where it has the potential to go. How can a world transcend its limited state, its state of ignorance of its own reality, and come to the recognition that it is truly a part of God and that it was never apart from God? To help the creation grow in awareness, God sends conscious beings into his world. Those conscious beings are created in his own image and likeness, meaning that they have the capacity of consciousness to become aware of their own identity as individualizations of God. Thereby they can act as co-creators with God.

This has created a hierarchy of beings extending from God the creator through a number of spiritual beings, an entire hierarchy of spiritual beings, and finally to the beings who volunteered to descend into the material universe and help that universe become self-aware and recognize its own identity, origin and potential. These beings are you, my beloved. You are the divine shock-troops who volunteered to descend into this material world to help the entire universe rise and become self-aware.

The mechanics of the process of descending into this universe makes it inevitable that you will lose some of your awareness of who you are and from where you came. However, you can never lose your potential to regain that awareness because the consciousness of God himself is embedded within your being.

People think they can act on their own

I will now jump ahead of the story and talk about the consciousness in which most people find themselves. The consciousness that you now experience is not what God intended for you. You descended into this state of consciousness through a long and gradual process, and I have described the mechanics of this elsewhere. I will not go into it here because it would detract from my purpose.

The essence of the consciousness in which you are now trapped is the sense that you can act entirely on your own. You literally believe that you are a self-contained being who has the power to act in this world and who needs nothing from beyond the material universe in order to live and to act in your environment. You believe that all you need in order to survive is material nourishment in the form of food. And the energy you use in order to perform your daily activities supposedly comes from the food your eat, the light you absorb through your skin and other material means.

What has happened to human beings is that they have become entirely disconnected from their source, and that source, of course, is God himself. Some human beings have started identifying themselves fully with their physical bodies and with the material universe. Therefore, they literally believe that the material universe is a self-contained sphere and that they need nothing from outside this universe in order to exist. Many of these people truly and firmly believe that there is no God because they believe there is no need of him.

Obviously, there are many people on this planet who do believe in God, in one form or another. It is interesting to see that many of these people actually believe that they know the truth about God. They firmly believe that their religion has told them the essential truth about God and about their relationship with God.

People are trapped in mental boxes

Oh my beloved, how my heart overflows with love for those people who are so trapped in both of these belief systems and world views. How I wish I could somehow find a way to reach into their mental boxes, to drill little holes in the boxes that they have built around their minds, and let a ray of the pure truth of God shine through to their conscious minds. I wish I could help people see that there is oh so much more to truth than what can fit into their mental boxes.

You see my beloved, it is precisely these mental boxes that make it so difficult for us, who are your spiritual teachers, to reach you with a ray of God’s truth. So let me now attempt to explain to you why the mental boxes that you have created around your minds make it so difficult, and in many cases almost impossible, for you to grasp God’s truth.

The essence of this problem is what I explained when I said that people firmly believe that they can act on their own. Oh yes, I realize that many religious people believe they are acting by God’s grace or that everything is subject to the will of God, but these beliefs are merely intellectual, and most people do not truly understand the reality of the situation.

The reason is that they all believe that God is somewhere up there in Heaven and not here on Earth, and certainly not inside themselves. So you see my beloved, even most religious people have created an image of God as being outside of and separated from themselves. Many religious people look at atheists or materialists and believe that they themselves are far more pleasing to God than the people who deny God’s existence. But you see my beloved, most religious people are also denying God’s existence because they are denying God’s existence within themselves and within everything that surrounds them.

As I explained earlier, God created everything out of his own substance, his own Being, his own consciousness. So everything you see around you is simply God wearing a disguise, and everything you see inside of you is also God wearing a disguise. And you yourself are God wearing a disguise. And this is what most religious people fail to see, and therefore they too are denying God. It is not a fundamentally different kind of denial than that promoted by atheists; it is different only by degree. The atheists simply say that God is not, and most religious people say that God is not here.

Both of these beliefs are a denial of God because God is everywhere and God is everything. So what happens here is that in their minds people have created a false image of reality. Both the atheists and the religious people have created the image that they themselves, and the world in which they live, are not God.

This is indeed a violation of the very first commandment that thou shalt have no other gods before me. When God is everywhere and God is in everything, if you do not see God in everything, then you are worshiping a false God. If you see God up in Heaven and deny his presence within you, you are worshiping an idol, and you are dancing around the golden calf.

What you have done in your mind is that you have created an image, and your are saying, “This is God, this is reality, this is truth.” And then you project that image upon reality and you begin to build a mental box around your mind. And as a soul continues to reembody on planet Earth, it reinforces that mental box, until the mental box is solid and will not let in any of the light or the truth of God that is continually shining upon the Earth from the spiritual realm.

 My heart is burdened for you

The inhabitants of the Earth are indeed like the people who were chained inside of Plato’s cave. They could not see what was happening outside the cave but could see only the shadows on the walls of the cave. And so the cave is representative of the mental boxes that people have built around their minds, and the shadows on the walls of the cave are the fleeting images, the projections, the mere shadows of reality that managed to filter through the erroneous beliefs that surround people’s minds.

And some people have completely closed their caves, and there are not even shadows of reality on the walls of the cave but only the illusions created by people’s own minds. And I can tell you that some of the people with the most tightly closed minds are indeed sitting in their Christian churches every Sunday, feeling that they are surely following my teachings, doing my work and that they will surely be saved.

Oh my beloved, what a burden to my heart it is that so many people, so many Christians, have indeed used me to build a mental box around their minds which says that they could not possibly do the works that I did, attain the Christ consciousness and ascend to Heaven. And the reason is that they are not sons and daughters of God because I, Jesus Christ, was the only Son of God.

Oh what a fallacy this is. And if I could, for one second, make you feel the burden this is to my heart, I think it just might jolt you out of your mental box and have the scales fall from your eyes, as happened to my beloved Paul, when he finally stopped kicking against the pricks. And so what is the true meaning of the statement I made to Paul, “It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks?”

Well my beloved, you will recall that Paul was a very religious person. He knew the letter of the law taught by the Jews, and I can assure you that he believed firmly that he had followed that law all his life and that he would surely be saved because he had done everything right according to the outer law. You see, Paul was the perfect example of a human being who has built such a firm mental box around himself that he simply cannot see the fact that truth cannot fit into that box, and therefore truth is more than the box.

That is why Paul himself could not recognize the Living Christ. You see my beloved, what is not recorded in scripture is that Paul did indeed meet me before my crucifixion. He did not meet me in a personal encounter, but he did attend one of the talks I gave on the banks of the Sea of Galilee. He was indeed among the multitudes that were fed by the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. And yet because of his mental box, he was not able to recognize the Living Christ when he saw me physically. He was unable to recognize the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, and the reason was that some of the things I said that day did not fit into his mental box of how God was portrayed in the Jewish religion.

God, according to the Jews, was an angry and judgmental being up there in Heaven, and I portrayed God as a loving father figure. Well my beloved, Paul could not accept anything beyond the orthodox view of God, and therefore he rejected me as a false teacher who was using trickery instead of truly producing the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

The importance of free will

So Paul went his way. And I must tell you that I was ready to let Paul go his way because he truly had had his opportunity to affirm the Christ, and he had used his free will to deny that Christ. Yet after my resurrection, I realized that Paul was indeed sent to this planet on a mission to help bring forth the new religion of Christianity. I also realized that because Paul had now started persecuting my followers, he was not only compromising that mission but indeed making such a severe karma that he was compromising his soul. That is why I resorted to the dramatic measure of appearing to him in a powerful vision that shattered his mental box and made him see the light and truth which could not shine through that mental box.

Now my beloved, here is a subtle but important distinction. Everything in this universe is subject to the free will of human beings. I am a spiritual teacher, and I have an absolute and uncompromising respect for the Law of Free Will. From a superficial viewpoint, it might seem as if I violated the free will of Paul. Yet the reality is that the soul of Paul had volunteered for a special mission before it came into that embodiment. Had Paul recognized me at the Sea of Galilee, he could have joined me as one of my disciples, and it would not have been necessary to appear to him in a vision. Had he gone his way and not started persecuting my followers, I would have let him go his way without appearing to him.

This would have compromised his mission but it would not have compromised his soul. Yet because he started persecuting my followers, I could, according to the Law of Free Will, appear to him in a vision that forced him to choose this day whom he would serve. You see my beloved, Paul could easily have denied that vision and explained it away as the work of the devil. Yet Paul did not deny the vision, and thereby he turned his soul around and started the upward path that led him to become not only one of my apostles but eventually to become an ascended being such as myself.

What I would like you to understand about the situation with Paul is that it was his soul’s choice to come into that lifetime with the special mission of helping spread the teachings of Christ, and this made it possible for me to appear to him in a vision that jolted him out of his mental box. Yet that was possible only in a very special situation, where I came at the beginning of an age and where my mission depended on a very few souls who had volunteered to come in to carry the torch and spread Christianity. As you can certainly see, had not Paul been awakened, Christianity might never have spread and become a significant force in the religious life of this planet. That is how important one soul can be at certain crucial times in history.

The situation today is a little bit different. Today, we are also at a crucial point in history. We are indeed on the threshold between the old age of Pisces and the new age of Aquarius. Humankind is going through a transformation between two levels of consciousness, and it is indeed fully as dramatic and fully as important as the transition that occurred 2,000 years ago. Nevertheless, what we have today is a situation where millions of souls have volunteered to come into embodiment and support the transition from the old age to the new. These are the souls who over the past 2,000 years have managed to embody my inner teachings, to read between the lines of the orthodox Christian scriptures and doctrines, and to discover the inner meaning and the path to Christhood hidden behind the outer doctrines.

So you see my beloved, today we have the potential to experience the second coming of Christ. But whereas the first coming of Christ was the coming of the Living Christ in one person only, namely myself, the second coming of Christ is meant to be the coming of the Living Christ, the Christ consciousness, in millions of people. And therefore the completion of this mission is not as dependent upon a few individuals as was the case 2,000 years ago. As a result of this, I do not have the dispensation to appear to everyone of the millions of people who have the potential to manifest a high degree of Christhood and awaken them through a vision that is as powerful as the vision I gave to Paul. This simply is not allowed according to the Law of Free Will.

You see in today’s age, it is necessary that people discover their mission, their identity, their Christhood and their Christ potential through an inner experience, through an inner knowing and not through some powerful outer vision or some material proof, such as the raising of the dead, the walking on water or the turning of the water into wine.

This is truly an age where I have need of those who see not and yet believe in their inner potential to be the Living Christ in embodiment on Earth. So you see, my beloved, today I do not have the option of appearing to each and every one of you and give you some undeniable proof of the truth of the teaching.

You must find the truth by finding it inside yourself. You must find it because you discover that you already have that truth, a morsel of truth, anchored in your heart. And so how can you discover that truth, that Christ truth, which is already within you?

The Living Truth of God

This is why I am talking to you today. The simple fact is that there are certain people in embodiment today who have advanced far enough on the spiritual path that they have obtained a momentum which allows them to discover and recognize the truth within themselves without outer stimulus or reminders. Yet for most people it will take an outer reminder for them to be quickened and remember and discover the truth inside themselves, and this outer reminder comes in one form only and that is the Living Word, which is delivered through the power of the Holy Spirit.

You see my beloved, what has happened to most people on Earth is that they have created mental boxes, which prevent them from seeing and acknowledging the truth of God. Yet there is a morsel of truth within their beings, which makes it impossible for them to be completely content and at peace inside their mental boxes. Pontius Pilate stood before the Living Christ and could not recognize me as the Living Christ. Yet he nevertheless recognized that there was something more to reality than what he could grasp with his outer mind, and that is indeed why he cried out, “What is truth?”

Today, most people are in a similar situation of knowing there is something more but not being able to grasp it with their conscious minds. And this is indeed what causes people to accept ideas and beliefs that are in direct opposition to personal Christhood and the reality that they are truly the sons and daughters of God who are meant to be part of the Second Coming of Christ.

Many of these people are indeed the people who call themselves good Christians, and in reality they are good Christians because they are my own. They have volunteered to come into this lifetime precisely because of their love of me and out of a desire to see my mission fulfilled the only way it can be fulfilled, namely by thousands and millions of people following in my footsteps and manifesting a high degree of Christhood.

This is precisely why these people have become attracted to the Christian religion and why many of them have followed that religion diligently in the outer form that they have come to know. But unfortunately what has happened to many of these people is that they have become trapped in the outer religion and its outer doctrines, rituals and practices.

And out of their love for me they have built this misguided loyalty to the outer religion and the outer church, and this is exactly what you saw in my beloved Paul. He also had a misguided loyalty to the outer religion, the Jewish religion. And therefore, he refused to acknowledge that I had come to renew that religion and take it to its next logical level of a higher understanding of the reality of God. And this is indeed what caused Paul to kick against the pricks, because his outer mind was going against the inner longing and the desires of his soul, the very longing that had caused him to volunteer to descend to this planet to support my mission.

I am calling my own to awaken

I am telling you now with the full fire of my heart that so many of those who are in the Christian religion today also have a deep inner soul love for me, and many of them have volunteered to come into embodiment in this day and age to be part of the fulfillment of my mission of the Second Coming of Christ. Yet in their minds they have accepted the orthodox Christian doctrines that there was only one Son of God, and therefore they cannot become the Christ that I was. And this is indeed why these people are kicking against the pricks and why they are, in reality, persecuting me and the true teachings of the inner Christ and the Christ potential of every son and daughter of God, just as Paul was persecuting my followers.

Do you not see what is going on? Do you not see what is happening here, and that this is simply an outplaying of a pattern that took place 2,000 years ago. You are today in the exact same situation that Paul was in, when he walked the road before his vision. And I can assure you that if you could look at the situation today, you would see that as Paul was heading down that road, he was fully convinced that he was a righteous Jewish warrior who was fighting against the onslaught of the ungodly Christians who were threatening the Jewish religion. And he was firmly convinced that he was doing the works of his God and that he was being loyal to everything he was brought up to believe in.

Yet, my beloved, as I said to Paul, he was truly persecuting me and he was kicking against the pricks of his own soul. And therefore, I now say to those of you who are still trapped in the orthodox Christian doctrines and following in the outer path that has been promoted by the Christian religion for these 2,000 years, I say to you, as I said to Paul, “Why persecutest thou me; it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks!”

So my beloved hearts, stop kicking against the pricks. Recognize the deepest desires of your soul. Recognize the deepest love of your soul. And recognize the fact that you are not loving the outer church, the outer doctrines, the outer rituals. The love that you have is the love for me, Jesus Christ. It is a love for the living spiritual being that I am. And it is a love for the Living Truth that I am and the Living Truth that I bring.

My beloved, if I had one wish, it would be that you would, for one moment, decide to set aside your outer beliefs in Christianity and just listen to these words, and as you read these words, turn your attention towards your heart. What you will discover if you look inside your heart with an unbiased mind is that as you are reading these words, something is stirring in your heart. The reason is that you have a portion of Christ truth anchored in your heart, and as you read these words, the Living Truth that is carried in these words, is resonating with the Christ truth that is already in your heart.

My beloved, if you were to recognize and admit that resonance, you could go through an experience that was fully as powerful and fully as dramatic as the one experienced by Paul. Fortunately, you would not have to be blinded by that experience, and instead your inner and your outer sight would be opened to recognize the Living Truth that I am.

What is the Living Truth of God?

We have now reached the point, where I will explain to you the meaning of the Living Truth of God. Do you remember what I told you in the beginning, namely that God is a process, an eternal process of self-transcendence? Now contrast this with the fact that most human beings have created a mental box around their minds. What is the essence of this mental box? It is that it is not flowing, that it is not growing, that it is not transcending itself. Instead, it contains a number of fixed pictures, still pictures, of what you think reality is like. And you are constantly holding on to those fixed pictures and trying to make reality conform to your images.

Many of those who call themselves Christians have used the Christian religion to reinforce and build those still pictures of what they think God is like, what they think Jesus Christ is like and what they think truth is like. And so they have created a fixed image of me and a fixed image of God and a fixed image of themselves. And those fixed images say that God is up in his Heaven, that Jesus Christ is the only son of God and that they are poor sinners who are separated from God and can only be saved through Jesus Christ.

The fallacy of these images is that God is everywhere and in everything, that Jesus Christ is not the only Son of God, but simply their brother, and that I came as an example, not the exception. I came to show the path of personal Christhood that everyone has the potential to follow. And therefore you are not sinners, my beloved, you are not separated from God, you are indeed babes in Christ with the potential to grow into the full Christhood that you saw me demonstrate, and which will enable you, empower you, to do the works that I did and even to do greater works.

You see, my beloved, the truth of Christ cannot be fit into the mental boxes that human beings have created, even the mental boxes that are created based on the outer religion of Christianity. The truth cannot be fit into the fixed images because God is an ever-moving process of self-transcendence, and therefore the truth of God is not fixed, it is not absolute, it is not unchanging. The simple reason is that as God transcends himself, his truth is expanded. It grows, it moves and the truth transcends its former state.

Do you see my beloved, the fallacy and the danger of religion, a religion which seeks to promote the idea that it is possible to capture the truth of God in a fixed doctrine, in a fixed church and in a fixed ritual? Oh my beloved, how I wish I could raise your souls up to where I am today and help you look down upon yourselves, your outer forms, as you go about your daily business on planet Earth. How I wish I could give you a glimpse of the contrast between the consciousness that we have in Heaven and the consciousness in which so many people are trapped on Earth. You would instantly see that we, who are your spiritual teachers, have such a deep love for you and such a deep longing to help you be free. And yet, because you are trapped in your mental boxes, it is so difficult for us to communicate with you and to make you understand and accept our love. It is so hard to make you accept and understand the Living Truth that will set you free.

The true purpose of religion

Do you remember that, 2,000 years ago, I talked about the truth that will set you free? What is the truth that will set you free? Well my beloved, it is precisely the Living Truth of God. And why will that Living Truth set you free? Because if you accept and absorb the Living Truth of God, you will transcend the mental box in which you are now trapped.

It is precisely this mental box which keeps you out of the kingdom of Heaven by making you think that you are separated from God, that the kingdom of God is somewhere up there and that it could never be where you are. Well my beloved, the kingdom of God is a state of consciousness. And yes, it is certainly easier to maintain that state of consciousness after you have ascended to Heaven. But I tell you it is possible to obtain the Christ consciousness while you are on Earth, and when you do so, you will be in the kingdom even while your soul inhabits the physical body. In fact, you will bring the kingdom of God to Earth.

Do you remember what I said in the very beginning, when I said that the very purpose of God’s creation was to create a limited creation which eventually transcended its limitation and became aware of itself as an extension of God, as an individualization of God. So you see my beloved, that even though a soul must ascend to Heaven to become permanently saved, it is not really the purpose of religion to get all people to ascend to Heaven. The real purpose of religion is to bring God’s kingdom to Earth by making a critical mass of human beings manifest their personal Christhood and thereby draw down the consciousness of the kingdom of God, so that the entire Earth can be raised up to a high level of awareness, where even the stones themselves will reflect the consciousness of the kingdom of God.

You now see that we of the Ascended Host have a purpose for giving religion that is entirely different from the purpose which most people see in religion. So many people think that a religion is meant to give them an absolute and infallible truth. And therefore they think that their particular religious doctrine is the only truth, is the only possible way to describe the reality of God and therefore all other descriptions must be false. Therefore, all other religions must be false religions, and it is their holy duty to seek to save other people from those religions or even to wage a holy war to destroy those religions, possibly by killing all the people who follow those religions. And so we have the endless human power struggle, fueled and justified by religion, whereby people kill each other in the name of God.

My beloved, it is my sincere hope that there is a critical mass of human beings in this day and age who can and will recognize that this approach to religion is a fallacy. Time has utterly and completely run away from this outer, dogmatic, fanatical, extremist approach to religion. Oh my beloved, when will people wake up and realize that this is not why God gives religion. God is not attempting to bring forth a religious doctrine which contains absolute truth because God knows that the truth of God is the Living Truth, which is constantly transcending itself.

The Living Word and the dead word

Do you see the all-important distinction here? Throughout the ages, many religions have been inspired by the Ascended Host, and the founders of those religions were bringing forth a new spiritual understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit and the delivery of the Living Word. What happened to almost every religion on this planet is that after the original founders were no longer on this planet, the flow of the Living Word through that religion came to a halt. The reason being that the followers of that religion were not able or willing to raise themselves, to raise their consciousness, so that they could become the instruments for, the open doors for, the flow of the Living Word.

When the flow of the Living Word stopped, people took what had been brought forth through the Living Word, and they turned it into an outer doctrine. And when that outer doctrine was written down and codified, that which was originally the Living Word had now become fixated in time and space. And therefore it did not take long before, with the addition of interpretations and official doctrines, the Living Word had now become the dead word.

And yes the dead word can still contain fragments of truth, but nevertheless the dead word can never contain the truth that will set you free. Only the Living Word can empower you to transcend your mental boxes and be free of those boxes. Only the Living Truth of God has the power to raise you up. And so my beloved, this is the true meaning behind the statement that unless you eat of the body and blood of Christ, you have no life in you. The body and blood of Christ is the Christ consciousness, and it is only through the Christ consciousness that you can recognize the Living Truth of God. So unless you partake of the Christ consciousness, you have no life in you, no matter how many doctrines that you have memorized.

My beloved, do you not see that I was in constant opposition to the Pharisees, the scribes, the Sadducees and the lawyers? Those were the people who knew the outer law. They had taken the outer doctrines, the dead truth, and they had memorized it. They knew every letter of that outer law. But they were truly, as I said, like whitened sepulchers full of dead men’s bones.

Do you not see what I am saying here? Do you not see the stupendous importance of recognizing the distinction between the dead, outer doctrine and the Living Word of God, which can only be delivered and flow through the power of the Holy Spirit? Why do you think I sent my apostles out to preach by the power of the Holy Spirit? Why do you think I didn’t write down a fixed outer doctrine and told them to go out and read aloud from a book? Well, I did this precisely because I knew that only the power of the Living Word, the Living Truth, can set people free to transcend their mental boxes, to stop kicking against the pricks and stop persecuting the Living Christ within themselves.

The Movement of the Living Word of God

My beloved, I am truly like the voice crying in the wilderness saying, “How long, oh Lord? How long before these people wake up and see what has been under their noses for these 2,000 years and yet has been so obscured by dead outer doctrines that only a precious few Christian mystics have been able to read between the lines and discover the Living Truth?”

How long oh Lord before people will wake up and realize that I came to Earth to deliver a morsel of the Christ consciousness to every human being? And my hope was that that morsel would be the leaven that would raise the whole loaf of their consciousness, until they too manifested the Christ consciousness that I demonstrated and did the works that I did.

So therefore, I have now attempted the impossible mission of trying to explain to people, who are stuck in the relativity of the carnal state of mind, the significance and the reality of the Living Truth and the Living Word. And so I trust that some of those who will make the effort to read these words will indeed stop kicking against the pricks, will indeed have the scales fall from their eyes and recognize the value of the Living Word of God.

And therefore, I now take the next step, and I tell you that I desire to create a new movement, a new movement on planet Earth. And it is the Movement of the Living Word of God. I do not want to call this movement a church, I do not want to call it a religion. Because thereby so many people would see it as just another religion promoting an outer doctrine. And this truly is not my intent. So what I desire to see is a movement that is based on the recognition of the essential difference between the dead outer word and the living inner word. A movement based on the recognition of the stupendous value of the Living Word of God, and that only the Living Word can deliver the Living Truth that will set people free.

Therefore, I desire to inaugurate a movement that is dedicated to delivering that Living Word, so that people do not have to base their spiritual growth on a dead outer doctrine that is written in a book. Instead, they can experience personally the Living Word of God, delivered to them through a living person who has been willing to go through the process of raising his or her consciousness, until he or she becomes the open door, whereby the Living Word and Living Truth of God can stream into this material octave and indeed quicken the consciousness and memory of those people who are yet stuck in their mental boxes.

Through that quickening, people can feel that the outer word itself, the Living Word itself, resonates with something in their own hearts. And when they recognize that there is something in their own hearts, they realize that they have a portion of Christ truth anchored in their hearts. And by focusing their attention on that morsel of Christ truth, they can indeed let it rise and raise the loaf of their consciousness, until they too become the open door for the Living Word. And so I desire to see thousands, and eventually millions, of people raise their consciousness and quicken themselves and allow their Christ selves to quicken them until they become the open door for the delivery of the Living Word.

I inaugurate on this day the beginning of a new movement, the Movement of the Living Word of God. And I hereby call my own, those who know who they are, or who are willing to be quickened into remembering who they are. Those who stood before me in this spiritual realm before they came into this lifetime and the physical body in which they now abide. Those who stood before me and took a solemn vow to descend to planet Earth and to be the instruments for the bringing about of the second coming of Christ and the awakening of millions of souls through the power of the Living Word and the Holy Spirit.

I have need of thee!

My beloved, I showed you, 2,000 years ago, that there is only one way to be a teacher for the people of Earth. Why do you think I rebuked the scribes and the lawyers who had a mere intellectual understanding of the letter of the law, but had not the spirit of the law? What does it mean to have the spirit of the law? It means that you have embodied the teaching to such a degree that the teaching is not an intellectual idea for you. The teachings is a living reality; it is a Living Truth. You are living the truth that you are teaching. So you are not only preaching it through the dead outer word, you are preaching it through the Living Word and the living example of being that truth and that teaching in action because you have become the teaching, you have become the truth.

So you see my beloved, the only way to teach the Living Truth of God is to teach by example. And that is truly what I showed you 2,000 year ago, namely an example of what a person can be, when he or she has become one with the Living Truth and therefore can say, “I am the way, the truth and the life!”

This is not a mere outer understanding, a mere intellectual construct of the mind. No, this is a living reality. You do not simply recognize the truth; you are the truth. And everything you do and say expresses that truth in action for all to see. By recognizing the Living Truth that you have become, people are quickened, and they realize that they have a morsel of that truth in their hearts. And therefore they have the potential to follow your example and become that Living Truth.

This is what I desire to see. And my beloved, millions of souls volunteered to come down here to walk that path, to be instruments for the Living Truth and to bring about the second coming of Christ. Your soul stood before me, and you said, “Jesus, I will go and help you fulfill your mission and bring about the second coming of Christ!”

I am now telling you that it is time and high time that you remember the vow taken by your soul and that you break down the mental box that stands in the way of your full acceptance of why you are here and that you truly have the potential to be the Living Christ in embodiment. Because I tell you, my beloved, “I have need of thee!”

Can you see that it is totally obvious that orthodox Christianity has built such an idolatry around me that hardly anyone dares to follow my example. And so to help people wake up and realize that they have the potential to follow the example of Christ, they need to see those who dare embody that example and become the Living Christ in embodiment. And when they see that someone, who is like them and has grown up in the same culture and society, can become the Living Christ, then they too can finally overcome their idolatry and accept that they have the potential to become the Living Christ.

My beloved, this is what needs to happen on planet Earth. This is indeed what I and all of my brothers and sisters of the Ascended Host are waiting for. We are waiting not for one human being to wake up and realize his potential to become the Christ. We are waiting for a critical mass of human beings to bring about a large-scale awakening, whereby millions of people recognize their potential to become the Christ and therefore bring about the true Christ Mass, the mass awakening of human beings into the full manifestation of their Christhood.

This Christ Mass is precisely what can bring God’s kingdom to Earth. And I tell you, it is a living reality, a living potential a Living Truth. So I , Jesus Christ, hereby stand before your soul at inner levels, and I say,

“In the name of the living God, the I AM THAT I AM within me, and by the authority given to me by Almighty God as the Savior for humankind, I hereby call YOU to recognize the reality of the Living Word and to recognize the Christ truth in your heart, to allow that Christ truth to consume the unreality and the lies that surround your conscious mind. I call you to come to a conscious acceptance of who you are as a son or daughter of God and why you are here on planet Earth, namely to bring about the second coming of Christ and to bring about the manifestation of God’s kingdom on this planet, so that we can turn this Earth into a bright star, a star of spiritual freedom, so that we can turn the Earth into Freedom’s Star. And therefore I say, Stop persecuting me! Stop kicking against the pricks! And BE the Living Christ that you are!

It is done, it is finished, it is sealed, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it, I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ. Amen.”


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A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (July 1, 2005.)

Towards the end of the Piscean age

I am the universal Christ in action here. Many in the West have known me as Jesus, many in the East have known me as Krishna. We are distinct beings, yet we are both representatives of the one universal Christ that is in all life. Therefore, I come now as the Jesus with which most of you are familiar here in the West. I come to claim planet earth for the universal Christ, as opposed to the false Christ, the dogmatic, exclusivist Christ that has been set up as an idol by those who claim to represent me on earth.

I am here to take dominion over the earth, but I am here to take dominion over the earth through the Christ in all life. Will you be the Christ in action where you are? Then I welcome you to my heart, which is a symbol of the upper room where I shared the last supper with my disciples. That upper room was in itself a symbol of the fact that my disciples had been willing to raise their consciousness to the level of the Christ mind. And thus, the upper room was truly a place in consciousness, although it was also a physical place.

I am come today to claim the next 2,000 years as the Age of the Universal Christ. You may have heard of it as the Age of Aquarius, you may have heard of it as the Age of Freedom, but there is no freedom except through Christ and the Christ mind, that cleaves the real from the unreal in your own being and in the world in which you live.

Many years ago, the term Christ was truly a universal term. It had no dogmatic connotations. It was not monopolized by a particular church, and it was never meant to be monopolized by one particular church. It was meant to remain a universal term that would unite brother with brother across the lines of the outer religions. I came to inaugurate an age where people would separate themselves from the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of anti-christ that is based on separation, the separation from your source that leads to a sense of separation from your brothers and sisters in Spirit, and therefore leads to conflict and vain competition among men.

I came to bring the universal Christ light that is beyond any outer teaching that can be expressed in words. It cannot be confined to any expression in words or images in this world. It is beyond this world of form, but it can be touched, it can be glimpsed, through you, when you go within, when you go into the kingdom that is within you, that is within your heart and reach for that something more that you cannot define, that you cannot put into words, but that you know is real because your heart will tell you the reality of this universal Christ mind.

And when people are willing to reach for that – whether they call it Christ or something else – but when they are willing to reach for that which cannot be defined, then they will truly find a deeper sense of oneness with the source of all life. And as you, as an individual, feel that sense of oneness, you will know that the source from which you sprang was also the very origin of all other people on earth. And when you know that other people came from the same source, you cannot look at them as enemies, you cannot look at them as competitors, and you will not judge them.

Jesus will stay with earth for another 2,000 years

You have all heard the statement from the Gospel of John, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh to the Father but by me.” You have probably heard some hellfire and brimstone Christian preacher use that statement as a supposed proof that Christianity is the only true religion. And for almost 2,000 years the blind leaders of orthodox Christianity have managed to have over a billion people believe in their lie that Christianity is the only true religion. But in truth, the universal Christ is the only true religion, the only true approach to religion, because it is only through the Christ mind that you can attain the goal of all true religion, which is oneness with your source and oneness with your brothers and sisters who are part of the Body of God on earth.

And thus, I never meant to start an exclusivist religion that would compete with other religions and seek to replace them, even seeking to kill the followers of other religions, thinking it was better for those followers to be killed than to go to hell. What folly this has been. What sorrow and burden it has been to my heart to watch this for 2,000 years. And therefore, I come to tell you that I, Jesus Christ, from this day on will wage war against those who misuse my name and the name of the Universal Christ.

I have come to claim planet earth for the true teachings of the universal Christ. And I will give those teachings, so that people can either accept them or deny them, but so that no one can say that they have not been presented with the true teachings of Christ. The true meaning of the statement I made, that I am the way, the truth and the life, is simple. I Jesus Christ, as an ascended being, have been appointed by God to hold a spiritual office for planet earth. That is the Office of Savior, or World Teacher. When a person has reached a sufficient level of Christhood, that person will have to go through the office, my office, the Office of the Universal Christ, in order to permanently ascend from planet earth and rise to a higher level.

The Office of the Universal Christ has one goal only, and that is to make sure that a student has let go of the duality consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ, and has come to identify himself or herself with the Christ within, with the source of all life, because only that sense of oneness can give a lifestream, entry into heaven. No one who is still stuck in the duality consciousness can enter heaven, because in heaven we are all one and we are all one with God. How can those who wear not the wedding garment of oneness enter the wedding feast? They must remain in the outer darkness of their own making, of the duality consciousness.

So for these past 2,000 years I have served in this office. And I have received many sincere seekers who came to me. And many of them have passed the test of oneness and they have gone through my office to higher realms. Now, the Christians will tell you that those who came to me would have had to come from a Christian religion, but that is not so. That is a lie. I have received people from every religion on earth over these past 2,000 years. I have even received many who did not belong to a formal religion. I have even received a precious few who thought they were atheists, but nevertheless discovered their true inner faith, once they shed the mortal form.

As one age passes and another age begins, it is possible that a spiritual office will be passed on to another ascended being. Yet I am here to tell you that I have been offered by cosmic councils to continue in my office for the next 2,000 years, and I have decided to accept this offer. Therefore, I will continue to serve in the Office of the Universal Christ for the next 2,000 years, assisting all of the ascended brother and sisters who work with planet earth. Why have I made this decision? For one reason only—out of my love for you, for those lifestreams on earth who truly are the true followers of the universal Christ.

Jesus will help us claim our Christhood

As I have said, there are 10,000 people on earth today who at inner levels have attained their Christhood. Many of them have grown up in a religion that did not teach them about Christhood, or that taught them that it was blasphemy to make themselves equal to Christ. Therefore, they have not been awakened to their inner attainment, they have not accepted their inner attainment, and they have not claimed their Christhood. And there are millions more who have attained a high degree of Christhood and could attain the full Christhood in this embodiment, if only they would dare to claim it.

And thus, I have vowed – out of love for these lifestreams – to stay with earth for another 2,000 years and assist Saint Germain in bringing in the Golden Age of Aquarius, the golden age of spiritual freedom, that has been his dream for these many centuries. And thus I tell you that I am here and that I am here to stay.

And I tell you also – all those who are members of other religions, those who are in the New Age movement, those who have been discouraged or disappointed by orthodox Christianity – I tell you, I Jesus Christ am here to serve the Christ in you—if you will have me. I know that many of you have been prejudiced against Jesus Christ because you have been exposed to the false image of Christ that has been promoted by orthodox Christianity in my name. Yet I am not here as that idol.

I am not the Jesus Christ that has been portrayed hanging on the cross for so many years in Christian churches. I am not that idol, not that false Christ. I am far more. I am a universal spiritual Being, and I am here to help you—if you are willing to open your heart and give me room to enter.

Therefore, I will – through this messenger, through other messengers and through anyone who is willing to speak the Living Word – expose people to the true, universal Christ, the inner Christ within all. This is the Christ of the Aquarian Age, and without that Christ, without that Christ mind, you will not be able to transcend the consciousness of Pisces and move into the consciousness of Aquarius. This then is my commitment to earth and to your progress on the path.

However, I realize, as the realistic Being that I am, that I of my own self can do nothing and that I alone cannot accomplish this task, even though I am an ascended Being and even though I have been given all power in heaven and on earth. I am not the only ascended being, and there are other ascended beings who embody particular flames that are needed to help planet earth go through the transformation from the Piscean state of consciousness to the Aquarian state of consciousness.

And thus I have with me, first of all my beloved Mother Mary, who gave birth to me these 2,000 years ago. And I have with me the man who was my father 2,000 years ago, whom many know as Saint Joseph and whom many in today’s age know as Saint Germain. And thus, for now I withdraw and I let Mother Mary speak.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels

Who is Jesus trying to reach with this website?

A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

NOTE: The following discourse explains who Jesus is trying to reach with the teachings on this website. It also explains the very core of his true message, his inner message, that has been almost completely lost over the past 2,000 years. The discourse also explains why it is so crucial for people to rediscover Jesus’ true message and apply this knowledge in our time.

The only possible solution to human problems

Beloved hearts, to explain why I am pleading with you to make the decision to seek Christ consciousness, let me summarize what we have looked at so far.

  • We have seen that God has not created the current state of suffering, limitation and misery found on planet earth. Instead, human beings have created their own situation.
  • We have seen that there is only one possible solution to the problems found on planet earth. That solution is the Christ consciousness.
  • I have told you about the universal Christ consciousness. Yet, the solution to the problems of earth is not the universal Christ consciousness. The reason being that the universal Christ consciousness simply cannot enter this world.
  • God has created the law of free will, and no being in heaven will ever violate the free will of human beings. Therefore, the cosmic Christ consciousness itself simply cannot act in this world.
  • As a result, the key to changing the current situation on planet earth is not the universal Christ consciousness, but the individualized Christ consciousness. When I walked the earth, I expressed my individualized Christ consciousness in this world. I was, quite literally, the light of the world. It is true that I was completely united with the universal Christ consciousness. Yet, I still was not expressing the universal Christ mind. I was expressing my individualized Christ mind.
  • The essential point is that you cannot expect some spiritual force from heaven to suddenly descend and solve all of the problems on earth. You cannot expect that God or myself will suddenly appear in the sky and whisk away all of humankind’s problems.This simply will not happen.
  • God can indeed solve all of the problems on earth, but God can only do so through his sons and daughters. God can only bring about change if you decide to be the instrument for bringing about change by putting on your personal Christhood.

When you consider the impact that my short mission has had on this planet, I think you can see the potential impact of thousands of Christed beings walking the earth.


I hold a very high and beautiful vision for this planet.

I hold the vision of 10,000 Christed beings in physical embodiment. I desire to give you a glimpse of my vision.

  • I see a large-scale and dramatic change in people’s consciousness. I see a large-scale awakening, whereby millions upon millions of people will come to a realization and a conscious acceptance of the spiritual side to life, their spiritual identity and their spiritual potential.
  • I see a vision of millions of people recognizing their potential to put on Christ consciousness. I see them making the conscious decision to put on that Christ consciousness and to engage in the spiritual path that will lead them to that goal.
  • I see the potential for a golden age of progress, peace and growth that will turn this planet into a bright star, as opposed to the dark star it is today.
  • However, I also see that for this to happen, people must have examples to follow. My example took place too long ago. Furthermore, the intense cult of idolatry built around the outer person of Jesus Christ makes it very difficult for people to identify with me and to see me as an example. That is why I need you.


The call for 10,000 christed ones

I know that 10,000 people are prepared at inner levels to attain the full measure of Christ consciousness in this lifetime. Most of these people volunteered for this mission before they came into embodiment. Most of these people have not yet come to a conscious realization of their mission.

However, if those 10,000 people receive these teachings and accept my message, they can quickly rise to a high level of Christ consciousness. Thereby, they can become the shining examples that millions of other people can follow.

Most of these 10,000 souls have already attained a high level of Christ consciousness at inner levels. They simply need to come to a conscious acceptance of their inner attainment. Therefore, many of these people have the potential to go through a very swift and dramatic transformation from their current level of consciousness to a high degree of Christhood.

I can assure you that if 10,000 people manifested a high level of Christ consciousness and continued towards the full Christ consciousness, you would begin to see some very dramatic changes on planet earth.

I also know that millions of people are prepared at inner levels to come to a conscious acceptance of their potential to become the Christ. These people have already attained a certain level of Christ consciousness. They still have a ways to go to attain the full measure, but if they will make a sincere effort, it can be attained in this lifetime. I can assure you that if these millions of people were to receive these teachings, they would make an immense contribution to the positive change on planet earth.

If 10,000 people were to accept their Christhood, and if millions more were to accept the potential for Christhood, planet earth would never be the same. You would literally see so many changes within a few decades that the concept of future shock would take on an entirely new meaning.
As a result of such an awakening, the vast majority of humankind would rise above their current consciousness of materialism, hopelessness and despair.

People would recognize the spiritual side to life.
People would gain hope from seeing the dramatic changes that would begin to occur.
People would gain a new sense of meaning and purpose.
They would realize that life is not something that is forced upon them, nor is it some form of punishment from an angry God.
Life is a miracle.
Life is a gift.
Life is an opportunity for growth.
Life is an opportunity to express your God-given individuality.
Life is pure joy.


My vision for earth

My beloved hearts, if you will make an effort to still the outer mind and emotions and to go deeply within your heart, I will show you at least a portion of the vision I hold for this planet. Were you to see even a glimpse of this vision, you would be so uplifted that your life would never be the same. You would realize that God has a solution for every problem on earth. You would realize that God is ready to bring forth that solution as soon as some people raise their level of consciousness so that they can be the open door through which that solution can be brought into the material world.

Furthermore, you would realize that you have the potential to become the open door through which God can bring forth one or several solutions to problems that human beings currently consider to be insoluble.
You cannot tell me that this would not make you excited. I know you, I know your soul at inner levels, and I know you have a deep inner desire to see positive change on planet earth.

My beloved heart, if you are reading these words, you are one of my flock. You are one of my servants. You are one of my brothers and sisters in spirit. You are already working with me at inner levels. However, I can do so much more for you and for humankind through you if you will consciously realize your divine origin and your potential to manifest Christhood.

There is almost no limit to what I could do for this planet, if I had 10,000 Christed beings in embodiment and millions of people who were sincerely striving to become Christed beings.

However, we must start somewhere. Everything begins with one person who decides to raise his or her consciousness. If you desire to help bring about my vision, you must begin the only place you could possibly begin, namely by changing yourself. Make an effort to turn the dial of consciousness so that you can hear me speak to you in the stillness of your heart. I will show you, measure for measure, your personal path to Christhood.

This is not an empty promise.
If you will listen with an open mind and heart, you will hear my voice. You will know that it is indeed I, your brother of light Jesus Christ, who is speaking to you. If you can recognize my voice through these teachings, you can recognize my voice in your own heart.
Dare to listen.
Dare to be.


 Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels

You are ready to know my true, inner teachings


A message from Jesus through Kim Michaels:


I have always acknowledged that human beings are at different stages of spiritual development. Even the Bible contains the teaching that I taught the multitudes through parables and expounded all things to my disciples. Thus, I have always had two levels of teachings, one for the general public and one for those who are ready for the inner path. The purpose of this website is to give my inner teachings, my more advanced or esoteric teachings to those who are ready for them.

It remains a simple fact that there are those who have ears to hear and those who do not. Thus, as it was when I walked the earth, some can be reached and some cannot. Yet be aware that there is a cosmic law that guides the relationship between a spiritual master and his or her students:

When the student is ready, the master appears.

Thus, there is an inner reason why you have found this website. Although it is impossible to put a teaching on the internet and control who finds it, it would be constructive for you to assume that you have found this website because you are ready for some of the teachings on it. 

Yet it would also be constructive to recognize that it is entirely possible that you are ready for a teaching in the innermost recesses of your being, yet you still have certain aspects of your outer personality that blocks your acceptance of this teaching. In other words, you have found this website because your higher self directed you here, but your lower self will do everything in its power to get you to reject it, so it does not lose its control over you.

When I walked the earth almost two millennia ago, humankind had a much more limited understanding of the human psyche than today. Thus, I had limited opportunities for explaining the central element of the death consciousness and how there is an element in your own psyche that wants to keep you trapped in the death consciousness. In today’s world most people have some understanding of this fact, and to many people it is known as the ego.

Thus, you should be aware that your life – your personal path, your growth in consciousness – can be seen as a tug-of-war between two elements of your own psyche. There is your higher self, which seeks to pull you towards the Christ consciousness, and then there is your lower self or ego, which seeks to pull you to stay in the death consciousness and to continue to identify yourself based on some element in this world.

The purpose of my inner teachings – back then and today – is to help you understand this tug-of-war and understand who it is that is caught in the middle. Who is the “you” that is being pulled in two different directions by two other elements of your psyche? Until you truly know who you are, how can you make a free decision as to whether you will cling to your old sense of identity or let that identity die, so that the real you can be reborn into a recognition of who you truly are: a co-creator with your God, who is here to take dominion over your mind and then take dominion over the matter realm.

If you will use the teachings and tools we give on this and our other websites, you can truly take command over your own mind. And this will then allow you to fulfill your purpose for coming into embodiment, namely to serve as a co-creator with your God and “have dominion” over the earth, meaning the matter realm.



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Stop dancing around the golden calf of the false Jesus created by the power elite that took over Christianity


A message from Jesus through Kim Michaels:


The single most important thing you can come to understand about who I was 2,000 years ago is that I came to teach and demonstrate the path that ALL people have the potential to follow. I came to be an example, and what the power elite behind the Christian religion has done is to elevate me to an exception that no one can or dare follow. Thus, what Christianity has done to me is the exact opposite of what I wanted to see happen. 

The people of the power elite first killed my physical body, and then they killed my example by perverting my teachings and telling an entirely false story about my life. Yet on this website I will expose this fraud, so that the people who are ready for it can acknowledge who they are and claim their right to follow my example by attaining personal Christhood.

The single most important thing you can understand about who I am today is that I am a spiritual being, an ascended being, an ascended master. I am still working with the earth, because I made a promise back then that I intend to fulfill: “I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” Thus, I am willing to work with anyone who is willing to attune his or her intuitive faculties to the Presence and vibration that I AM.

The entire purpose of this website is to help you stop dancing around the golden calf of the idolatrous image of Jesus built by Christianity, so that you can tune in to me directly in your own heart. After all, I did say back then that the kingdom of God is within you, did I not? That remark is precisely what got me killed back then, and it is precisely what will cause many to reject this website today.

Yet the simple fact is that I was and I AM a spiritual revolutionary. I came to revolutionize the relationship that human beings have with God. I came to take that relationship away from being dominated by the very beings who seek to enslave humankind, those I called the blind leaders or the sons of the devil. I came to give all people life and that more abundantly, so that they might know and experience their personal connection with their God right within their hearts. I came to help all people raise their consciousness, so they can know God within, instead of being trapped in the mental prison of thinking that their road to God and salvation must go through an earthly institution controlled by a power elite.

I am here today to fulfill that purpose. Thus, my intention with this website is to help you make that direct inner connection to me or another ascended master. It is NOT my intention with this website to create another external religion or spiritual movement that will do what such institutions have always done, namely stand between the people and their direct, inner relationship with their God.

If you will use the teachings and tools that we provide on this and our other websites, you can indeed attain that direct inner connection. And after all, it might be precisely to demonstrate this inner connection that you took embodiment at this critical, but also very fortunate, time in the cosmic evolution of this beautiful planet. 

So if you truly want to know the real Jesus, do not expect to find me on this website. Use the teachings and tools given, and you will indeed find me in your heart. That experience will be beyond words, so why would I use words to try to describe it? Seek me, and ye shall find—I AM willing to be found. Are you willing to find the real Jesus?



Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels


Was Jesus a complete ego-maniac?

By Kim Michaels, May 28, 2006.

Jesus started his mission at the wedding in Cana. He had decided to take that final step beyond the point of no return, where he knew that his mission had gone public and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Now we are going to consider the cycle of Jesus’ mission – his actual mission in the three years where he walked around Palestine and encountered opposition from the high and the mighty in the Jewish religion. And yet he reached out to the people—those who were considered the lowly by the Jews.

When you consider Jesus’ mission, we have all been brought up with a very limited, very idolatrous view of his mission and his life. As we talked about in our first discussion about his birth, he has been set up on a pedestal, where we don’t see any connection between his mission and our own mission in life. We think we can’t possibly follow in his footsteps. Yet Jesus said “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also” and this is the one sentence that is the essence of Jesus’ mission.

The simple question we need to ask ourselves is: “Do we believe that Jesus Christ was a total ego-maniac?”

It’s very simple. Ponder that question. Was he a total egotist? Did he come to show off that he was so much better than others, so far above us that we could never reach him?

Another version of that question is to say: “Why did God send his ‘only begotten Son’ to this Earth?” You take traditional Christian doctrine and it says “Jesus was the only Son of God,” or “Jesus was God from the very beginning.” As we talked about in the first lecture, the Catholic church said he “was begotten not made, coequal and coeternal with the Father.” In other words, he had no beginning. He was from the very beginning way above us. It also says that the rest of us were born as sinners.

So ask yourself this: If God is a benevolent God, does it make sense that he would create us as miserable sinners who are sinning by our vary nature, which God created. And then he sends Jesus as his only begotten Son to come down here to show us how perfect Jesus is, so we can really feel bad about how miserable we are. [Laughter] Yet God created Jesus and God created us. So if God created us as miserable sinners and he sent Jesus to make us feel bad about how he created us, he cannot be a benevolent God. There is no in-between.

Either God is some strange schizophrenic God [Laughter] or the Christian doctrine is a strange schizophrenic doctrine. Take your pick, because you can’t have it both ways. Unless you make yourself what Jesus called “the blind followers of the blind leaders,” because you refuse to think about what the blind leaders of Christianity have been telling people for 1500 years or more.

So this is what we need to wake ourselves up from, and those of us who are already awake need to be willing to be the open door to wake up those who are already – at inner levels – aware that something is missing from Christianity, something doesn’t make sense. Yet, they haven’t consciously made that leap where they have really dared to look at it, follow what they already know in their hearts and say, “The Pope has got nothing on.”

Do we really believe what Jesus said?

So the simple fact is that Jesus said “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also.” Either Jesus was a liar or we need to understand what that statement means. And of course, the fact of the matter is that we were not created by God as sinners, we were created as sons and daughters of God. But we did not come here with the full God consciousness, the full Christ consciousness of seeing ourselves as one with God, with our own higher Beings, with our I AM Presence.

We came here with a limited self awareness and we were meant to grow in self awareness until we could fully accept our oneness with our own higher Being. And therefore we could say with Jesus, “I and my Father are One.” And that is why the gospel of John says, “To as many as believed on him, to them gave he the power to become the Sons of God.” Again, a statement that most Christian ministers will quite frankly ignore. And if you confront them with it, they will either refuse to talk about it or they will come up with some kind of convoluted logic why it couldn’t possibly mean what it actually says. [Laughter]

So the fact of the matter is that Jesus left us many clues in his life. And that’s why the way he wants us to look at his life and his mission is that he demonstrated the path that we can all follow, the path to Christhood.

His mission was not – as we have been led to believe – an example of a superior being who just appeared in perfect form. Even the three years of his mission was a growth period where he went through different stages and eventually reached the fullness of the Christ consciousness. But as we talked about in the discussion about death, even to the very end, he had certain things he needed to give up, certain expectations. He had a certain ghost he needed to give up before he was totally free of this world.

So we need to look at his mission that way and realize that we also have a mission. And therefore, we need to look at how Jesus carried out his mission and learn from that, so we can have clues on how we can carry out our mission. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to do exactly what Jesus did. I strongly suspect that in this day and age we do not have to be nailed to a physical cross in order to demonstrate our Christhood to the world.

So there is always a deeper meaning behind the physical events in Jesus’ life. What Jesus did was that he acted out in the physical world the path to Christhood so that it was visible for all who have eyes to see. Yet there can be a deeper meaning behind everything. Turning water into wine—it doesn’t mean that we all have to physically turn water into wine, but you turn the water of the human consciousness into the wine of the Christ consciousness. Walking on water is a symbol for taking command over the emotional body and walking on that water. As we discussed, him stilling the storm—the air is the mental realm, so stilling the thoughts that always disturb us and pull us away from inner peace.

Yet we have to be willing to see that Jesus in his mission was not adapting to the world and the way people wanted him to be. He was – throughout his mission – focused on what God wanted him to be, “I can of my own self do nothing. It is the Father within me who is doing the work.”

So when you look at Jesus’ mission, the most inspiring aspect of his mission to me is that he gave us a magnificent example of a person who never limited what God could do through him. And that is what we need to learn, namely that what was being expressed through Jesus was not Jesus’ own power, as the human, physical, historical person he was. It was God Power that was flowing through Jesus.

The inner truth about blasphemy?

Another question we need to ask ourselves about Christianity is, “What is the meaning of blasphemy?” So many Christians will talk about blasphemy. And I have had a number of emails to the website that said “Your teachings are blasphemous, you’re blaspheming and you will surely go to hell.” But what is blasphemy? Well, blasphemy is a violation of the first two commandments: Thou shalt have no other God’s before me. Thou shalt not take unto yourself any graven image.

You create an image of God, and you worship that image instead of the true God, the Living God. And therefore, you are denying God’s Presence where you are. And you are denying God the opportunity to let his power flow through you and manifest his kingdom on Earth through you. And that is blasphemy, because the worst form of blasphemy is to deny God and deny God where you are, deny that God is within you and that God can work through you.

And that is why Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” So it is not us who have to do all these things. Jesus does not call us to have a savior complex, but he calls us to realize that if we will believe on him, if we will follow his example, then we can become the open doors for God’s power to flow into this world. And it is God’s power that will change the world, not our own power. That just becomes another endless power play of the ego.

And if you look at religion today, you will see that many religions, and certainly the Christian religion, have become completely enveloped in this power play, where the ego says, “Our religion is better than any other religion and therefore we have to convert everyone to our religion.” It is not a matter of raising people up, bringing God’s kingdom to Earth. No, all we need to do is make everyone a member of the Christian religion. And they justify that by another statement by Jesus, where he says, “Go ye into all the world and turn all people into my disciples.” And he talked about baptizing them and those who will be baptized will be saved and those who won’t will not be saved. And they have interpreted that to mean that Jesus wanted us, who call ourselves Christians, to go out and turn everyone else into Christians.

But that is not what Jesus said. And we can see that when we look at Jesus’ mission and his interaction with the hierarchy, the power elite, of the Jewish religion—who never accepted him as the Messiah, who condemned him from the very start, who tried all kinds of trickery to get him to commit what they said was blasphemy so they had an excuse for putting him to death, Because back then blasphemy was a capital crime. They rejected him because they were attached to the outer religion which is what Jesus called “The broad way that leads to destruction,” which is what the Old Testament calls “The way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

And that is the outer approach to religion, where you think that by being a member of an outer religion, your salvation is guaranteed as long as you follow all the outer rules. And therefore, you can buy your way into Heaven. You can force God to accept you by saying, “Look God, I am so good according to this standard defined by this religion.” And of course, they all believed that God defined that standard. But the reality is that the standard they were trying to live up to is a graven image, created by their own consciousness—so they can do what they feel they’re comfortable with, so they can hide their egos, so they don’t have to give up the ego.

That is the outer path, the false path, and Jesus denounced it over and over again. His most forceful denouncement was when he talked to his disciples and said, “Unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” The scribes and the Pharisees were the “good Christians” of their day in the sense that they were the good Jews, they were doing everything right, they knew the outer law; they were following to the letter.

And they thought for sure they were going to be saved because of all these outer things they had done. And here comes Jesus, saying, “Not so! You guys are not going to Heaven unless you change your ways.” And they were shocked and appalled, and of course they wanted to get rid of him.

What is the key of knowledge?

He also talked about the lawyers and he said, “Woe unto ye lawyers! Ye have taken away the key of knowledge. Ye would not enter in and those that were entering in ye hindered.”

What is the key of knowledge? Well, that is the inner path to God, where we find the Kingdom of God within us. And we realize that there is a higher state of consciousness than the human state of consciousness, which Paul in the scriptures calls the carnal mind. And he says the carnal mind is enmity against God, because it is not subject to the laws of God and neither, indeed, can it be. And this is what we’ve talked about with the ego. The ego cannot be saved, it cannot be made acceptable in the eyes of God.

And that is why the only way to walk into the Kingdom of God is to let the ego die on the cross as Jesus demonstrated. And thereby do what Paul said, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,” so that we can then do the works that Jesus did.

Now think about this. If you had to do Jesus’ works – walk on water, raise the dead, heal the sick – could you do it? And most people would say no. And the simple reason is that you cannot do it with your present level of consciousness. But if you were able to let that mind that was in Jesus be in you, then you couldn’t do the works that Jesus did, but God could do those same works or even greater works through you that he did through Jesus. Because Jesus knew he was not the doer.

You think you can’t do these works because you think you’re the doer. Because as long as we’re in the duality consciousness and affected by the ego, we think we’re separated from God and therefore we have to be the doer on our own. But in reality, when we come into that state of Oneness – “I  and my Father are One” – we realize that we are not the doer, it is the God Power flowing through us that is the doer. And that is the most magnificent example that Jesus set for us in his entire mission.

Wherever he went, he was willing to let God Be through him. Even if it shocked people, or disturbed people, or went against their beliefs and offended them and they accused him for it. He was willing to go beyond the box and this is what we have to realize. The only thing that is going to change this Earth is that people change their way of thinking. And people are trapped in a mental box, where they either think they’re right or they think there is nothing beyond the belief system they have been brought up with—be it science, be it the Christian religion or any other religion.

So the role of the Living Christ, the Christ in embodiment, is to awaken people from their sleep, like we talked about in our talk about death. Death, the way Jesus used the term often, is a state of spiritual death where you are not aware, you are not awake, you are not growing and you are not letting God Be through you, because you think you’re separated from God.

Our role on the path of Christhood

So we have to realize that if we are walking the path to Christhood, this is our role. Jesus said, “For this reason came I into the world, to bear witness to the truth.” And he sent his disciples out to bear witness to that truth. And we are here to, “Let our light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”

Because when we let our light shine, when we let God’s light shine through us, people can see that it is not us that are being the doers. And therefore, they can see beyond and realize that it is God within us—and they can eventually come to the recognition that God is within them as well.

And so what is the role of a Living Christ? As I said, “Was Jesus a total ego-maniac?” No—because nothing Jesus did was for his own glorification, for his own pleasure, for his own needs or wants. No, it was all directed at raising up all life. Which is why he said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” Because he knew that if one person reaches that Christhood, then it creates a magnetic pull that lifts up everyone else. So this is what he wants us to know about his mission.

Building a community of Christed beings

But the other thing he wants us to know about his mission is that the image we have been given of him is highly inaccurate. We have been given the image that because he was so special and so perfect, he did it all by himself. Yeah he had some disciples, but they were just following him. He didn’t need them; they needed him. He didn’t need anybody because he was so perfect, right? But the fact of the matter is that he had a community around him of people who supported him in his mission.

You can see hints of this in the scriptures. Mary Magdalene—it is clear in the scriptures that he would talk to her often. He loved her more than the other disciples. Which means he relied on her for emotional support. There was even one of the non-canonical gospels that says he used to kiss her often on the mouth, so it showed that she played a supporting role for Jesus.

We know that his mother supported him – we talked about the wedding in Cana – we also know that she held the immaculate concept for him. But we also find little hints that talk about the other 70. In other words, there was the 12 disciples, but there was a group of 70 beyond that. And they were people who were supporting Jesus behind the scenes.

And so that is why he wants us to realize that the Aquarian age is the age of community. And therefore we are not necessarily called to all walk alone in front of the whole world and declare our Christhood.
We have the option here to come together in unity and form a community of Christed beings who are supporting each other on our path to Christhood and in our expression of our Christhood. And therefore, we are not standing alone against the world. We are standing together, and therefore we are more powerful in our oneness. But in order for that community to truly work, it has to be the community of the Holy Spirit, which you see at Pentecost. The start of that community is where the scriptures talk about Jesus’ disciples that have come together—after they had been going through this trauma of him being taken away from them. One day they came together and the Bible says, “They were of one accord, in one place.”

One accord means they were in oneness of purpose. It didn’t mean they were totally in agreement about everything, that people had lost their individuality, but it means they were united by the greater vision that they were here to bear witness to what they had witnessed in Jesus’ life—the truth, the true teachings of Christ. And that is what we are called to do in this age as well, because we have the true teachings of Christ. And therefore, somebody needs to bear witness to those teachings to the world, so that the many people out there– who are ready at inner levels, who know there’s something missing from Christianity – can see it in the outer and therefore consciously connect to what they know in their hearts, what they know is part of their divine plan.

Jesus has said there are 10,000 people in embodiment who have the potential to manifest the full Christ consciousness in this lifetime. There are millions more who can reach a high degree of Christhood. And that is what will change the Earth in this age—not that there is one Christ, but that there are many! And that’s where the community of the Holy Spirit comes in. But in order for us to have that “being of one accord,” we have to be willing to come into oneness, which we have done during this conference. But we have done it because we have been willing to look at the ego and realize that it’s the ego that divides us and makes us a house divided against ourselves and against each other.

You look at every spiritual movement on this Earth. Many of them did very well in the beginning, but then gradually it started going downhill and they became more and more divided because they could not maintain that unity of purpose. And the reason they couldn’t was that they were not aware of the ego, they did not have the awareness or the teachings about it. And therefore, very slowly and gradually, the ego came in and played its many games that Jesus has talked about in his discourses on the ego and that the other masters have talked about. And gradually that organization started going downhill into that spiral of becoming just another religion that thinks it has the only true teachings, and therefore has to not only convert everybody to that religion but actively fight other religions like in the crusades.

Was Jesus schizophrenic?

Can you imagine Jesus actually approving the crusades, where Christians go out and kill other people in the name of Jesus Christ, when he said, “Love your enemies. Do good to them that hate you. Turn the other cheek. Forgive seventy times seven!”

Hello! Was Jesus schizophrenic? [Laughter] Or is Christian doctrine and behavior schizophrenic? It’s insane! You can take two approaches to the Popes of the Catholic church – either they were always supported by Christ and thus Christ approved the crusades, approved the inquisition, or they were human beings who often made political decisions.

And therefore, we have to look at Christianity’s past and learn the lesson and realize that Jesus did not come to start a religion that became as rigid and dogmatic and close-minded as the Jewish religion that rejected him as their Messiah. He did not come to start that kind of a church. And therefore, he is not in approval whatsoever of orthodox, sectarian, mainstream Christianity. And we have to learn from that and then we have to ask ourselves, “What kind of a movement did he come to start?”

Well, the fact is that the early followers of Jesus did not call themselves Christians. They called themselves “Followers of the Way” because Jesus said, “I AM the way, the truth and the life.” He came to show us a way to a higher state of consciousness, namely the Christ mind that is freedom from the ego. And that is the essence of Jesus’ teachings and his example—that we all have the potential to follow in his footsteps. And Jesus said, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” Deny yourself means deny the ego, the identity built by the ego. Take up your cross means that you are willing to take up the task of undoing the choices that separate you from God, the choices that spring from the ego.

And the essence of the false path is where they say, “Oh, you don’t have to do that stuff. Just be a member of our church. Come to church every Sunday. Follow all the outer rules. Don’t do any of the bad things, and then you’ll one day wake up and you’ll be in Heaven.” And you don’t have to do what Jesus said—look at the beam in your own eye and pull it out. And therefore you start looking at the beam in the eyes of those people who are not members of your religion and say, “Oh they are bad, they are sure to go to hell.”

So Jesus came to show us an inner way, the Way of Life. A way that does not go through judgment but through Love. It does not go through fear but through that all-consuming love for God and love for each other.

Loving ourselves and each other

One of the koans Jesus gives in the koan book is, “Love your neighbour as yourself, so make sure you love yourself.” And this is what he said, “By this shall it be known that ye are my disciples, that ye love one another as I have loved you.” And that is the essence of the community we need to build in this age, a community of love, where we love each other with that Christ love—that is beyond the human, selfish, self-centered, possessive love. And again, it can only be the God Power flowing through us that can establish that kind of a community.

Because we could not have come into this conference and decided that we were going to force it to happen—what actually happened over the last couple of days. It was something that had to happen because we provided the chalice by being willing to go beyond the ego. But then the unity really came from Above. It was not something we could have forced. It’s a gift, it’s a grace. But we can make ourselves worthy, we can make ourselves the open doors for it by dealing with the ego.

So again, we are not here to start another movement that will claim that it has the only true teachings of Christ or the only true teachings of the Ascended Masters and nobody is going to come after us. We are here to be part of that universal movement of inspiring people to raise their consciousness. This does not mean that they have to become members of our organization. It does not even mean that we always have to present them with the teachings in their highest form.

It means we give them whatever they need, at whatever level of consciousness they are at, so they can be raised up a little higher. If they are not religious, we can give them a universal teaching about changing their consciousness. If they are Christians, we can attempt to give them a greater understanding of Jesus’ teachings. If they are Buddhist, we can give them an understanding of some of the universal elements of Jesus’ path and how we can overcome the duality consciousness and the consciousness of the ego and let it die.

So again, we don’t want to fall into that trap of the ego—we want to always focus on love, coming into oneness. But part of that love is the God Power that quickens people, that shakes them out of their blindness, just like Jesus so many times did this. When he raised Lazarus from the dead he didn’t say [softly] “Oh Lazarus please come forth.” [Laughter] He said [powerfully] “Lazarus, come forth!” And it was his entire being that was involved in that call. And that is why it penetrated.

And raising Lazarus from the dead can be a symbol for raising people from their state of spiritual death by being willing to be an open door for that God Power that quickens their beings, and they suddenly see what they could not see before, that there is more, there is light, there is reality beyond the conditions we see in this world that seem to be so insurmountable and so permanent.

That is why we can then bear witness to what Jesus demonstrated, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” And that is the motto we need to embody until we become it. And therefore it happens—whatever is meant to happen, what God wants to happen for us individually and for our community and movement!

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